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When defined within an educational setting, assessment, evaluation, and testing are all used to measure how much of the assigned materials students are mastering, how well student are learning the mat
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IF + SUBJECT + VERB IN PAST PERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE, THEN SUBJECT + VERB IN CONDITIONAL Our past perfect subjunctive can either be simple or progressive. The past perfect subjunctive has exactly the same
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County Line
This unit focused on what we would be using in the classroom: course books and lesson materials. I learned that course books must be chosen wisely to fit the needs of the teacher and students. Teacher
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There are many different ways in which a trainer can make the learning experience more interesting and memorable for learners. One technique is to use teaching aids. These are things used in the class
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Unit 12 focuses on the two productive skills speaking and writing. The unit explains the differences between accuracy and fluency. It also discusses activities that can be used to encourage speaking a
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t is easy for students to get frustrated in a class of mixed ability. Stronger students may feel held back, weaker students may feel pressured. The teacher may feel stressed. The best solution to this
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Many times, students will automatically look to the teacher for correct answers instead of trying themselves. If the teacher obliges them with the answer each time, it can become a detrimental problem
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Crane Hill
The study of this unit looked at the types of material available and how as a teacher I can created and adapted them. Authentic and non-authentic materials will help to the students for practicing the
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This unit is an introduction to grammar.Each word in a sentence can be further classified , according to its purpose and the meanings it's adds. This is what we refer to as parts of speech. Nouns, ad
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This unit present different approaches and methods of teaching.These methodology are:" grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation-practice-production, task-based learning, communicative langu
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This unit present four present tenses: "the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous". The present simple is used for habitual or routines actions
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This unit is about managing classes.Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Eyes contacts, gesture and t
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This unit present the past tenses. The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods.The past simple is us
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This Unit present teaching new language.Teaching vocabulary is very important to the student, especially the early stage when the students are motivated to learn the basic words they needs to get by i
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This unit present future tenses.The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language.There are: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuo
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This unit is about lesson planning. There is no special way in which a plan must be written. Some teacher write formal plan, some jot note , some log details into class notebook.What should be include
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Cullman County
This unit concentrated on evaluation and testing. I learned that there are several tests that teachers implement to learn where student language abilities stand. Placement tests are used at the start
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Unit 13 covers the importance of pronunciation and phonology. This unit includes phonology, stress, articulation and the phonemic alphabet. The unit also looks at how to teach individual sounds and wh
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This unit present teaching receptive skills.There are four basic skills in any language :" reading, listening, speaking and writing ". All are equally important and whereas possible we should try to i
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This unit present teaching productive skills.Accuracy activities usually part of the study phase are concentrated on producing language.Such activities are usually controlled to ensure accurate reprod
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Dale County
The business English world unit, it shows all the cultural issues to consider when I am teaching in some regions of the world. I’ve been living in Vietnam for 10 years, for that reason my knowledge
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Unit 16 speaks to the conditionals and reported speech. Both language points may cause difficulties for English language learners and teachers similarly. The unit outlines the structure and usage of t
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This unit present coursebook and lessons material.The teacher has to create his/her own material either supplements the course book. There are two types of materials: Authentic materials and Created m
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This unit present evaluation and testing. There are three ways to assess a student's language level:"tutorial, evaluations by students, test". Tutorials are used to reviewing the work done, discussing
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This unit present conditionals and reported speech. Conditional refer to past present and future possibilities. There are : " zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional
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Dauphin Island
This unit focused on conditionals and reported speech. Zero conditionals refer to facts that are irrefutable and uses "if" and "when" with no change in meaning. First conditional talks about a situati
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This unit present equipment and teaching aids. There are many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook.These teaching aids : w
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Unit 17 was effective in showing the many teaching aids the teacher can use to teach the English language. There are all kinds of methods, equipment and technology available and has its own values, bu
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This unit present teaching special groups. There are different categories of beginners:" the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adults beginner, the young beginner, the beginner without Roman
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De Armanville
A teacher has multiple roles such as instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counsellor and policeman. Teaching adults means that the problems usually associated with teaching children are less
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This unit is about troubleshooting.This unit present the most common problem situations.The class can fall in two categories:" new group and existing group ". A warmer activity are usually fun and sho
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Unit 18's content speaks to some of the most difficult aspects of the English grammar - modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. However, these Grammar topics are infamous by fluent English
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Deer Park
This chapter focused on the assessment tests when creating a syllabus. On the first meeting with our business students, we need to do an initial assessment to know what the students know and what they
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DeKalb County
This unit focused on equipment and teaching aids for the classroom. Many of the equipment covered in this unit was known to me except for the interactive whiteboards. I have yet to see it in a school
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Unit 19 includes a Summary Of Teaching The Above Classes Absolute beginners in English can be distinguished from false beginners. Absolute beginners are learners which have had no or very little Engli
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This unit was relatively short and there was not a whole lot of new material. Its primary purpose appears to have been to reinforce and build on what has been taught in previous units. I liked the way
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This unit was similar to previous grammar units in that it taught me new terminology and helped me to better articulate grammar rules that I usually don't think about. I also realized when reviewing t
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This unit taught some of the different components of language usage and understanding. I have some experience teaching and learning other foreign languages and most of what was taught in this unit app
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This unit covered a lot of concepts and I feel it could have been better organized. First, I felt it places too much emphasis on intonation, which I consider to be a very advanced concept in English a
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This course gave a useful overview of the different types of tests available. I was particularly interested in the different types of external exams offered, since I had some confusion about this. Som
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Dixons Mills
This unit is a continuation of the grammar and mostly focuses on auxiliary verbs and the passive voice. The "modal" auxiliary verbs are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have
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This unit covered some new grammatical concepts, most of which I have studied in other foreign languages and it was interesting to compare them. Most of these concepts are very similar to other Europe
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Dodge City
This unit focused on the specialized types of classes that EFL teachers could run into. Each specialized class is taught differently depending on what the students want out of it and what their motiva
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I like this unit because when u watch the videos it shows u how to properly perform a straight arrow esa lesson plan. And as well as that it also show how u come into a classroom with a positive and c
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This unit was fairly straightforward and much of what is taught is something most westerners will have some familiarity with from their own experience as a student. I think it offered some useful prom
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This unit was very useful to me. It was beneficial to review what makes for a good teacher. I feel the two most important qualities of a good teacher are patience and a love of teaching. I learned m
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Double Springs
This unit went over common problems that an ESL teacher might face in the classroom. I learned that when dealing with a new group or existing group the teacher always needs to establish a rapport with
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This unit talks about  either planing or not planing a lesson  and if so , which of the methods is more afective for  accomplishing most of the material , without making it teacher centered.  
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This lesson is definitely one that I will review again and again. There is so much useful information. I am currently putting into practice the ESA method with much success. I want to also try the
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This unit helped me a lot to better know how to discipline in a classroom. I appreciated the point that a teacher needs to be punctual, prepared and follow through to be respected. A teacher needs t
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