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The main idea of this unit was how to effectively use materials and course books in the English language classroom. The two types of materials were defined and examples of each were given. Authentic m
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Valhermoso Springs
This unit taught me the importance of cultural differences, things to adopt, things to avoid, things to consider and that expressing once political view is not a good manner. Being conservative in you
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This unit focused on using themes such as: music, games, art, and drama to present information and teach content to students in a fun and meaningful way. Using music in the classroom can be very effec
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Valley Grande
In Unit 5, Teaching themes give a wider explanation and understanding regarding the themes to discuss, analyzing every detail covered of the themes and having a good and effective relationship to the
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Valley Head
In this final unit of business English (Unit 6), states the importance of searching or finding a profitable and suitable job related on teaching business English. It also give us advice on how to prep
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This unit covered cultural issues or differences to keep in mind when teaching in different regions of the world. Next, the unit covered basic questions a person should know the answers to before movi
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This unit outlines the set up and organization along with the content of the course. It introduces some of the terminology and acronyms that are used in the course. It also briefly explains what a “
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This unit looks at the general theories of learning from very early childhood to the time children mature. This unit looks at the learning environment both physically and intellectually, looking at wh
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This unit explores how to set up a syllabus for an English course. Developing a syllabus based on what a school or learning centre will require. Deciding on testing frequency to ensure that the course
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Vestavia Hills
It's important to be aware of the cultural differences between your country of residence and the country you will be working in. Do your research beforehand, and always be conservative until you have
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Village Springs
In this unit, I learned about proper business etiquette. It talked about the things teachers should and shouldn't do in the classroom when teaching business English to professionals. This unit also me
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This unit explains materials that are available and how they can be used in the classroom. It explains where these materials can be obtained, either written or through the internet. This unit also exp
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This unit deals with many different aspects of teaching themes or strategies. There are many ways to teacher young learners English. “lecturing” is just one, but a lot of students learn in differe
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Vinegar Bend
Unit 6 concludes the course by giving useful information regarding teaching business English around the world. The first section discusses general rules for business etiquette. The need to research an
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This unit explains some of the cultural issues and differences that we will encounter as teachers outside of our native country. It also looks at how we as teachers can look for and obtain employment
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This unit helps to understand the various types of lesson materials out there and understand the extent to which a coursebook should or should not be used. Whiteboards, visual aids, worksheets, CDs, v
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The content of this unit is a good reminder of the differences between the age groups that can be involved with teaching. Good reminders that some of the concentration differences between the age grou
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This unit explains the various methods of evaluating a student’s aptitude and progress. There are a number of ways to assess students such as via homework, course unit tests, half-year exams, end-o
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In this unit there is a constant reminder that as a teacher we should be demonstrating by examples, what we want the students to do instead of just explaining the instructions and asking for understan
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This unit helps to understand the various conditionals as well as reported speech. Conditionals are sentences that contain two parts. The first part refers to the 'if' clause and the second part refer
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This unit highlights the vast number of teaching resources available to teachers. Selecting the right type teachings aids can help ensure that the lessons are efficient in motivating and encouraging s
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Walnut Grove
Teaching grammar has always been quite challenging as well as interesting for both my students and me. In this unit, I learnt a lot about how to teach grammar and how to dissect a sentence to determi
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This unit helps to understand the various modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs as well as active and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to express the speaker's feelings or attitude. There
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This unit helps to identify the various types of students a teacher would encounter. There are types of students such as beginners, individuals, young learners, business English and monolingual or mul
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This unit helps to identify common problems and situations that a teacher may encounter in the classroom as well as highlights the basics of approaching a new group of students. New teachers are likel
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There is a very good description of a good teacher. It is inspiring and helpful, it shows that teachers are not just perfect tools that know all the rules and definitions, but teachers need to be goo
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This unit is about the Teaching Themes we looked at various forms such as song, chants, music, games, stories, craft and drama. When teaching the younger learner with music it is very effective and al
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The unit is a nice revision and „reminder“ of Parts of Speech. I have been teaching for a good number of years and it is useful from time to time to have a look and revise basic grammar. I found t
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This unit stressed the importance of realizing that not all persons learn in the same manner. Children learn in a different way when compared to the adult learning process. Throughout ages 5 to 13 c
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This unit encompasses some of the universal differences between the age 5 - 9 year old group and the age 9 -13 year old group. It is important to divide these groups by these ages in most instances.
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There are different kinds of assessment and all can be useful to help determine the best needs of the student. It is possible to view assessments as not a tool to rank students, but rather a way to d
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West Blocton
The present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses have always been confusing to me. I do use them regularly without giving them much thought but to explain them to my students is a whole new
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West End-Cobb Town
The unit was basically about course design and content. it highlighted that for teaching business English to a group of workers in a specific field, the teacher must not be overly concerned about the
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West Jefferson
The past tense is very much similar to present tense in structure but I am still having a lot of challenge in absorbing the usage of the tenses and how to present it to my students. I hope that by me
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West Point
The future tenses are very confusing for my students. In this unit, I learnt that to differentiate from one tense to another, I have to remember the form. I am also very enlightened by the fact that
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The selection of materials and writing of class plans are essential for the success of teacher and students. However, materials and plans need to contain flexibility so that the teacher can effective
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Class plans that are developed that appeal to students' abilities to move (for younger students, generally), listen, speak (or sing), write (or draw) are engaging and give the students greater opportu
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Opportunities for professional development are varied and and useful. I am interested in cultures that have different cultural issues than the USA has. I enjoy learning these usually unwritten rules
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White Hall
Classroom management is one of the most important factors in establishing an effective learning process. There many points that helps the progress of learning such as: the voice, gestures and eye cont
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White Plains
I didn't know how tricky reported speech can be until I did the exercises. I can imagine how difficult it must be for some students to be able to grasp all the conditionals when they are using indirec
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After finishing TESOL certificate program, this program will enlarge the knowladge of teaching to various groups and classify the teaching techniques and models to younger groups. In this unit the gen
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There is a huge amount of techniques, theories and methods and short explanations and definitions of the methods in this unit. Let´s revise them and let´s have a look at the most important. Grammar
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I found the lesson examples very interesting. I especially liked the one where the students had to describe their own homes and afterwards design their dream homes. This lesson would engage the studen
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This unit was a bit like the summary or the repetition of a unit covered during the tesol certificate program. But this does not mean it is unnecessary. The material preparation, lesson plan and organ
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In this unit I learnt about the many different methods and techniques of teaching english, I personally will be teaching very young students, so the ESA, PPP, Task based and Communicative approaches f
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Winston County
There are so many useful ideas and resources in this unit. It will definitely provide me with the necessary materials to start an effective ESL class. Currently, I have been relying on coursebooks fr
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The aim of the unit was to study a range of different teaching strategies or themes. Songs, chants, music, stories, playing different games, arts and craft techniques and their adaptation into course
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In the last round of this certificate program, 6th unit covers an overall view towards job opportunities around the world and web sites which encourages teachers of english to enlarge their teaching e
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This unit gave me a concise overview of of the TEYL course and enumerated the topics that will be covered in each unit. I have learned that the course defines young learners as students between the a
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Unit 2 focused on several general themes on language learning and development, including key learning theories, pedagogical approaches, and how to adapt teaching methods to students of specific age gr
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