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Grove Oak
During this unit, I have reviewed one more time the structure of the ESA lesson and made it clearer the difference between the straight arrow, patchwork, and boomerang. Also, I have learned about some
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I got a good understanding about phonology.The most important thing was I got a sound understanding about stress,rhythm and intonation.I learnt new things from this lesson such as rise/fall intonation
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I got a good understanding about authentic materials and created materials.The most important thing was I got a good understanding about how to prepare created materials(eg-role play cards and telepho
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Gulf Shores
before this unit I had only briefly considered types of technology and teaching aids. My girlfriend is a teacher so I have seen her IWB in her classroom and it was awesome. I had never seen one before
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I was able to get a good understanding about evaluation and testing. I learnt about ways of assessing students language level through tutorials,evaluation by the students and tests.In addition to that
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Gum Springs
This was yet another grammar unit that I need to spend lot of time reviewing. I have seemed to forgotten a lot of what was covered in this unit such as: verbal phrases and passive voice. It has been
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I got a good understanding about conditionals and reported speech.Though I knew conditionals,for the first time I learnt about five main conditionals.In addition to that I learnt some of the important
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I got a good understanding about equipment and teaching aids by referring this study material.The most important thing was I was able to learn some of the new mode of equipment which can be used in cl
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this test was about troubleshooting how a teacher use grammar in class how a teacher dealing with large class different grammar activities were in this test which kinds of lesson a teacher share in fi
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i have learnt through this unit that one is able to master and navigate through everyday speech if one is well versed in the do's and dont's of parts of speech. one is able to differentiate between si
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in this unit i have learnt that there are different methods, techniques and theories used to help students learn a language. some use drills and some use the open opportunity granted to them by the te
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when it comes to tenses its all about how the sentence is said, is you use the word "have" it means we are refering to the present perfect form, which can alsoaffirmative, negative or in a question fo
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i have learnt that managing your class depends on a wide range of factors, how big your class is, the age or nationality of your students, their personalities. these are the things a teacher needs to
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the present tense and the past tense do not differ in so many ways. continious tenses have the words "have,had" these depend on whether is past,present or future. another indication would be if a word
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i have learnt that if a student can understand the meaning of speaking a new a language then he or she can connect with new people and they can be exposed to new opportunities, the construction of the
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it is not easy to determine the future and the tenses can differ based on the different words used, wording can determine a future past tense or a future continuos tense.cit also be a future simple or
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it is crucial to create a pathway for the class or the lesson that as a teacher you must deliver, lesson planning guides thw flow of the lesson and determines how efficient it will be. with time a val
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it is very important how a teacher begins a lesson.The most important of all is to get the students interested so that the can focus on the lesson. Being able to get them interested in the lesson is a
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Two productive skills are reading and listening.Using authentic reading and listening with beginner will not help build their confidence with receptive skills.People read and listen for different reas
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I learnt about the way of teaching to special groups.I got a good understanding about different type of beginners.In addition to that I learnt about the way of teaching to the individual students.Like
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I was able to understand common problem situations which I have to face as a teacher.Rapport building activities are very helpful me to build good relationship with the students.In addition to that wa
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This Unit like the previous one gives a detailed study of how to use the productive skills in the students.Here,more than speaking, writing skill seemed to be difficult for the students.As in a ESL cl
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Hazel Green
This last unit was very brief and provided useful information on what to do when issues arise in learning and teaching scenarios. I wish this unit was longer and provided more detail on how to work wi
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Being the last Unit and perhaps the smallest one, this Unit is basically based on what we have learnt throughout the previous Units.How the problems are there and the various ways to solve them are il
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This unit is centered around the different roles teachers may take, differences between adult and student learners, the language levels and what makes a good learner. The material in this unit gravita
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I have learned that language consists of three important components: grammar, vocabulary, and functions. Though which grammar patterns should be used when teaching language depending on the level of t
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In this unit, I learned that there are 7 main tenses that they have future meaning and also future applications. It was very useful for me to learn that simple present and simple present continuous te
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Lesson planning is one of the most important parts of teaching as it gives teachers opportunities to follow the sequences of lessons, keep the record of what they have taught, to be covered the lesson
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Henry County
Unit one gave an overview of what it takes to be a successful teacher, student, and what roles teachers can play in the classroom. It then touched on categories that could benefit or deter the student
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Teachers' attitude from the very beginning of the lessons, the way that they enter the class, treat students, give instructions, the usage of activities to reinforce to students understanding and chec
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Highland Home
This introductory unit provides a good overview of the course for business English. An interesting part of this unit is the acronyms relating to English language teaching. By knowing the contents to b
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Highland Lake
A very useful unit to understand the various theories of language teaching, and the application of the ESA methodology to prepare lesson plans. There are also tips on teaching a mixed-level class. Dis
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Highland Lakes
This was the first lesson that presented parts of speech. It touched on nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjective's, pronouns, gerunds, and more. With that being said, it also gave more detailed information ab
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This unit was to alert you to the different motivation and learning styles of different populations. It introduced different methods of teaching so you can see how different students in age, culture a
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To understand the different roles of a teacher in a classroom setting so as to show flexibility in teaching different kinds of learners as well as learning various strategies for the effective deliver
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One of the key skills ESL teachers need to have is the use of the different future tense structures for them to be successful in this area of teaching wherein grammar plays an important role in commun
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Hobson City
This introductory unit consists of a brief summary of the contents of the course. It encompasses the aims of the course, an overview of the contents, job-related prospects, and general terminology rel
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If ESL teachers effectively execute their lessons by using the ESA method of teaching, the success rate of learning is higher. The different strategies of ESA involves the traditional approach to teac
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Hokes Bluff
Unit 2 focuses on the roles of an educator and a learner. It encompasses some essential information related to teaching methodologies in the context of adult learners. The various roles of a teacher c
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Various techniques in ESL teaching are accessible to teachers to apply in their respective classes, focusing on certain targets and follow a certain pattern, to ensure smooth and effective delivery of
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Hollis Crossroads
Unit 3 focuses on the developmental process of course design at every stage of interaction with students, from the initial meeting to the final evaluation. At the outset, you should begin with an eval
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Holly Pond
Unit 4 encompasses the various factors that are relevant when choosing or designing course material. Material is anything physical or electronic that we bring into the classroom to aid our teaching.
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In unit 16 th, I have learned that there are four kinds of condition sentence patterns:zero, first, second, third and mixed conditions. In zero conditional, it refers to actions and facts that irrefut
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This unit 's purpose it's to show the difference between the correct  and incorrect  teaching methods  of a lesson . As well it demonstrates what is the correct way to plan a lesson.  What technic
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To be well versed with the productive skills is one of the key factors to successfully achieve the objectives of the lesson, pertaining to the written and spoken language. As an ESL teacher, I have re
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Holy Trinity
Unit 5 covers a number of teaching themes applicable to a wide range of contexts and situations. This unit covers the usage of case studies, frameworking, problem-based learning, classroom games, comp
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I believe that there is more to teaching students what they need to know in order to be successful in the course of study they are taking, then just mere studying. A number of misunderstandings could
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Hoods Crossroads
Unit three presented a lot of material in regards to theories, methods, and techniques. It discussed different teaching methodologies such as task-based learning, and the silent way. It gave pros and
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It is essential that ESL teachers should know the different materials available, and to choose with utmost care the most suitable materials for a particular group of learners. There are materials that
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Hope Hull
Unit four taught us about different tenses in the English language. Present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. I liked how each tense had its proper usages, t
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