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This unit mainly about how to deal with the most common situations that we may meet in the classroom. Such as how to teach the first lesson. For the first lesson , according to the classes categories
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In conclusion, I benefit greatly from this unit; Firstly, as a teacher that really care about his/her teaching, but cares even about the learning of the students. Secondly, there are many roles of the
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This unit describes the various materials required in the classroom like course books, authentic created materials. The correct type of material should be known used at its rightful time. Many times t
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Pleasant Grove
In this chapter I learned about classroom management. For classroom management it is important to have good eye contact, gestures, and voice. For different activities students can be grouped in pairs,
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Pleasant Groves
There are seven common tenses used to describe the future. These include the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the going to the future, the prese
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Point Clear
In this unit I watched two lectures by the same teacher. In the first he teaches ineffectively, and in the second he teaches effectively. The teacher made many teaching mistakes in the first lecture,
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This unit reflects upon the different tests and evaluation techniques which can or must be present in the classroom. There are a series of tests in a particular order which can decide on each and ever
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Generally speaking,I learned that getting a good knowledge of grammar is very important for English learners. Especially in this unit,I learned the primarily grammar. One sentence consists of a number
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During this unit , I got the knowledge of some useful methods , theories and techniques when teaching the different students. As we all know that?the English speaking environment is very important fo
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This unit explains the usages of modal auxiliary verbs and passive and active voice in detail. Also this unit gives a brief explanation of relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Every modal verb has a sp
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This unit describes the different methods on teaching various groups of students depending on their age. Beginners needs a completely varied lesson plan than if one were teaching business students. Th
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This unit describes the various activities to be performed in a classroom. The first lesson is a very important one as the teacher should make a strong first impression and build a rapport with them u
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Generally?I has a new comprehension on the tense system knowledge?especially?through this unit?I learnt how to teaching the students the present tense including present simple/present continuous/prese
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In this unit I learned about theories methods and techniques. In this unit I learned metodologies, grammar translation seems to prevent the students from getting the kind of natural language. Audio-
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In this unit I have learned about present tenses. In this unit I learned three different times in English Tense means Time, the past, the present and the future. Each times has four aspects, simple
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In this unit I learned aboutManaging classes. A teacher can utilise his/her physical presence to get the students attention or restore order in the classroom. For example, good eye contact can convey
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Rainbow City
I believe that this unit represents the basic requirements needed for the teaching of professional English. It discusses aims and objectives along with termnologies useful for later use. It also speci
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In this unit I learned about past tense. Past tense is related to past time not present. In this unit I learned about past simple, past countinuous and past perfect. In past simple sentences we use 'e
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Through this unit, I learnt the how to manage classroom; Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining Discipline Some usef
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Generally speaking, there are four things that student need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understanding its meaning, understand how it’s constructed be able to practice and produce it.
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In this unit I have learned about lesson planning. Some theorists suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, and too much planning can make lessons rigid and stop the
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In this lesson I have learned about two lessons taught twice . This unit is based on two ESA demonstration videos in which we have watch the videos and then have to complete the worksheet. The two vi
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In this unit I have learned about Teaching respective skills. There are four basic skills in any language, respective skills- reading and listening and productive skills- speaking and writing. All are
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Red Bay
Unit 1 outlines the course content for each of the upcoming units, as well as how the course itself works. The course is designed to help develop the skills needed to teach English in a business setti
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Red Hill
Unit 2 discusses the roles of teachers and learners. It covers some of the advantages and disadvantages of teaching English to adults. Many of the disadvantages of teaching children are minimized (att
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Red Level
Unit 3 covers course design. It discusses level tests (which determine students' proficiency before the start of a course) and needs analysis (which gives an idea of previous learning experiences, how
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In this unit I have learned about speaking and writing including games. There are two productive skills:speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are different in many ways, they both are used for th
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Redstone Arsenal
Unit 4 covers materials that can be used in the classroom. Authentic materials have been produced for a purpose other than the classroom (i.e. newspapers, magazines, company reports), while non-authen
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Reece City
Unit 5 is about "teaching themes," including many of the techniques that can be applied to different contexts in which you might be teaching students. Case studies can be a great way to introduce new
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In this unit I learned about teaching pronounciation & phonology. Pronounciation is most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Phonology is the study science analysis and physical properties
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In this unit i have learned about course books and lesson materials. I this course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Every published course book has its fans and its detractors. Teache
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In this unit I learned about evaluation and testing. In this unit we will look at different ways of evaluating students levels and progress. There are number oa ways to a students language level. Tuto
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In this unit I learned about conditionals & reported speech grammar. I learned about conditionals these are sentences containing if or such as when which refers to past, present and future possibili
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In this unit I learned aboutEquipment and teaching aids. Teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting , effective and less dependent on the textbook. Some resources found in classrooms a
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In this unit I learned about models, phrasal , verbs and passive voice. In we will examine model auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relat
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River Falls
Unit 6 discusses business etiquette and cultural issues that may arise while teaching abroad. There are tips on finding employment as a teacher, questions to ask during an interview, and how to write
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In this unit I have learned Teaching special groups. Types of classes such as : teaching beginners many teachers says that teaching beginners is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of EFL
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In this lesson I have learned about trouble shooting common problem situations. In this unit most common problems teachers can encounter and suggest ways of dealing with them. In the first lesson new
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Unit 1 highlights the complex nature of the relationship between teachers and learners, whether young or adult. First, the session outlines the characteristics of a good teacher and the range of role
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Unit 2 was chock full of information that, as a native speaker, I know but cannot remember actually being taught. In addition to reviewing basic definitions, the author highlighted some important exce
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Rock Creek
This unit starts with the syllabus of this lesson. There are six units in this lesson to prepare an English teacher for teaching Business English. Then unit one focuses on the course introduction and
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Rock Mills
This unit defines any roles of the teacher and the learner, introduces the advantages and potential problems of teaching adults, and compares the advantages and disadvantages for teachers and learners
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The class was another highly informative session that went from the theoretical to the very practical. Not only did I learn about some common approaches to learning, but I also got a good overview of
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The class felt like high school all over again. This session was a great review of what I remember learning in English class but now have largely forgotten. As a native speaker, I simply use the lang
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This unit was a rather tricky one because it had verb tenses rarely used in everyday speech. Many of the past verb tenses are more likely seen in written rather than spoken form. That said, it will be
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Trying to find creative ways to keep the class engaged and moving toward the learning objectives is not easy. This session highlighted ways not only to use the lesson planning process to guide the sp
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The videos were quite enlightening. It was amazing how much frustration and confusion I felt watching the first video and I wasn’t even in the room. The 2 videos really brought home how important
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This module is important to me as to manage the class whether on the physical arrangement, eye contact, etc. I think the important part is building rapport between teacher and students. Then set an ex
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I am finding the technical terms and concepts taught in this section to be very useful, given that I am a native speaker but not a formal teacher of my native tongue. As such, I use language—general
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This module is helpful to know about the introduction of grammatical, vocabulary and functions of the English language. It also gives advices on the method on the lesson delivery of each of the aspect
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