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In this unit, I learned so much about teaching skills. The purpose for reading and listening is to achieve and find it pleasurable and enjoyable in some way. Pre-teaching vocabulary is useful for the
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In this unit 17 i have learnt the importance of using many different aids that can be used to make lessons more effective, interesting and less dependent on the textbook. The most important aid has to
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From this final unit, i learnt that inorder to start a new course with students, teacher should find out the students needs/aspirations with English. Questionnaire/suvey activity, pass the ball game i
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This unit discussed building relationships with students and potential problems for teachers in an ESL classroom. A lot of these problems I have experienced in a classroom as a student, and so I relat
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This unite covers conditionals and reported speech. There are five types of conditionals: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. Direct spee
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Silver Bay
I learned about what qualities make a good teacher like patience, kindness, knowledge, and caring about students, as well as what makes a good learner like asking questions, a willingness to listen to
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Silver Lake
This unit helps to cover some teaching materials from coursebooks to lesson materials. The unit includes samples from which teachers may draw from as inspiration to create their own materials, or to s
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It was interesting finding out more about the various equipment and aids that can be used in the classroom. Although OHP and smart boards are effective tools, when properly used in the classroom, they
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Testing is an important aspect of learning. I think the tests themselves also need to be evaluated for their usefulness as they can dictate not only the confidence of the student, but whether or not t
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Sleepy Eye
This unit discusses language production skills which are speaking and writing (and skills correlated with speaking and writing). I have learned that in writing scenarios, penmanship, layout, and punct
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In this unit, it introduces us the productive skills -- speaking and writing. Accuracy activities are focuse on producing correct language, while fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the s
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I have had a lot of training in how to establish rapport with people, but it has always been in a setting in which they were meant to open up to me. This unit showed me that there is a similarity betw
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South Haven
Unit 3 Reflection In this unit, we studied a variety of teaching methods. It also covered teaching techniques and activities that will be useful and helpful in making lessons not only more interesting
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South St. Paul
An effective, enthusiastic teacher should balance their role as mediator, presenter, tutor, participant, and model, while staying sensitive to students needs. Keeping mindful of each student's learnin
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This section talked about the ESA model, Engage - Study - Activate. The biggest thing I learned from this section is that there are various methods of teaching students (from rote translation to group
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Spring Grove
In this unit,I have known that the grammar which is conditionals and reported speech is very useful in our daily life so students have to learn them very well. Teachers need to make a clear structure
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Spring Hill
In this unit, I have learned that there are many categories of nouns, such as abstract and collective nouns. Prior to this, I was familiar with proper nouns, pronouns, plural nouns, and all of the ot
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Spring Lake Park
In this unit, I learned little techniques to make the lesson go smoothly. Some examples, greet your class and make sure you know your students names before starting the lesson, engage the students in
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Spring Park
As an EFL teacher you may be faced with a wide range of student types each with their own set of needs. It is important to identify those needs in order to tailor your lessons to the group. This can
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Spring Valley
This unit was on modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. I think modals are a commonly taught topic inEFL classes, because they are often used to make polite requests for example on the phone. M
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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting is the activity or process of solving major problems or difficulties that occur for the student. COMMON PROBLEMS AND SOME SOLUTIONS 1. First lesson The teacher needs t
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Squaw Lake
The sequence of adjectives is ordered from size to age to colour to material to noun. It is important to remember this structure when instructing students the different types of adjectives. The order
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St. Anthony
A very basic and quick unit, giving us the run down of the different evaulations and testing methods. As well as explaining what some of these international examinations are all about. Brief desciptio
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St. Anthony Village
Unit 10 Reflection: In unit 10- we needed to compare two different teaching styles. The first video showed us what not to do. The teacher came late to class, was ill-prepared, did not smile, skipped t
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St. Augusta
This unit describes how students might be evaluated and tested at the school with examples given for placement tests. It also details external tests. I feel I have learnt the different methods of eva
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St. Bonifacius
Upon reflection of this unit I've learned that intuition is a huge requirement for teaching EAL. I must become skilled enough at reading what kind of approach a student needs and when it is needed. Fo
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St. Charles
One piece from the reading that I found valuable was the review of the roles of the teacher. Based on the reading, I have learned that the teacher should and must take on many of these roles in one le
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St. Clair
This unit has taught and gave me an idea on how to write a lesson plan. As an inexperienced teacher, this is one of the things I worry about the most. The unit was able to provide a simple and precise
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St. Cloud
This is very a practical and immensely effective unit. It deals with the differences of all groups of English training in appropriate details. The tips for exercises are beneficial. As I teach mainly
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St. Francis
As a native speaker it was indeed difficult to understand the phonetic script at first since its not something we grew up on by default. Learning about the itonations defintely gave me more food for t
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St. Hilaire
I learned the make up of good teachers and what those characteristics are. Kind & Patient, love teaching, lively & entertaining as well as involving and treating all students fairly and equally I feel
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St. James
Unit 12 discusses productive skills which include speaking and writing. When dealing with productive skills accuracy activities concentrate ob producing correct language. Fluency activities concentr
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St. Joseph
This unit is about how we teach receptive skills which are reading and listening, what reasons are for learning it, what problems can occure etc. It isvery important to find write content of text and
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St. Leo
The relationship between student and teacher is very important to the progression and motivation of the student. By building a good rapport with your students you can encourage and motivate them furth
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St. Louis Park
This unit effectively outlines the various roles of a teacher, from prompter to manager to faciliator. It goes on to discuss the different student levels and aspects of motivation. I particularly en
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St. Martin
Throughout my study to this course, I find that unit 13 is the most interesting unit for me till now. The great information in this unit reminded me of the phonetics courses I had studied at universit
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St. Marys Point
This unit discusses conditionals and reported speech. It covers different ways and conditional phrases. I have no opinions that I wish to share about this unit and thus do not have to offer reasons. W
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St. Michael
This unit describes the grammatical structure and correct use of the present tenses. It also advises on potential student mistakes and the teaching methods used to instruct and correct them. While I w
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St. Paul
Teaching English is not only about teaching the grammar and the vocabulary. It is also about teaching students how to receive information. Receptive skills may include skimming, scanning, predictive
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St. Paul Park
This unit helps us better comprehend Teacher and Learner's relationship factors. It explains the nuances in the roles of Teacher and its usage, importance at different points of Teaching process. It a
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St. Peter
This unit covered the topic of teaching productive skills: speaking and writing. The unit distinguished between accuracy and fluency, the former being the correctness of the language produced and the
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St. Rosa
Overall, I was able to learn many insights into the characteristics that make a good teacher and a good student. This included the levels and different traits between learners. In addition, the roles
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St. Stephen
This unit is devoted to the topic Lesson Planning. It presents the information about the importance of writing plans, the functions of lesson planning, the information that should be included in the l
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St. Vincent
This unit largely discussed the building of a student-teacher relationship. In this unit, the importance of rapport, discipline, and student-student relationships were also discussed. This unit opened
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There is no one correct way to teach English. The different methodologies like Grammar-Translation and Task-Based may be fundamentally different, but each have their pros and cons. The use of differen
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In this unit, I learned grammar and the different parts of speech. Including what and why we use these parts of speech in a sentence. In the basic forms of a sentence, it must consist of at least a su
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This unit is all about classroom management. It covered topics including teacher mannerisms (eye contact, gestures), different classroom arrangements like rows, horseshoe or tables, how to go about g
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In this unit Future tenses , i have learnt about the future tense is all about the sentences which are being discussed based on future actions . The future tenses are important by using this future te
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In this unit I have learnt about how and when introduce new vocabulary, grammatical structures, and how we can work it out in the class. Also I studied the part about teaching the language functions b
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This unit tells us about variety of tests, how and when we as teachers should evaluate our students. This is really helpful for all the stages of learning English: to know the level of language, to se
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