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Redwood Falls
The four main forms: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous each share similar usages to the same form in the present. These similarities will need to be noted in the
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This unit is about the productive skills of speaking and writing, which are both communicative skills. I learned more about accuracy and fluency of communication- how they are equally important but e
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This unit was quite interesting. While some concepts appeared to be nearly common sense , it was also helpful to learn new things such as ways to build rapport in the classroom, being consistent with
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Unit 2 Reflection. In this Unit, we started off with basic foundation of sentence structure and built upon it. That is key to teaching English, because you need an easy noun/verb structure in order t
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In this unit, we discuss the different parts of a lesson and different methodologies that can be used to achieve success in the students. This unit was helpful to me, because it opened doors to new te
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In this unit we covered the very basic concept of a English language learning classroom. Both what makes a good teacher and good student was covered thoroughly, and in depth. I believe this is a good
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This unit has taught me the successful behaviors and attitudes of both a good teacher and a good student. Success in the ESL classroom requires a teacher to have an understanding of a class’s and in
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This section was a little bit easier to me in my opinion. Watching both of the videos I did notice that the teacher in the first lesson was not very respectful towards the students, because they had a
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This was difficult for me because I could download the videos. I had to call a family member back home to watch it on his computer through face-time. In on of the questions, there was a grammar error.
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Understanding the scope and depth of tenses is one of the most challenging thing to teach English Language Learners. This chapter, at least has helped me organize between affirmative, negative, and qu
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It is very clear in this unit which explains the present tenses in different certain ways of usage. It explains in detail of each circumstance which the tense is being used. I like when it is clear to
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This unit explained why a lesson plan is a useful tool for teachers, particularly novice teachers who do not yet know how to effectively make use of teaching time while also being flexible and respons
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Rock Creek
This unit provides information on authentic and created materials. It also provides many examples of created materials as well it describes the advantages and disadvantages of course books and the bes
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In unit 13 we went over teaching pronunciation and phonology in English. Phonology is the sounds in which sentences and words are made up. Individual sounds and words with certain stresses can convey
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A classroom is a shared space between teacher and students; as the teacher, I prepare myself and the classroom to maximize learning efficiency and fun. It is important to understand that the relations
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This unit covered present tenses. They include preset simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Present tense is used to comment on a habit or routine, permanent si
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Future tenses is the most complicated and confusing verb tenses. There are seven verb forms which express future time.The present simple is used for future events based on time table or program of ev
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This unit is devoted to the topic Coursebooks and teaching materials. A teacher can use authentic materials or created materials in the classroom or combine both. Authentic materials may be really int
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This unit about productive skills is truly important in the TEFL course. I have learnt in a systematic way how to present a speaking lesson. The creative speaking activity and the creative writing act
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Understanding the different parts of a sentence will help in the learning of the language. As native speakers we can learn these rules as a part of the natural process of first language learning but
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Rose Creek
Reading and listening are receptive skills. There are two main reasons students use receptive skills: for a purpose or for entertainment. When listening or reading, people use a variety of receptive s
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This is a nice and effective unit giving a comprehensive overview about equipment and teaching tools. I teach mainly in companies and a lot of one to one lessons so my equipment consists of a portable
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Classroom presentation and management do's and do not's. This chapter describes with the use of two video's how a classroom that is well planned out and managed can run smoothly and effectively as opp
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This chapter talks about how to make a lesson plan. Lesson plan is really important in which help the teacher to be clear what they are going to do in the class. I think a good lesson plan should also
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Reading and listening are both very important receptive skills. There is no competition between the 2 because they are both equally important. Reading and listening's main goal is to allow learners ac
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Round Lake
Unit 15 is about evaluation and testing. The evaluation part is talking about the kinds of evaluation and how to handle it. The testing such as Placement tests, Progress tests, Diagnostic tests, Pract
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Unit 20 covered troubleshooting in the classroom. A first time teacher may receive either an establish group or an existing group. In a new group, the students may not know one another and some wo
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Rush City
In the first video, i noticed the students were confused, lost and intimated in the lesson because the teacher's attitude was not welcoming, his manner and teaching style was not suitable for the stud
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in this unit i learned about future tenses like : the future simple , the future perfect continuos, the future perfect , the future continuos, be going + infinitive . i learned aslo that present simp
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Rushford Village
Unit 14 Reflection: In this unit we looked at the sources of materials and all the pros and cons of using course books. Many students find that materials created by the teacher are more interesting a
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In this unit, I learned so much good information about teaching individuals, which I’ll be doing a lot of after I’m finished with this course. When teaching a group I read that it’s important to
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I felt a bit overwhelmed going through this unit. The chapter on 'parts of speech' seems rather simple at first, but there were many details within each group/section, as well as many exceptions that
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Phonology is one of the hardest knowledge for a teacher to master. There are a lot of variables that need to understand and most of them require a lot of times to learn. Even after all the understandi
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This unit outlines the rules and usages for the various future tenses. it also provides typical student mistakes and methods of teaching for each. I feel this unit has cemented my knowledge of the pa
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The first unit introduced roles of teachers and students by outlining ways we teach, learn and evaluate. I appreciated the part that discussed the different ways that children and adults learn and fee
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Sacred Heart
These two video lessons demonstrated what a "good" class can look like and what a "bad" class might look like. One thing I found interesting about this lesson was that the same teacher taught the same
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Teaching special groups of people can be divided into different sections. Tutoring one to one is most common for me and Business English has also been my experience. In this unit, it teaches us some c
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This unit was really challenging because it when it to a lot of grammar that I think many native English speakers pick up over time by just listening to the language. So I learned a lot in this unit a
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The advantages and disadvantages to authentic and created materials. The purpose of both authentic and created materials and when and how they should be utilised. How and when to omit, substitute, ada
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The definitions and usages listed for each verb tense are difficult to memorize. At first glance, it is easy to see how present simple/ present continuous could be mistaken for future tenses, so one m
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Sauk Centre
This unit went over how in class activities and teacher's attitudes and teaching styles can affect students. I had somewhat of a hard time completing this lesson as my videos were a bit off. I did my
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Sauk Rapids
It was very important for me to learn qualities of a "good" teacher, I like that it was not only listed but explained and well in understanding. Very usefull was information about differences between
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The unit regarding an introduction to grammar as it applies to parts of speech gave an overview of the various parts of speech. A noun names people, animals places things qualities and states. Speci
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This unit was super informative because it talked about writing detailed lesson plans. Though many schools of thought differ on the effectiveness of lesson plans, the value of planning out what you wi
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In unit 5, it teaches us how to manage classes well. Eye contact is very important since it can help to establish good rapport with the students. While staring at the students is not very productive.
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In this lesson I learned how to build off the ESA mode of teaching to specifically teach new languages. In particular, I learned about various important aspects of language that lessons should be focu
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This unit explores the various ways in which one can manage a class. Some of the ways to manage a class include:eye contact, gesture and voice of a teacher, grouping students and classroom arrangement
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In this unit I have found the numerous online sources very useful, the dictionaries for example the 'World Wide Words: exploring the English language'. The online learning resources including exercis
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There are many theories, methods and techniques involved in teaching English as a foreign language. We can also avoid making a lot of mistakes by following preestablished guidelines such as the ones
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I always find it sometimes challenging to get students in the topic and therefore the lesson plan here really showed me that it could be something so simple as a brainstorm to what students have seen
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