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This unit focuses on the teaching of Pronunciation and Phonology. It suggests that while this is an important area of learning it can be often neglected. The way a sentence is spoken with the intonat
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The unit talks about the Conditional and Reported Speech Grammar. The five Conditional of zero, 1st,2nd , 3rd and mixed have the words If / when as the conditional and depending upon the tense it ca
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Unit 17 lists all the different teaching aids and how they can be used in the most effective ways in the classroom . Using the different aids can bring variety and create greater interest to engage th
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Unit 18 completes the essential basics of English grammar that is taught to EFL. The topics discussed were modal verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses.I have learnt more about the
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Unit 19 talks about the different types of classes. These can be the four types of beginners,adults ,children, the absolute beginners , beginners who have learnt some skills but have retained little a
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This unit has looked at some of the common problems and situations that can occur in a classroom setting. Teaching a new group requires developing a rapport with them and each other. In the new group
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The speech that we have been using most of our lives has been on "automatic" per say , since we took for granted that the speech that we used eas inherited or instilled in us by our culture, upbringi
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This unit focused on the integral part of learning a language- that is Grammar and parts of speech. Its interesting to learn that native speakers never learn this at school despite using it perfectly
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Unit 3 was all about methodologies, theory and techniques to use when learning or teaching a language. i especially enjoyed discovering many games, sort of icebreaker techniques and ways to make stude
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The future tense seemed to be as far as now, the most difficult tense to grasp, since it has so many variations that seems to be in conflict with the present, as if I was saying " I feel this but not
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Barnett's Crossroads
In this unit, I learned about doing placement tests needs analysis tests for a new group of students. Different proficiency levels were given and explained, along with some good needs analysis questio
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Only when the grammar is proper, the sentences make sense. So for this unit, I have been introduced to the main different parts of speech, that help in understanding how words can and should be joined
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Bassetts Creek
In this unit, I learned about the difference between authentic and non-authentic materials and some advantages and disadvantages of using both in the classroom. Next, I learned how to design non-authe
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Battens Crossroads
In this unit, I learned about how to use case studies in a business English classroom. It explained why case studies are good to use when teaching business English and step by step process of how to b
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Bay Minette
In this unit, i learned about business etiquette. What teachers should and shouldn't do when teaching business English to a group of professional. It also talked about interview skills and gave a list
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Bayou La Batre
This unit introduces the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggest ways of dealing with them. A teacher will be faced with meeting a number of new c
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This unit sheds light on the three main tenses in English: the present, the past tense, and the future, but it specifically examines the subject of the present tense. It looks at the four forms of the
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Bear Creek
in general I would say, this unit was designed as a basic understanding of Business and English language .However in this unit we can see some basic terms for type of Business English teaching and Eng
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This unit covers the subject of the past tenses, and once again it looks at the four past tenses, as well as it individually examines the usage, structure and how to form negatives and questions in ea
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The future tenses were the last branch of the tenses tree that have been examined in the three units. So for this unit I have been introduced to the subject of the future tenses that are as important
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Pronunciation is the most important and difficult problem that English language learners  have to face when studying English. Improper pronunciation can lead to misunderstanding and ineffective commu
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This unit completes the coverage of the English grammar subject. It looks at the different types of conditional sentences in English and the rules English language learners need to know before using c
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In this unit I have been introduced to many different teaching resources which the teachers can use in the classroom to meet their students needs, hold the attention and interest of students and to ma
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Belle Fontaine
I learned from unit two very basic and important point of teaching. Meanwhile beside of some types of methodology ,I have learned some fundamental technics how to teach ,while I have one student or I
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Belle Mina
In this unit which was very basic and fundamental structural of English related to syllabus design and varieties acronyms related to teaching business English ,I learned a lot .meanwhile I learned abo
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Grammar is one of the most important element of a language study. it is very important while we speak English. When we speak a language, use of tenses, use of modals and phrasal verbs, use of the pass
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Dealing with different types of students and classes can be a serious challenge for EFL teachers, so for this unit, I have been introduced to various effective techniques and activities for teaching s
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This unit sheds light on some of the most effective ways of dealing with common problems situations that EFL teachers may encounter in the classroom. The unit also presents different useful techniques
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Managing a class and maintaining discipline are vital to learning. In this lesson i learnt how to use my physicality and voice presence in the classroom, how to make sure all the students are equal
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This unit i learnt different types of tenses : past simple tense, past continues tense, past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense. i discovered when to use each tense appropriately with reg
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Vocabulary, grammar and functions are the most part to learning a language. students are expected to understand the meanings of new words, how the words are constructed, practice it and produce it int
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Bibb County
In this unit I found the main section of teaching techniques. However all elements in this unit were very useful for me as a new ESL teacher now I knew how I make my lesson plan in varieties ways ,eit
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Big Cove
at the this stage of the course I learned a lot, In this unit from the start to the end ,all materials explain the business English teaching, the structure of sentences ,business vocabularies, letter
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In this unit, it talked about parts of speech which include indefinite and definite article, nouns (can be divided into 6 types, common, proper, compound, abstract, collective), transitive and intrans
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This unit is about Present Tenses which include present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Although these are the very basic and quite easy grammar to learn fo
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This unit talks about Past Tenses which include past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The unit explained all the past tenses' usage and the typical errors and mistake
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After reviewing this section, I find that these terminology I use on a daily basis for communication has so much "rules" involved. Going through primary school as a child I never seem to realize how
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This unit focused on different structures of the future tense. Although its a bit complex the material was very helpful and very simplified. this lesson helped me learn to differentiate different t
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Bladon Springs
In this unit I have learned varieties Information about the some of the professional acronyms, some se techniques how to apply for work and which particular countries ,and when I could apply . unit s
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Blount County
Unit one was an overview of the Teaching Business English course. The unit provided a table of contents for the remaining units, a description on how the course works, and a recommendation on how to p
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Blount Springs
This unit covered the many roles a teacher may need to play including instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counselor, and policeman. Different teaching settings were discussed. This includ
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This unit consists of parts of speech including common nouns, proper nouns, compound nouns, abstract nouns, countable nouns, uncountable nouns, comparative adjectives, superlative adjectives, indefini
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Blue Ridge
This unit described the steps of how to put your course together beginning with testing students to determine their level of English capability and needs analysis to determine the students’ English
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Blue Springs
This unit introduced the usage of materials for the classroom including the types of materials, both authentic and non-authentic. Advantages and disadvantages of each were discussed as well as the co
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This unit covers present tenses. Specifically, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I find it challenging to recall the elements of each present tense ty
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lesson planning is an integral part of teaching. some teachers might prefer to freestyle while others would love structured and well organised lessons. it all sometimes depends on with the training
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From this demo class especially the first lesson there are some parts i quite didn't enjoy at all and i think they are all wrong for example (question 7- test) i firstly believe that the teacher is at
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There are four major basic skills when learning a language: speaking, writing, listening and reading. this unit especially covered on receptive skills - speaking and writing. From my experience some
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I found some of the content difficult to wholly understand, and thereby some questions difficult to answer. I think this is because the unit does not have sufficient examples of the various forms of s
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Bon Air
This unit is an introduction to the world of Business English and what it entails. From this unit, I understand that my role as a Business English teacher will be to "marry" the language and the techn
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