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The example lessons in this unit are very useful. I appreciate the reminder to keep new vocabulary meanings simple for students. Then, giving examples of how the word can be used formally and inform
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I believe the future tenses will be difficult to teach. This unit explains clearly the differences between these tenses very well. Be going to plus the infinitive and Future Simple were the same to
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East Brewton
This unit introduces the student to the basics of what makes good students and teachers, the roles of the teacher, characteristics of students and how they may play a role in the students learning pr
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East Point
This unit reviewed the parts of speech and provided many examples of each, it also went into different forms of the parts of speech and provided info beyond the general definition. I found this sectio
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In this unit I learned how to out a sentence together using past present and continuous tense in the passive and active voice together in a sentence. As well as did some things on model verbs and what
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I appreciate that this lesson gave many examples of how to write out a lesson plan. It is a great idea to anticipate potential problems for the teacher and for the students and also a possible soluti
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I really appreciate being able to see what a straight arrow ESA class lesson looks like put into practice. The whole time the class was engaged and attentive. The teacher did look at his notes but i
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This unit covers parts of speech like types of nouns adjective articles, verbs adverbs, gerund, pronouns. Preposition adjectives and superlative adjectives, types of articles definite and indefinite.
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Elf methodologies - grammar- translation, audio linguist, PPP, task based learning, communicative language teaching, Community language learning, The Silent way, suggestopaedia, the lexical approach a
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Eight Mile
his unit thoroughly reviewed the different present tenses and gave clear examples. also, some example activate stages are provided, and the unit ends with a task sheet. This unit was challenging for m
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This lesson was an excellent review of what receptive skills are, how to teach them, and why they are important. What I took away from the lesson was that we need to give reading and listening materi
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The lesson reviewed what the advantages and disadvantages are of using a course book. I agree that sticking completely to the course book will bore students and teachers and some lessons may not alwa
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Types of past tenses- regular verbs and irregular verb, usage and common mistakes and errors. Past continuous, Past perfect is completely finished actions, past perfect continuous - Identifying the te
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This unit covers vocabulary grammar and functions. Teaching vocabulary, selecting vocabulary, Techniques for vocabulary teaching, Typical ESA vocabulary lesson Engage - study- activate. Introducing to
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Future tenses - Future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, infinitive, present simple, present continuous, usage, typical mistakes and errors and teaching ideas. Futu
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This lesson focused on different teaching aids we can use in the classroom. It emphasized the importance of being able to use the specific aid effectively so as not to waste time. I appreciate the r
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Elmore County
This unit covers general classroom management and teaching techniques. It helps someone such as myself, who has no teaching experience to understand how best to run a classroom. It is a significant un
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Video lessons involves revising the topics. Lessons are taught effectively, while in the second lesson teacher deliberately making several basic errors. We can recognize both the good and bad this wil
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Emerald Mountain
The unit covered general past tenses and gave examples. It began with past simple tese with examples and progressed through to the past perfect continuous tense. I found the 'form' and 'usage' subsec
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The four basic skills of a language receptive - listening, reading and productive skill- speaking and writing . Reasons for reading and listening are of purpose, entertainment. How we read and listen
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Teaching productive skills, speaking and writing including games. Communicative purpose, listening and interesting. Difference between accuracy and fluency activities, speaking activities in classroom
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This unit discuss about teaching pronounciation and phonology. Confidence is often lacking in foreign teachers to teach it methodically and lacks training. Phonology is the study of science , analysis
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Course books and materials are more emotive issues for many teachers. Materials are of two types authentic and created materials. Advantages of course book are it offers good ideas for inexperienced t
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Evaluation and testing chapter covers the different types of tests, tutorials and evaluation. Tutorials are for the whole group or for individual students. Different tests are placement test, diagonos
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Etowah County
The unit begins by informing on how to teach vocabulary. It provides guidance on selecting the vocabulary, and what the students need to know about it, lastly teaching techniques are provided using th
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The lesson helped me to understand how many different ways there are to ask permission and also the degrees of importance that can be expressed in English. I can see how this could be very confusing
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This lesson was extremely beneficial to me. The breakdown of different types of beginners was very helpful. It helped me to realize how important it is to analyze what level and what type of beginne
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This unit discuss about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voices. Essential basic grammar for EFL. Modal auxillary verbs and their basic usage. Auxillary verbs like may, might, need to, must, have got
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This unit discuss about teaching special groups. Types of classes - Teaching beginners, absolute beginner, false beginner, adult beginner, young beginner and beginner without Roman alphabet. Teaching
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This unit discuss about trouble shooting. Common problem situations are the how the teachers handle them and the ways they can handle are discussed. Teachers can build a good rapport with the students
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This troubleshooting lesson really has great advice on how to handle common problems that a teacher faces. I will put into practice the point that for a first lesson we should not use a course book b
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This unit gave a thorough overview of the differences between the role and expectations of teachers and learners. 9 main roles of a teacher were given along with a brief description of what each ent
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This unit discusses the different theories, methods and techniques that can be used in the classroom. Many of the main theories such as audio, PPP, CLL and translation are reviewed in detail along wi
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This unit focuses on the different types of present tenses and when each should be used. The different forms of each present tense such as the affirmative, negative and question form were given to rev
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This chapter discussed how an instructor can manage their classroom. this lesson talks about the importance of the teachers role in the room and how eye contact, gestures, voice and using students nam
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This unit discusses the different past tenses and how and why each form would be used. Past simple tense was covered first along with the main forms that are used. A list of irregular verbs along with
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This unit covered teaching vocabulary and introducing grammatical structures. The important factors to consider when selecting vocabulary words was reviewed along with what the students need to know a
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This unit discussed the future tenses and reviewed all the different uses for each. I feel that this section helped with my understanding of the many different types of future tenses and in what situa
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Fayette County
I consider this to be one of the most important units so far. I have never created a lesson plan and it is the general outline of what one will be teaching so learning to create one is an essential sk
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This unit covered why it is important to do lesson planning and how the lesson should be written down. It also covered what all should be included in a lesson plan such as learner objectives, language
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The two videos were examples of a live classing taught where the first was not effective and the second was. I liked watching these to visually see how the demeanor and attitude of the teacher makes a
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Five Points
Unit 5 considers different teaching themes and shows how they can be applied to a Business English lesson. Is is noticeable that we can make use of these techniques to set interesting and lively lesso
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Flat Rock
Unit 6 prepares teachers to find a job abroad with a thorough approach ranging from advice on business etiquette to hints for a winning CV/resumé. It was nice to visit the recommended "cyborlink" web
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This unit discusses the teaching of receptive skills which are reading and listening. First the different purposes of reading and listening are reviewed such as for a purpose or pleasure. The differen
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I acquired sound knowledge about the teacher and the student.The most important thing was I learnt how to develop my personality as a teacher and how to develop good relationship with the students.In
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I learnt some of the important grammar areas through this unit.I learnt categorizing nouns and forming their plurals.Three main stages of adjectives and writing them in proper order help me to use adj
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I learnt about teaching methodologies which I can use as techniques to teach students.The most important thing is ESA process.I got good understanding about different techniques to engage students.Aft
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I learnt about simple present tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense and present perfect continuous tense.The most important thing was I got a sound understanding about the usage of t
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I got a good understanding about managing classes.Using eye contact,gesture and the voice are some of the very important areas which I concerned.Like wise using students names to address them also hel
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Fort Deposit
This unit explains the contents of the course In general and each specific unit’s subjects. It also explains in detail its aims and objectives. Further explanation is given regarding general termino
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