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Horn Hill
This unit explored several areas related to course design and creation. Topics included first meetings with clients, how to evaluate students placement needs, testing of student abilities as well as d
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In this last unite 20 I have learned about Common broblem situation which is new group and existing group. Warmers, different levels , large class, use of native languages it’s very important to m
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Going through this unit has been great review for myself. In order to be teach English to foreign students successfully, the teacher must learn the fundamentals in the English grammar. Even though I
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I absolutely loved going over the material in this unit. The amount of different teaching techniques never ceases to amaze me. I am in awe by the diversity of teaching styles for just one particular
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This particular unit has been tremendously beneficial to me. The material provided in this unit has been great review. Although it has been years since I have gone over this type of grammar material
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I absolutely loved this unit. This material in the provided unit goes into detail about the benefits from grouping students as a whole, all the way to how using gestures in class can dictate a classr
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A lot of this review has been great review. This material is very important in the world of grammar. The understanding of the English tenses is crucial to the mastery of the language. In order to t
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Another unit I found that was great in my review of the tenses. This unit provides the foundation of teaching. The material in this chapter elaborates on teaching. Teaching is not only showing up w
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This particular unit has been great review. The material in the provided unit has great foundation for an ESL course. Students who are just beginning to learn future and past tenses are going to str
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Indian Springs Village
I appreciated the delineation of various problems with particular classes, and students; even more, I enjoyed the solution possibilities presented for particular problems, such as large class sizes, t
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The material in this unit is great for beginning teachers. I was never taught these tactics when I was a tutor, therefor I am a little new to these topics. After a few units of the ESA technique, I
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This video that we were required to watch for the unit was a great learning experience. I actually learned a lot from these two half an hour long videos. I was taking notes in my head about how the
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This unit contains great material. Every person that aspires or is currently a teacher should read this particular unit because it will aid them in their teaching career. The skills that were talked
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This unit has been great review. Although this unit has been one of the easier ones, it was still greatly beneficial and I still believe it will help teachers further understand how students are. Kn
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This has been one of the harder lessons in this whole program. The amount of difficulty provided in this unit stresses its importance in the English language. I am amazed by amount of content that c
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This unit covers a lot about teaching with a textbook. There are many factors involved when deciding to buy a course book for a particular course. A teacher must take into consideration that dependi
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Jackson's Gap
In this unit the two different types of materials to be used in the classroom were discussed. Benefits and detractions of sourced or created materials and how to adapt them fit them to accomplish spe
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This unit is pretty important. The fact is that as teachers, we must know what to teach our students. Since every student is different, we must evaluate them to see what their current level of knowl
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This unit has been one of the harder ones. The English language is comprised of so many elements that it sometimes may seem a bit overwhelming to ESL students, and even normal English speaking studen
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This unit has been great review on what types of media is allowed inside a classroom. I have experienced most of these teaching equipment tools first-hand during the times I was in school. Personall
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Jefferson County
This unit explored different teaching themes that can be applied and the various contexts that exist. The unit discussed general business English communicative options due to range of different cultur
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This unit has some great material even though I found it a bit difficult. The clauses in the English language are one some of the hardest material to understand in the English language. This content
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I absolutely loved this unit. Teaching is all about the satisfaction of a student successfully learning and this unit provides many ways to achieve this goal. No matter the level of English knowledg
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This unit has also been great review for myself, since I have been a tutor before. Students at different levels have different learning skills. Some learn faster than others and some finish tasks fa
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This unit was about the parts of speech and how we teachers can classify and place each part at its rigtful section. Throughout this unit, I have been able to understand the eight parts of speech and
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This unit was about the theories, methods and techniques of methodologies. The theories are out to show the different stages that might be involve when simplifying the teaching itself.Through out this
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This unit was all about the tenses. Through out this unit, they have been trying to make use of the present form, present continuous tense and perfect and how they can be use in constructing sentences
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This unit was all about how we can manage and control our classroom setting. Through this unit, I have been able to look at the different stages and ways in which I can Place and arrange my class in r
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This unit is about the past tense and how they are form and use in constructing sentences. Through out this unit, I have been able to understand the methods that I will need in order to construct sent
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This unit was about teaching new language and how each sub phase could help to build the students understanding . Through out this unit, I have been able to understand the practice and teaching method
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This unit was all about the future simple, future past, future continuous and future perfect continuous. Through out this unit, I have been able to go through most of the difficult sections that I am
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This lesson was about the method we can use in planing our lesson(lesson plan) Through out this lesson, I have learned about the ways or format in which I can plan my lesson so as to have a fluint tea
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This unit was about two separate videos showing a teacher teaching the same students but in separate classes and using different teaching techniques. Through out this lesson, I will say I understood l
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This unit was about receptive skills and how they can be use when teaching. These skills are both reading and listening and they are equally important when dealing with the receptive skills. Through o
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La Fayette
This unit started off looking at some of the different cultural issues a teacher should be conscious of when trying planning to work abroad. Avenues of seeking, applying for and maintaining employment
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Lacey's Spring
The content of the unit is very supportive,for example general terminology. The aim and objectives of the course presented in the first unit satisfy me, because now I need to explore more about teac
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This unit was about teaching productive skills.This productive skills are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through out the unit, I have come to understand that all the skills are generally ha
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This unit was about pronunciation and phonology and how they affect the voice tract of the person speaking. This unit has been the most difficult unit especially where I was suppose to talk about the
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Lake Purdy
I enjoyed this unit's content. Most of the information was not new for me, in particular the section on methodology. The ideas on having one-to-one and group teaching presented in this unit are int
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Lake View
From this unit I got more detailed information about syllabus design, in particular about 6 types of syllabi from the Approaches toForeign Language Syllabus Design by Reilly Tarey (1988). I also appr
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This unit was about course book and lesson material. Through out this unit, I have been able to understand the authentic and the created book and not forgetting the course work or book that together w
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This unit was about the ways that we use or may use to evaluate and assess our students in class and during an examination. Through out this unit, I have been able to understand the diagnostic and pro
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This unit was about direct and indirect speech and how they are use in constructing sentences. Through this unit, I have tried to understand the method that I need to use in order to form and use the
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Le Moyne
Frankly speaking I found this unit very informative. Particularly the recommendations for creating non-authentic material. Here I would also like to mention about Lesson plan section. I completely
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Lee County
Nowadays the use Case study in teaching regardless which subject you teach has becom very popular. I found it similar to Project work, which comprises the same steps of realization of the end product,
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This unit was about the equipment and teaching aids use during the teaching periods. Through out this unit, I saw and understood the meaning of words like over head projection and how it is use not fo
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This unit was about modal verb, phrasal verb and passive voice.Modal verbs are those that are use before other verb to add meaning to the main verb itself. Through out this unit, I have been able to s
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This unit was about teaching special groups. Teaching special groups or teaching just an individual student has not been an easy task. Through out this lesson, I have been able to picture and understo
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This last unit was about trouble shooting and how the teacher could handle his/her students in different places of his teaching and their learning stage. Through out this unit, I have learn the differ
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As the first grammar unit of the whole program, the parts of speech unit gave us a great overview and detailed explanation on how to structure a sentence. In the unit we gained deeper knowledge on how
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