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Bon Secour
This unit touched on the advantages and disadvantages of teaching Business English to groups and individuals, which I felt are somewhat similar to teaching General English, except for the fact that th
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I found unit 17 Equipment and Teaching Aids to be mostly general knowledge, a few novel insights and a few outdated suggestions. For example, why use a cassette recorder instead of a digital recorder?
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The previous unit focussed on receptive skills - listening and reading and this unit specifically focussed on the productive skills - speaking and writing. its very important to have both skills when
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Question 2 has "A ‘find someone who’ survey" as an option but what a find someone who survey is is not described in the unit. It was easy to understand once googled but it is a name of an informal
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Question 10 asks "Which of the following is MOST useful when you have students who have problems with listening texts?" Page 4 of Unit 20, under the heading "Difficulties with listening texts," states
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Compared to other units i  went trough already, this unit could be a little bit difficult to understand by learners ,especially by beginners.  To me even some of the native English speakers are not
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The phonetic alphabet uses many of the letters of the English alphabet, but their pronunciations are very restricted and are not always the ones you might expect. In this system, there are no “silen
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Its sometimes impossible to have a lesson without materials and books. choosing the right course book is essential in learning anything in schools or trainings centres. Authentic materials and created
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Evaluation and testing are important for a language study. its important to evaluate students and teachers but on different aspects. for students mostly testing is essential because they wont move on
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Its easy to confuse when to use direct speech or indirect speech. Indirect speech, also known as reported speech or indirect discourse, is a means of expressing the content of statements, questions or
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When there is talk of teaching and learning aids in the lesson situation, by no means is there an attempt to plead for their use in teaching. At this stage of teaching, we (ought to) have already adva
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Essential basic grammar is necessary when learning English. its interesting that sometimes native speakers can have a bit of grammar mistake too. a foreign teacher teaching grammar to local students,
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Finally the last unit! i must say this was fun, very helpful and learnt a few things in many ways. Am so grateful for this lessons. the materials was great, simple and straight forward. as i've had a
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Sometimes Teachers or students can encounter problems in the classroom. how you handle it depends on the situation at hand. if its a disciplinary situation maybe the principal should be notified but d
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This unit deals with the relationship between the teacher and students. A good relationship between students and teacher reduces chaos in class and make the class more lively and entertaining as all s
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This unit reflects the importance of being familiar with the English grammar as a teacher, so as to have full confidence when teaching students and also on making sure that what you teach is what is c
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Bristow Cove
I found that this was the unit that really went into detail about how normal ESL teaching methodologies can be applied to the Business English context. This unit was very methodical and structured.
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The content of this unit is essential for recognizing parts of speech so as to teach a student from very limited knowledge of English the structure of sentence formation. The unit breaks down the cons
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Brook Highland
Authentic and non-authentic materials were covered in the main TEFL course that I attended. This unit delved deeper to how it can be applied in the Business English context and the flexibility of usin
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UNIT EIGHT OVERVIEW: This was indeed a difficult exercise. It will take more than just the unit, however helpful it was, to master this material to the point where I could completely teach it to middl
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All I can say is that it was not easy. The phonetic script quests were so easy, it was a joke. Some other the other questions were written by Joker Himself. I'm still not sure what I'm learning here o
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English learners in English speaking countries pose an upper hand in being familiar with the language faster than those in non-English speaking countries because of the environment they live in.With t
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The Lesson was just too tricky.Its like a game - not fun or educational. Instead of actually trying to learn, its like a Tom & Jerry episode of who is going to outsmart the other. Clever, but not the
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Lesson 17 was useful and practical. I personally could have used further elaboration on using the interactive white board. I love using the white board but feel I could be better using the interactiv
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Lesson 18 was excessively dense. Each one of the focal points – modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice – could have merited its own unit, independent of each other. I think this approach wou
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Unit 19 was thus far the most practical Unit in in the Top-Up 120 Hour Curriculum. I may be biased, because I often teach business people and other professionals, sometimes in larger groups, sometimes
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Unit 20 was similar to Unit 19 in that it was very practical, and more relative to a real life classroom experience where a teacher can make a true and memorable impact. At times obvious, Unit 20 was
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The future tenses unit covers an aspect of the English language which is considered one of the most complex. Whilst there are many different tenses and ideas which can be used with a future meaning, t
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This unit covers the topic of teaching pronunciation and phonology, which it describes as being possibly the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. A lack of confidence and training are c
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Buena Vista
This was a content-heavy unit presented the various teaching themes in an in-depth manner, complete with sample lesson plans catered to Business English teachers. I found this to be particularly usefu
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This unit covers the topics of conditionals and reported speech, giving a detailed overview of the five main conditionals, and reported speech as well as describing the typical mistakes and errors mad
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Bull Slough
This unit illustrated the practical approaches to searching for a teaching job overseas and guides us to the considerations we must make when searching for a job and when behaving in a new, unfamiliar
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This unit addresses the subject of Equipment and teaching aids which are often found in a typical classroom. There is good overview of each item of equipment as well as the various teaching aids most
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This Unit concentrates on one of the tense system which is the Present tense on how they are formed, used, the errors often made by students and the ideas on how to use them during the activation stag
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Burningtree Mountain
The first unit of Teaching Business English course introduces students of its content and what exactly they are about. There are 6 units: course introduction, teaching and learning, materials, teach
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Burnt Corn
In the unit 2 I've learned about various roles of the teacher and the learner and how they adopt a new role depending on a situation.For example,a teacher can be a counsellor who provides help and gu
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This unit addresses the topic of "Teaching Special Groups" and gives a fairly detailed insight into the various special groups such as beginners, individual students, children and business English stu
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This unit is the 20th and final unit of the 120 hour TEFL course and addresses the topic of "Troubleshooting". The unit explores some of the most common problem situations that teachers often encounte
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This is my second time to do this unit and I have learned more about what a good teacher should be and students. It is so important to know your students well and provide the best for each of them and
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This unit covers the way in which a teacher has to manage a class and a good relationship between the teacher and the students. There are different aspects a teacher has to consider when arranging the
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This Unit covers the Past tenses which focuses on activities or actions that took place in the past. There are four categorizes of Past tense which are Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and P
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This Unit focuses on teaching English language to students. There are mainly three aspects considered when introducing the new language to students,which are Grammar, Vocabulary and functions. All of
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Calhoun County
In the unit 3 I have learned how to design syllabus for business clients and what to do before actually designing it. During first meeting with a client we can assess the level of English Proficien
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This unit covers the usage of Future Tenses,on how they are used on different scenarios. There seven Future Tenses that are used, each one of them has got different usages and certain teaching ideas t
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This Unit cover the writing of Lesson Plan,on how it is important and how to write a successful one. Lesson planning is very important for new or inexperienced teachers as it helps them to have a clea
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Camp Hill
In this unit I have learned about types of materials, how to create or adapt them and use in practice. There are two types of materials used in classroom by teachers: authentic and non-authentic m
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This unit shows two videos describing two different lessons. The first lesson we saw the teacher-centered lesson in which the students input was minimal as the teacher did a lot of talking and did not
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This lesson covers up on Receptive skills which are Reading and Listening. Both of these skills are crucial and should be implemented in a lesson to encourage fast learning. We use these receptive ski
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Carbon Hill
The unit 5 have taught me about case studies, frameworking,"problem based methodology", different games used in the classroom, Computer Aided Language Learning and Speech Act Theory. After choosing
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I found this unit to be very useful and informative. As I've mentioned before I never really had an actual training but I can understand all the possible scenarios a lot better now. Personally I think
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