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A very interesting unit that based speech on stressed and unstressed syllables and words. I thought this part was very informative. It showed how we speak naturally and yet as fluent speakers of Engli
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This unit focuses on course books, created materials, and authentic materials. It's good to see references in the unit on different websites for created materials. I've used one before but not any of
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Midland City
In this unit I learnt to differentiate between such types of materials as authentic and non-authentic. The author investigates their advantages and disadvantages and also sheds light on how to design
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Assessments are important to help teachers understand where their students are and what level they are at. It's good to understand the difference between placement and diagnostic testing, this was a l
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Connecting the 5 conditionals with past tenses in Unit 6 was difficult due to some grammar changes. This unit dealt with a lot of cause and effect which can be difficult to teach to young learners in
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Just as the tenses of the present, the tenses of the past can be confusing to students if not more than the present ones. It is sometimes difficult for students to assimilate when to use one or anothe
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Millers Ferry
This unit was devoted to case studies, our choice of materials and ways of using them in class which I found inetresting and helpful. Frameworking was another topic worth paying attention, before I ne
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This lesson is so important because it provides the teacher with different class structures and ideas for each phase of the lesson. When we think about a certain objective for our lesson it is importa
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Just as present and past, the future sentences are really important when one is trying to communicate in english language. Because tenses are something that can get students very confused, it is impor
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This is a very important unit in which we learned to organize and plan our lessons. The reasons for organizing and planning are outlined and understood and should probably be kept handy because i beli
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It was mind opening to see the two different lessons depending on the attitude and disposition of the teacher. The reactions of the students and the confident completely changes based on that. The tea
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It was very important to realize the different ways that a person can receive information, depending on their background, experiences and also the way that they approach it. So even the introduction t
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Mon Louis
This unit was especially useful as there are a lot of recommendations on making an appropriate CV and a cover letter including samples. Another important point was information on business etiquette a
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This unit had tons of resources and with advantages and disadvantages for each type of equipment used in the classroom. Many of these resources were new to me! I learned a lot of different types of re
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This was a very important unit to me as it is very neglected by teacher. Mostly I believe because it is somewhat difficult to understand and it becomes a little medical, a little phonoaudiology lesson
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This was important in order for us to become balanced teachers. It might be tempting to just use text books throughout our lessons but in fact the best option would be for us to be flexible enough to
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This unit focuses on the different parts of speech in English. Understanding the different parts of speech is important in understanding how words can and should be joined together to make sentences t
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This unit is focused on the theories, and methods of teaching. The theories differ significantly in the perspectives on learning, though each has influenced and shaped instructional methods and practi
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Moores Mill
Knowing the language that is being taught does not mean you will be able to teach it well. This unit covered topics in regards to teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, and language
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This unit focuses on the present tenses and their usage. This is unit is an important unit because The present tense is used for actions in a time which are happening now. In order to explain and unde
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Morgan City
The content from unit eight presented a lot of material in regards to future tenses. It also touched on how present tense can be used with the future as well. As stated in the lesson, some of these ar
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This unit centers on the classroom management. This is so important because if a teacher is unable to manage and control his/her classroom, then, it is going to be extremely difficult for any effectiv
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Morrison Crossroads
Unit nine provided a great lesson on the roles of lesson planning. Before reading the lesson, I had a certain thought about what lesson planning is. Upon completing the lesson, my mind has changed a g
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This particular unit focuses on the past tense. This unit is good because it helps us to know regular verbs add ed to make the past tense (work / worked) and irregular verbs change their form entirely
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Unit seven focuses more on teaching of new language. Teaching helps to improve when students study a foreign language. The world is an increasingly globalized place where individuals are communicating
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Moulton Heights
Unit ten had us watch two videos. The first video showed some ways that you should not run a class, and the second video showed how a class can be ran properly. I liked having the two videos because i
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This unit dealt with the future tenses. This is a good comparison of the past, the present and the future.The Simple Future Tense, also known as Future Indefinite Tense, is used to describe an action
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Mount High
Unit eleven touched on the importance of receptive skills like listening and reading. There are reasons for reading and listening such as for a purpose, for entertainment. Along with the reasons, ther
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Mount Hope
Unit twelve went over speaking and writing. The lesson talked about how writing is often overlooked. The reasoning behind states that it takes away from student talk time in class, and is usually assi
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Mount Meigs
In Unit 1 it first cover the target group of this course and that it is for those with education experience or those who have previously completed a TESOL certification program. I then learned the obj
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Mount Olive
Unit 2 began by explaining the varying roles of the TESOL teacher such as instructor and facilitator, and about setting personal targets and external goals to monitor your teaching skills, as well as
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Mount Vernon
In Unit 3 I learned about designing the course, testing the students' level of English skills, designing a Syllabus and finally how to evaluate and test the students. The unit gave a 5-scale level to
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Mountain Brook
In Unit 4 I learned the different elements to structure a lesson plan, as well as what materials are available in both print and on the Web, the difference between authentic and non-authentic items an
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Mountain Creek
Unit 5 covered various teaching themes and gave macro examples of topics often covered when instructing business English courses which include lessons on telephone conversations and meeting discussion
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This unit focuses on lesson plan. Good lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. A teacher who is prepared is well on his/her way to a successful instructional experience.
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This unit focuses on videos as a teaching practice which is very important especially to new teachers who are still preparing to enter the classroom. Teaching practice is an integral component of teac
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This unit is focused on teaching receptive skills.Receptive skills are the ways in which people extract meaning from the discourse they see or hear.It is probably most useful to see acts of reading an
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Muscle Shoals
Unit 6 related to cultural differences and how a TESOL teacher should research the country thoroughly before beginning to teach there, as well as remain very conservative while in the classroom and re
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This unit focused on teaching productive skills. This unit is important because it teaches about what the teacher should know at every step of the teaching and learning process. This will help both th
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This is most difficult unit as it involves phonetic scripts.The phonetic alphabet uses many of the letters of the English alphabet, but their pronunciations are very restricted and are not always the
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Nances Creek
Unit 13 touched on a variety of topics including pronunciation, phonology, and different aspects of each. Intonation is something that in my opinion is very important because if used in the wrong way,
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Napier Field
Unit 14 touched on how to use course books and different materials to present information to a class. They touched on how using authentic material can help build confidence in students. As an individu
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Natural Bridge
The different roles a teacher can play is explained in detail as well as the advantages and disadvantages of teaching students on a one on one bais vs in groups. Potential problems when teaching adult
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This unit focused more on the coursebooks and lesson materials. This unit is important to note because the teacher and the learner will also be interested in the instructions explaining grammar,pronun
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This unit focused on evaluation and testing. Teaching and learning go hand-in-hand and this process cannot be completed unless, evaluation and some form of testing the students knowledge have taken pl
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This unit focuses on the conditionals and reported speech.Indirect speech focuses more on the content of what someone said rather than their exact words. In indirect speech, the structure of the repor
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New Brockton
This course covers the first meeting a teacher has with his/her class; testing the level of English proficiency of the learners and finding out what the needs of the students are. The students should
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New Hope
This unit dealt with the differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages between authentic and non-authentic presentation materials. The unit also gives a brief overview od designing non-authe
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New Market
This unit gives one a general overview of different teaching themes eg the language of telephoning. It is explained how case studies opens a whole range of language learning opportunities for the tea
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New Site
This unit gives one an overview of the cultural issues one should be aware of before teaching abroad. It also looks at business etiquette and business cultures when teaching English to foreign busines
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