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Unit 9 Course books and lesson materials. Course books have both attributes, some teachers disapprove of them and some relish the idea, in my personal opinion I feel that Course books are really usef
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Unit Ten Evaluating and Testing - I found this final unit as important as the latter, it gives both the student and the teacher the right adqaute time for the correct placement. Self evaluating and t
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I learnt different ways to evaluate and monitor students' level and progress. There's different test for different meanings to evaluate and find out which would be the right level for teaching. It's a
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Unit 16 was about conditionals and reported speech. I learned that there are five main conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditional. The all have the own form and usage. There wer
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Unit 13 was focused on teaching equipments and in which contexts they can be used while teaching. The technology is going forward all the time, so I think it's important to use the modern systems. Equ
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In unit 18 I learned about modal auxiliary verbs and also phrasal verbs and relative clauses. There are different modals, such as could, can, might, may etc. The modals can be used in different situat
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Straight Mountain
In this unit I learned about some grammar that is taught in EFL classes, including: modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. Modal auxiliary verbs can be used to expr
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I learned about teaching different kind of groups. There can be young learners (children), individual learners and business English learners. All of them have the special needs and ways to teach. For
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There were many different examples of warmer games, which can be used while starting teaching. There were examples that can be beneficial while you teach a large group of students. It can be helpful t
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In this lesson there were so many things learned and explained properly, One is how to identify passive voice, There are 2 kinds active and passive. Here I also learned about the degree and usage of t
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Special group class is more often hard to handle most especially those who really doesn't know English, but for those who has an idea of the Language it will be easy for the Teacher involve to look fo
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Susan Moore
The hardest unit so far for me. I think that case studies work if we as teachers know a little bit about the business implied. I teach English in Japan and the majority of the students are false begin
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Sweet Water
In this unit I learned how to teach different students, including beginners, individual students, children, and business people. I learned about what to do and what not to do as a teacher to different
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This unit highlighted the various teaching methods that have been used over the years. The Engage, Study & Activate (ESA) method has incorporated various aspects of those teaching methods and refined
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Sylvan Springs
In Unit 1: teachers and learners, I learned about the basic classroom mechanics regarding the professional attitude of the teacher, his/her roles as such and the requirements of the student body. This
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This unit helps identify the various types of present tenses and the appropriate usage of these present tenses. There are 4 types of present tenses; present simple, present continuous, present perfect
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Talladega County
Unit 2 has been about breaking down the parts of speech that we commonly use everyday, so we can better translate them to a curriculum of knowledge. Though a lot of the grammar and definitions used ar
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Talladega Springs
Unit 5 has been about teacher/student interactions. How to most effectively elicit the students attention, encourage participation and keep focus. It is important for the teacher to have charisma and
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Tallapoosa County
Teaching has always been one of the hardest and toughest jobs ever. It needs lots of patience, understanding and energy. The teacher needs to play different roles depending on certain circumstances a
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This unit equips teachers with the necessary knowledge to maintain order in the classroom and to maximise the benefits students reap in class. The three basics of the requirement of a teacher with reg
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This unit helps explain the past tense in depth as well as the structure to follow for forming past tense sentences. The past simple is used to express completed actions in the past. The past continuo
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This unit helps teachers decide the ideal ESA methods to teach either vocabulary, introduce new language structures as well as language functions. At the end of the day, the students need to be presen
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This unit helps to identify the various future tenses and the similarities of using the 'going to' future tense, present simple tense as well as present continuous tense. The future simple tense indic
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This unit helps highlight the importance of lesson plans. Lesson plans help create and maintain a logical sequence of the lesson. Lesson plans act as a guide for teachers to stay on track of the lesso
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materials are very important when teaching a foreign language, not everyone knows what is a bird when they tell us the word in other language, but we indeed know it when we see a picture of a bird, we
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This unit helps highlight the various aspects of lesson planning and classroom management that should or shouldn't be done with the help of both the ESA demonstration videos. The first demonstration v
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Unit 1 of the ITTT young learners course has given me and clear and concise overview as to what I can expect from the rest of the course. The breakdown of each unit allows me to see what I will be lea
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This unit has taught me about the general underlying theories of learning and development and how, in turn, this can impact the way children learn differently at different ages. It was interesting to
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This unit helps understand the process of productive skills which has three stages. The first stage involves listening to people around us (listening). The second stage involves making utterances (spe
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Unit 4 gives an overview of classroom materials and explains the different types of materials available, including their advantages and disadvantages. The unit gave a clear explanation of lesson plans
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Tidmore Bend
Grammar is the area that puts fears into the hearts of both students and teachers. However, when it is viewed logically then there won’t be many difficulties. The teacher should know that he/she is
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Tillmans Corner
This unit is about different teaching themes. It gave me insights on how to engage the classroom while keeping the class easy and breezy. Some very important websites were mentioned, where the student
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Town Creek
Some English learners are unlucky especially when they learn English in a non-native country where they can’t be exposed to get the benefits in using the language and put it into practice. Methods o
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I found this unit extremely helpful and I feel it included much of the information I had initially expected to learn during my TEFL course. I have created a bookmark on my web browser to bookmark all
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This unit was very interesting to me . I got to check my own pronunciation to see how correct it is , by making all kind of sounds with my lips and tongue. That way I could tell what words would be
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This unit helps teachers understand the importance of teaching productive skills such as speaking and writing. There are two main reasons people communicate with each other; to communicate a need or a
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Unit 2 presented general theories about learning and development when teaching English as a second language. It highlighted suitable approaches as well as considering the learning environment for the
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Unit 3 is about how to develop a course for young learners. It discusses the importance of level testing and needs analysis when meeting with students for the first time, limiting factors that would a
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The unit discussed about materials to be used and materials needed in the classroom. It emphasised different types of materials that students and teachers can use. The unit also answered the importanc
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Unit 5 is all about a range of very different teaching strategies or themes namely, singing songs, chanting, listening to music, playing games, using stories, making arts and crafts and drama. All of
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Tuscaloosa County
This unit was able to provide different useful resources that business English trainers can use. The clear and concise explanations of teaching themes were especially helpful. The three sample lesson
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Unit 6 deals with the teacher's professional development. The unit emphasized awareness when working and teaching in different regions of the world. It discussed cultural issues that we need to be awa
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The Unit 1 is basically emphasized on the course introduction . The study and the understanding of which can open future doors that will enhance the growth of a professional in the right and fruitful
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This unit teaches us the general theories about learning and development. ie:Maturation theory, Environmental theory, Constructivism and Cognitive developmentalists .It is necessary to adapt to one pa
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This unit helps to understand the importance of the various aspects of pronunciation such as stress, rhythm and intonation. Intonation refers to the differences in volume and pitch in an entire senten
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This unit covered the main learning and developmental theories which included: maturation theory, environmental theory, the constructivism theory and lastly the cognitive developmentalists theory. The
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Union Grove
This unit provided a lot of useful information. The examples of questions that one must be able to answer about the country he or she wants to work in could be helpful for all professionals, not just
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Union Springs
Present tenses: Present simple: form ( subject+verb+object) • For facts: the plant needs water to grow. • For routine actions: I eat pasta every day. We use auxiliary ( do, does) for negative and
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This unit covered different ways as to how to begin to develop a course for young learners. The unit first defined level testing as a way to show the ability of individual students' use of the English
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