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Grove Oak
During this unit, I have reviewed one more time the structure of the ESA lesson and made it clearer the difference between the straight arrow, patchwork, and boomerang. Also, I have learned about some
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this test was about testing and evaluation in this test learn about how a teacher can better evaluate there students in different ages of groups how a teacher can get there test of different exams the
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this was about reported and conditional speeches in test i learn about how to change direct speech to indirect speech in this test learn about different kinds sentences like zero sentence first senten
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Gulf Shores
After studying this unit I have learned about types of groups that I might teach as a teacher of business English and I made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of teaching straight in their of
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this test was about equipment and teaching adds in test i learn what is the advantages of computer to use in class usage of dictionary which kinds of we can find in a dictionary and which kinds of we
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Gum Springs
This Unit was very useful for me as I had a chance to review one more time the structure of the lesson plan, and also to understand more the importance of it. Also I have learned how can I use differ
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this test was about modals phrasal verbs and passive voice i learn in this test about many items like verbs modal phrasal passive voices how can we use can would could maybe might usages of these all
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this test was about teaching special groups students how a teacher teach them which method should a teacher follow his or her students how teach the business groups students which kinds of information
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this test was about troubleshooting how a teacher use grammar in class how a teacher dealing with large class different grammar activities were in this test which kinds of lesson a teacher share in fi
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i have learnt through this unit that one is able to master and navigate through everyday speech if one is well versed in the do's and dont's of parts of speech. one is able to differentiate between si
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in this unit i have learnt that there are different methods, techniques and theories used to help students learn a language. some use drills and some use the open opportunity granted to them by the te
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when it comes to tenses its all about how the sentence is said, is you use the word "have" it means we are refering to the present perfect form, which can alsoaffirmative, negative or in a question fo
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i have learnt that managing your class depends on a wide range of factors, how big your class is, the age or nationality of your students, their personalities. these are the things a teacher needs to
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the present tense and the past tense do not differ in so many ways. continious tenses have the words "have,had" these depend on whether is past,present or future. another indication would be if a word
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i have learnt that if a student can understand the meaning of speaking a new a language then he or she can connect with new people and they can be exposed to new opportunities, the construction of the
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it is not easy to determine the future and the tenses can differ based on the different words used, wording can determine a future past tense or a future continuos tense.cit also be a future simple or
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it is crucial to create a pathway for the class or the lesson that as a teacher you must deliver, lesson planning guides thw flow of the lesson and determines how efficient it will be. with time a val
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it is very important how a teacher begins a lesson.The most important of all is to get the students interested so that the can focus on the lesson. Being able to get them interested in the lesson is a
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Two productive skills are reading and listening.Using authentic reading and listening with beginner will not help build their confidence with receptive skills.People read and listen for different reas
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In this lesson I tried to learned introduction to Grammar parts of speech. This lesson is very important for me because about grammar. For example if I don’t know anything about grammar than I will
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In this lesson I learned about Theories, methods and techniques which is Learners of English who have the opportunity to live in an English speaking environment while studying have a huge advantage.
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In this lesson I learned the tense system. Which are Present simple, present Continues, present perfect, present perfect continuous. The tense system is probably the area of the English language that
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Hazel Green
In this unit I have read very attentively the lesson plans and took some notes about how can I use different games, and how to adapt them for the lessons. Also, I learned about different methods that
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In this Unit 5 I learned about managing dasses. classroom management, eye contact, gesture and the voice. How can eye contact be used in the class, Gesture,the voice,using studens’ name,who class, G
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In this lesson I learned about past tenses which are Past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous. And also regular verbs and irregular verbs. I learned about the structure of p
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I have learned that language consists of three important components: grammar, vocabulary, and functions. Though which grammar patterns should be used when teaching language depending on the level of t
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In this unit, I learned that there are 7 main tenses that they have future meaning and also future applications. It was very useful for me to learn that simple present and simple present continuous te
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Lesson planning is one of the most important parts of teaching as it gives teachers opportunities to follow the sequences of lessons, keep the record of what they have taught, to be covered the lesson
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Henry County
After studying this unit I am more aware of many cultural issues that may occur when teaching abroad, especially if the country is culturally different from my native one. Also there are some good ad
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Teachers' attitude from the very beginning of the lessons, the way that they enter the class, treat students, give instructions, the usage of activities to reinforce to students understanding and chec
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Highland Home
This introductory unit provides a good overview of the course for business English. An interesting part of this unit is the acronyms relating to English language teaching. By knowing the contents to b
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Highland Lake
A very useful unit to understand the various theories of language teaching, and the application of the ESA methodology to prepare lesson plans. There are also tips on teaching a mixed-level class. Dis
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Highland Lakes
A very useful unit to understand how course syllabuses for business English are designed; especially with regards to lesson plan, types of activities to practice specific language skills (speaking, li
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In this lesson I learned about teaching receptive skills. How to we read and listen,problem with listening and reading ,language,topics, create interest,Tasks and etc. I learned about basic languages;
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In this lesson I learned about speaking and writing two more important skills that associated to students creatively. Also I learned that accuracy and fluency have equal importants even though teach
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Phonology is the study of sound. While intonation is a variation in volume and pitch within in a whole sentence, stress is concerned with individual words. In speaking, the normal pattern of intonatio
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Hobson City
This introductory unit consists of a brief summary of the contents of the course. It encompasses the aims of the course, an overview of the contents, job-related prospects, and general terminology rel
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From this unit fourteen learned about Coursebooks and materials. Coursebooks are a very emotive issue for many teachers. The reality however . Somewhat different . This means often the teachers has
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Hokes Bluff
Unit 2 focuses on the roles of an educator and a learner. It encompasses some essential information related to teaching methodologies in the context of adult learners. The various roles of a teacher c
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From unit 15 I learned that different kind of test that can be used by teachers to evaluate students level measure student weakness, strength and their English level. Tutorials, Evaluation by student
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Hollis Crossroads
Unit 3 focuses on the developmental process of course design at every stage of interaction with students, from the initial meeting to the final evaluation. At the outset, you should begin with an eval
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Holly Pond
Unit 4 encompasses the various factors that are relevant when choosing or designing course material. Material is anything physical or electronic that we bring into the classroom to aid our teaching.
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In unit 16 th, I have learned that there are four kinds of condition sentence patterns:zero, first, second, third and mixed conditions. In zero conditional, it refers to actions and facts that irrefut
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From unit 17 I learned about Equipment and teaching aids. I can tell many teachings aids can be use to make lesson more interesting. I lear all classrooms should have same kind, or flipchart.
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From unit 17 I learned about Equipment and teaching aids. I can tell many teachings aids can be use to make lesson more interesting. I lear all classrooms should have same kind, or flipchart. For i
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Holy Trinity
Unit 5 covers a number of teaching themes applicable to a wide range of contexts and situations. This unit covers the usage of case studies, frameworking, problem-based learning, classroom games, comp
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Unit 18 I learned about Modals, pheasant verbs and passive voice. From basic rules I learned the modals’are : could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have to go to, need to, ne
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Hoods Crossroads
This unit is designed to be an introduction to the business English course. The unit lays out some of the basic concepts of teaching English for specific purposes, terminology and why this will be ben
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From unit 19 I learned types of class ( teaching beginners, teaching individual Students, Teaching children and Business English/ English for Specific purpose) The absolutely beginner- students who h
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Hope Hull
This unit established environments that teachers will find themselves teaching in. As well it described the multiple roles that a teach may have to perform at any given moment and how one can prepare
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