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As a kindergarten teacher I have to use the TPR method to engage my students day by day. My lessons are typically like that: First I dance and sing, mostly the same song or a topic related one. After
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It was an interesting and helpful experience to see these two different approaches, attitudes the teacher had in the two videos. His mistakes in the first lesson were very obvious, still good to be aw
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Level Plains
from this unit I learnta lot about useful sites on developing my teaching profession and useful resources to bring in Business English class. I also find it amaizing to follow the presented links and
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Classroom management is very important. The teacher needs to manage the classroom carefully. For example the environment of a toddler’s classroom should be totally different from an adult classroom.
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In this unit I learned about what makes a good learner and teacher. A good teacher cares a lot about teaching, but more about the learners. Good students are motivated and have a desire to soak in all
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I learned a lot about different parts of speech in this unit. I went over different verbs and the changing verb forms. An example of this is how the stress at the end or beginning of the word depends
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Limestone County
In this Unit I have learned several new Acronyms in relations to the English teaching industry. I was given a layout of the course units and what each unit covers. The course describes the aims and ob
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In this unit I learned a great amount about different teaching techniques and methods. I covered Grammar-Translation, Audio-Lingualism, Presentation, Practice, and Production, Task-Based Learning, Com
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In this unit I have learned detailed information about each of the present tenses. I learned about the present simple tense, how to make the negative form with "not", how to use the infinitive "to do"
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In this unit I learned different ways to manage classes. I learned how to utilize my own eye contact, voice, and the students' names within a classroom setting. I learned how to organize group activit
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I learned about the different versions of the past tense. I learned about the past simple tense which talks about a completed past action when the time is given, when the time is asked about, and when
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In this unit I learned the different ways to teach and select vocabulary. When teaching vocabulary it is important to consider the similarity to the students' own language, the similarity to English w
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In this unit I have learned about the different future tenses. The first future tense is the future simple which is used for future facts and certainties, promises, predictions (based on no present ev
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In this unit I learned about the pros and cons of planning lessons. A lesson plan can act as an aid to planning, a working document, and a record, which can all be helpful to the teacher. I learned ho
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The first lesson was a clear example of what not to do during a lesson. The teacher was strict, rude, called people out on being very wrong, and just did not make the students feel comfortable in the
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In this unit I learned about the two receptive skills - reading and listening. The reasons and motives for reading and listening are then divided into two different categories: for a purpose and for e
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Locust Fork
In this unit the course gave a detailed descriptions of the six major roles that a teacher will have to be in the classroom environment. It goes on to discuss the different financial situations that s
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Lookout Mountain
In this unit much information was covered beginning with the first meeting in a classroom and the most common method to testing a students strengths and weaknesses. Depending on how many questions are
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In this unit I learned about the productive skills - speaking and writing. I learned that the reasons for communicating are that people have some communicative purpose, they want to say something, the
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Lower Peachtree
This unit is pretty intensive but doesn't clearly align with the expectations of a Lesson Plan. The test questions and the unit material appears to display the information in a way that doesn't descri
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In this unit I learned about pronunciation and phonology, which is the study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. I learned about intonation, which is generally
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In this unit I learned about course books and materials that would be helpful in teaching lessons. These materials can be divided into two groups - authentic and created materials. Authentic materials
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In this unit I learned about different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as for external exams that they will need to be prepared for. Three ways to assess a student's language
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In this unit I learned about conditionals. These are sentences containing 'if' (or similar expressions such as 'when') which refer to past, present, and future possibilities. The five main conditional
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I feel that by reading through this third section, I am a little more aware of the importance of having the English learning students to be engaged. Praising students is as important as correcting th
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In this unit I learned about different teaching equipment that can be utilized in the classroom. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective, and less dependen
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In this unit I examined modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. The 'modals' are can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to,
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Magnolia Springs
I have to say that this has been the most challenging unit thus far, each one becomes more difficult than the last, although I would have to say that my grammar and lesson planning both need the most
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In this unit I learned about different types of classes and special groups that are likely to come across as an EFL teacher. When teaching beginners there are different categories that must be conside
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In this unit I learned about common problem situations in the classroom. When considering first lessons, there are two categories that these classes can fall into - new groups, where the students don'
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What makes a good teacher and solid overview of styles and strategies such as a prompter and a manager has reminded me of the intricacies of teaching. A solid teacher will show that they are a good te
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This unit covered many bases in parts of speech. I understood what an adjective, verb, adverb, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions were but to go deeper specifically into what each was is
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The video examples provided a great example of how different teacher attitudes can have a profound affect on the way students learn. In the first demonstration, the teacher seems like he is excited a
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This was a very interesting unit. I've learned many new concept terms that all schools use to help students learn. Even for classes that aren't for ESL learners. The way to Engage, Study, and Activate
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As a native English speaker I understood every example that was in the book. This could be true for ever native speaker of English. But I must say the rules and the terminology on how each of these di
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Marion County
Excellent Material and links in this course for websites that cover a range of areas from posting your resume to finding material for lesson planning. Other website features include a range of website
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Marion Junction
In my opinion, Unit 1 was quite helpful as I had a chance to learn about basic aims and target group of this course together with some useful terminology that I will come across during this course. It
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This is a very good unit that gives a overall idea of classroom management. It gave good examples of when to use what and what to do in certain situations. It's good to know that in a class with all 2
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What I've learned is the intricate parts of the past tenses in this unit. It's understood that using different pretenses and words will change the way the sentence is laid out. For example, for past p
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I absolutely loved this chapter. It was a good review on ESA which I struggled on the boomerang form on ESA. By giving explicit examples that could fit into each phase has helped me to have a better u
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This section had a good review of present simple and present continuous which I really need to review! I needed to go back to some of the older units to remind myself of the rules that come with diffe
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McDonald Chapel
From this unit I learnt about different roles of a teacher and different kinds of learners, potential problems teachers face in class, the pros and cons of teaching individual students and groups fro
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I guess this section reminds of how we may be teaching English at a location which doesn't offer the capability of iPhones or technology. I wasn't aware that some still use cassettes and other forms
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I have quite a few experiences doing lesson planning and this type of lesson planning for ESL is truly interesting. Very similar in content but differs to the need of the teacher and students. During
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The video portion provided a great review prior to the reading of the material in this unit. It helped to explain the various groups of English learners. It is important to be able to figure out the
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Watching the positives and the negatives of ESL teaching is very helpful. Also it is a good thing to see an adult class in action. The way the instructor made use of the layout was very good, I though
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A good informative unit that has given me more thought on how to teach students of second language learners. It's good to know how deep to go with different texts and lessons also this works well with
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Mellow Valley
This unit was very helpful in terms of making our first considerations to identify students' proficiency level and do a proper needs analysis. I learned about different types of syllabi based on stude
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this unit is about theories,methods and techniques.we read about methodoliges grammer translation,presentation,practice,production,CLT,CLL,lexical approach.we also learn about ESA(ENGAGE STUDY ACTIVAT
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I liked the fact that as teachers teaching English as a second language, we need to be careful when and when not to correct our students. This was mentioned before in earlier units but to see these wr
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