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New Union
This course is designed for students who are either at an early stage in their careers or students who have not yet started working. The aim of the course is to give a good general knowledge and under
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This particular unit focuses on Equipment and teaching aid. It is important to note that teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom. The many benefits of teaching aids include helping le
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This unit is focused on the modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. This unit is an important unit because it teaches Modals, Phrasal verbs and Passive voice which are used before other verbs to add
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This unit focuses more on the teaching of special groups. Evaluation goes hand-in-hand with teaching special groups and it is also used by colleges to determine which students can be admitted. While t
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Here focus is on trouble shooting. This unit touches on evaluation which goes hand-in-hand with teaching special groups and it is also used by colleges to determine which students can be admitted. Whi
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When talking about grammar no one feels totally confident ,it is not something easy to learn for most of us since it is so detailed, but when it is well clarified in a smooth way like the way explaine
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North Courtland
As a teacher, has set of responsibilities like, Instructor, facilitator, policemen, psychologist, counsellor and mentor. Teaching methods presented here are; the silent way, audio lingualism, task bas
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North Johns
There are many ways to test and evaluate students. Knowing when to use these, and how to decipher the results is important. This material can be used to further enhance your lesson plans, review the e
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Out of all the questions, phrasal verbs was perhaps the toughest to do. Everything I've learned throughout these units I needed to remember to try and answer these 3 questions correctly. I felt that I
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It's good to know how to work with different groups of learners and having a strong layout on how to teach them. Though my interest is mainly focused on teaching young learners, those young learners w
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Oak Grove
BE_Unit1 is the summary of the entire Business English which consist of 6 units. This unit also covers aims and objectives of BE, prospects of BE among many others. In this unit I have been able to le
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Oak Hill
I have learnt a lot from the first section of the course and I am now sure this course perfectly fits my requirements as well as meets my expectations. The reason is that my preferred business settin
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Being able to understand and troubleshoot potential problems that a teacher might face when teaching an ESL class is good to know. Anywhere you go as a teacher, even a teacher in regular schools we wi
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This unit introduces us what makes a good teacher ,what makes a good learner and the different roles of the teacher.It also tells us the different features between Adult learners and younger learners
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This unit gives us a very clear introduction of the structure of the sentences and how are they formed as well as the detailed explaination of the noun,adj,adv,verb ,pron,prep,etc. I think I have lear
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This unit is mainly about the introduction of different methodologies of language teaching and learning. The detail explain about the ESA lesson is really helpful . Some useful skills are also introdu
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This Unit introduces the present tenses which include the present simple,present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous. It describes them in form, usage,typical student errors and
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This is unit is mainly about the class management . How do the teachers use these gesture, how do the teachers give the instructions , how do the teachers group the classroon , how do the teacher cont
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Planning for the lesson is basic and necessary part of the preparing for this process. Planning a sequence of the lesson is more or less the same as planning for a single lesson, but there are a numbe
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This unit mainly about the introduction of past tense which include: simple past, past continuous, past perfect,past perfect continous. It introduces from the their form ,usage and some useful classro
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Orange Beach
Unit 16 covered topics about conditionals and reported speech. Different forms of conditionals were presented such as zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditional. After reviewing the lesson, it
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This Unit introduces us how to teach the new language which includes how to teach the vocabulary, how to teach the grammar sturcture and how to teach the language function . I am also introduced the b
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This unit mainly about the future tense which includes future simple,present continuous,future perfect ,future perfect continous ect . They are introduced from form, usage, typical mistake and teachin
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Our Town
I have learnt a lot from this unit in terms of understanding what major factors have to be taken into account while designing syllabus for various groups of students studying Business English. The spe
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Owens Cross Roads
In the unit, I learned how to deal with common problem situations, for the first lesson, it's vital to establish rapport with students. Experienced teachers will not adopt the course book for the firs
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This unit is about lesson planning .Before we do the lesson planning , we need to think about its aims , the shape of the lesson and the kind of techniques that are most appropriate for a particular g
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This unit gives us very good example of an effective class and an ineffective class. A lot of factors may influent the result of an English class. In the first one , the teacher does not do any engage
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Paint Rock
In this unit, equipment and teaching aids were covered in detail. The use of everything from white/black board to videos and DVDs to dictionaries was covered in this topic. After completing this lesso
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This unit is mainly about how to teach the receptive skills which include the reading and the listening . For the four types of English skills which include the listening , reading,speaking and writi
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This unit is mainly foucs on how to teach the produtive skills which include the speaking and writing . Both of them involves using speech to express meanings to other people. We speak with fluencya a
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This unit mainly about how to teach the pronunciation. It introduces the different important parts of the pronunciation which include intonation,word stress,sentence stress, phonemic script . In addi
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This Unit is talking about the course book and lesson materilas. The materials are mainly divided into Authetic materials and Created materials. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. F
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Pell City
Unit 18 presented some more new material about the English language that I have not thought about it in a long time. It touched on different modals such as could, might, may and more. Relative clauses
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This unit reflects upon the different methods, theories and techniques used when teaching English. As the language is not native for most learners, and it is almost impossible to replicate the fluency
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This unit is mainly about the evaluation and testing.The evaluation is really important for the stdents because only through the evaluation teacher and students can know the level of the students , th
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Perdido Beach
Unit 19 discussed how to teach special groups. Many teachers might go into teaching expecting that they will teach a speciality, but overtime one might realize that other options are available. During
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This unit explains the techniques of managing a class with ease and success if one follows certain norms. As every teacher has their own special style of teaching, it is important to ignite enthusiasm
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This unit introduces the conditionals ay and reported speech. They introduced from its form ,usage and how to teach them during the class. the conditional clauses mainly have five different types. the
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This Unit mainly about the equipment and teaching aids which we can used in the classroom . It concludes the white board,IWB,OHP,DVD, Video camera,worksheets, cards,resource book, course book, compute
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For the modals which are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verbs are included the can, could, may , might , shall etc . They are used to express the ideals of Obilgation,possibility,
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Phenix City
In this unit 1, I learned the difference among very commonly-used teaching-related acronyms ( TEFL,...) and familiarized myself with Business English acronyms, some for the very first time. The object
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Phil Campbell
Unit two is more focused on Teaching and what Teachers should do, and to less extent on Learning and Learners style. within this wide range of topics, what definitely falls is Methods of teaching. Som
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This Unit focuses on being an organised teacher with a lesson plan of what may and may not happen as well as the objectives the teacher wants to achieve with the class. It is essential to keep in mind
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This unit mainly explains how to teach the special groups which include the beginners , individual students,children ,business people and the monolingual class. Each group of students have its own fea
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Pike Road
In this unit, a useful body of explanation is provided to contribute to a better assessment of learners as well as more efficient evaluation of the training system. Variety of tests have been helpfull
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This unit describes the twi receptive skills of reading and listening. Nothing can be achieved without these two skills as both carry equal importance in the learning of any language. There are many w
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Pine Apple
What unit 4 is mainly facilitating is websites addresses represented at the end, since it is always pivotal to base lesson plans on either authentic or semi-authentic- carefully worked-out activities-
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Pine Hill
The final unit touched on how to deal with first lessons, teaching different levels, large classes, use of native language, and difficulties of listening text. Before the class, I was unsure on how us
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Pine Level
In this unit I learned what a good teacher and good learners are like. A good teacher is kind, patient, motivates the students, and is sensible when correcting them. A good teacher plays many roles in
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Pine Ridge
In this unit I learned about the E.S.A. system of teaching. The first stage is the Engage stage where the teacher engages the students into using English freely. The Study stage is the stage where the
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