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This unit gave me starting knowledge of teaching. I have learnt about roles a teacher plays during his/her classes and what kind of activities would be involved while teaching. I have learnt the meani
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In unit 1, I discovered that a teacher needs to know the characteristic of a good teacher and a good learner.I found out that a good teacher should has these qualities :- -kind and patient -really lo
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Unit 2 is basically focus on theories, methods and techniques of teaching which could guide a language teacher in preparing a successful lesson that meets his /her aims(learning objectives).The notes
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In this unit, a language teacher will be taught on effective classroom management which is one of the main focus in a teaching career. To ensure that the lesson objectives achieved at the end of the l
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In this unit, a language teacher will be taught on the element of teaching a new language to native speakers. In English language, grammar is known to be the tree trunk and branches of a language whe
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This unit covers some guidelines for a language teacher to plan a proper and successful lesson. The importance of a lesson planning often relate to these question, “Why plan a lesson?” First and
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In this unit, I can differentiate between two lesson where by a teacher's attitude determine the kind of students' interest towards the lesson. In the first lesson, the classroom's mood was a little b
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Cedar Bluff
In the unit 6 business etiquette is discussed as cultural errors can occur due to language differences. There are some general rules such as: be conservative in manner, use the formal greetings at f
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Center Point
The aim of this course is to give the participants an idea and teach them the methodologies related to teaching business English. In order to teach business English the participants need not have a ba
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In this unit, the module provides guidelines on teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. In English language, there are four main skills which are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Wr
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Speaking and writing are productive skills which both have the same purpose that is to communicate. However, writing seems to be a neglected skill in TEFL world. Most teachers do not like quiet class
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Modules and course books are supplement to teacher's teaching aids. In every ideal school,they will have all the materials ready but bear in mind that a teacher needs to adapt the content to suit th
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Evaluation is one of the aspect needed in learning process in order to get feedback on students’ language level and progress. There are three ways to evaluate such as tutorials, evaluation by studen
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This unit is consists with very fundamental information of being a Teacher. I have known about the role of a teacher which have been described clearly through the unit as well a good teacher features.
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I've learned the characteristics of what makes a good teacher, and what makes a good student. I learned which categories of a teacher and when to assume each role. I also learned the different levels
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I've learned about the different methodologies and which levels of students they work best with, and when to utilize them. I've learned the different ESA styles, and which are appropriate for a new te
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I've learned many of the facets of being a good teacher, for instance, the ability to inspire, when to be firm, that keeping things simple and using language that's below their current ability when po
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Cherokee County
This unit describes the role of a teacher and the factors on which the responsibilities of the teacher depends upon. It also explains the role of a teacher as an instructor, facilitator, mentor, psych
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I've learned from this module the importance of vocabulary, it's factor and the focus on it's teachability. I understand why and where I should use the different techniques for teaching vocabulary, gr
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I've learned the reason why we plan lessons,the proper sequence of each lesson,why we record each lesson, what I hope to happen in the lesson. Why we record the hoped for objectives for the students a
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Chilton County
This unit of the course was dealing with how to start the course and how to measure the development of the students during and after the course. This unit also briefed about how to conduct level test
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I've learned the constructive way to teach a lesson, that it's important to be pleasant, to be encouraging. It's important to get the students talking amongst themselves while in the activate portion
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This unit has taught me about teaching methodology - various methods of teaching. I've learnt how and what kind of games I can use in my classes to keep my students entertained and elicit the most fro
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This unit has given me a deeper knowledge of Present Tenses. It's taught me how to distinguish each of Present Tenses (Present Simple, Present Continuous/Progressive, Present Perfect, Present Perfect
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This unit was concentrated on managing classes. It has taught me a lot about managing my future classes. I have learnt how to make classroom arrangements and group students. I have learnt how to estab
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This unit has been focused on vocabulary, grammar and functions of English language. I have learnt how to select vocabulary for my students, what students need to know about a vocabulary item and tech
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The content of this unit is about Future Tenses - all kinds of future forms, like Future Simple, Future Continuous/Progressive, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous/Progressive, Present simple in
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The content of this unit is lesson planning. I have learnt how to plan the lesson. I have also learnt what should be included in a lesson plan. Those are: Learner objectives, personal aims, language p
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This unit contained a clear example of appropriate and inappropriate teacher's behavior in the class. You can see a very big difference between effective and ineffective teaching manner. I have learnt
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This unit was focused on teaching perceptive skills. I have learnt what kind of reasons exist for reading and listening. They are divided into two categories: for purpose and for entertainment. I have
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This unit was focused on productive skills and their detailed teaching instructions. I have learnt that productive skills are divided by two categories: speaking and writing. I have learnt how to enco
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This unit gave a good knowledge of teaching pronunciation and phonology. I have learnt how to read and write phonetic scripts. I was not very good in it. I have learnt different teaching techniques fo
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This unit taught me about course materials. I have learnt what kind of course materials I can use as an English teacher.I have also learnt what is important in choosing the proper course book for my f
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Grammar is the set of rules that determine how sentences are properly constructed. It also provides both the definition of parts of speech (i.e. nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) and the method by which
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Coats Bend
This unit deals with the different types of materials for teaching namely- authentic and non-authentic. Authentic materials are the one that is not meant for education purpose where as non-authentic m
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An approach is a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of language teaching and learning. An approach is axiomatic. 1t describes the nature of the subject matter to be taught. .. . ..
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Coffee Springs
This chapter dealt with pronunciation and phonology. I learned that in order to teach pronunciation, one must remember that intonations are different in every language. The rise and fall in how we spe
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The present tense is a grammatical tense whose principal function is to locate a situation or event in present time.[1] The present tense is used for actions in a time which is happening now. In order
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This unit has given me good knowledge of the existing English exams, when and where they are usually being used. I have learnt what kind of tests are usually used in the EFL schools. I have also lear
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Thanks to this unit, I have learnt a lot about Conditionals and Reported speech. This unit was very informative for me. I have learnt what kind of Conditionals exist, how to use them and how they stru
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Vocabulary knowledge is knowledge; the knowledge of a word not only implies a definition, but also implies how that word fits into the world." Vocabulary knowledge is not something that can ever be fu
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There are 9 different roles that a teacher can dictate in the classroom during a lesson. They are Controller, Organizer, Assessor, Prompter, Participant, Tutor, Resource/ Facilitator, Model, and Obse
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A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction or "learning trajectory" for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Details wil
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While teachers are still an authority figure in a student-centered teaching model, teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. The teacher’s primary role is to coach a
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Conecuh County
Teaching Business English can require different approaches and skills to teaching General English, groups are often much smaller and usually have specific requirements relating to the contexts they wi
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Cook Springs
The study of this unit has been very useful because I learned about the different roles of the teacher and the learner; sometimes we have a situation during the class and it is important to know which
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The simplest form of a structure is the basic sentence. A sentence must consist of at least a subject and verb. Many sentences feature a subject, verb, and object. A part of speech for each word in
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This Unit speaks to the Tenses System. This is one of the areas that causes great difficulties for both teacher and students. We are familiar with two tenses: present and the past but as the informati
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Pronunciation is the way in which a word or a language is spoken. This may refer to generally agreed-upon sequences of sounds used in speaking a given word or language in a specific dialect ("correct
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It was expected that each course would have a coursebook and my job was to organise lessons around the coursebook and to make sure we worked our way through the book. As I progressed in my career, gai
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