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The content of the unit was about classroom management which is one of the most important skills in organizing and managing a class. The classroom needs to have a friendly, encouraging, and relaxed co
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The content of this unit consists of the different forms of exams and testings students may take during the learning career. Placement exams are used to evaluate what language level they are in prior
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This unit is about methods and techniques of English language teaching. There are a lot of teaching methods and techniques which are efficient if they are taught correctly. For example I use grammar t
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Lester Prairie
In this lesson I learned how to deal with my first lesson in a new class. This will be helpful and I really like the idea of the ball toss game to achieve rapport. Dealing with a large class is anot
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In this unit I learned that students will participate if the teacher`s attidude is effective. I learned also that students should be given a clear explanation of the lesson point so they find it easy
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Evaluation of students is such an essential way of knowing what is going on in a learner's head. I think knowing the difference between formal and informal testing as well as the different types of te
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The important thing to remember about Present tenses is that it depicts the actions happening today or at the moment. There are clues to easily construct a present form of sentences such as adding "in
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In this unit, I have learned that tenses in the English language are all quite similar. They have the same structure. This helped me when learning between each of them. I was able to take what I had l
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In this unit, it introduces us the evaluation and testing. There are several ways to assess a student's language level: tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests. Placement tests are designed t
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Lino Lakes
This unit talked about the four different types of skills that are taught in the classroom, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. It went over the different ways all four of these skill can be in
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This unit lists and describes the uses of various equipment that is commonly used in the classroom to aid teachers and students. It also gives an exhaustive list of online resources available. This u
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In unit 2, I learnt about parts of speech. 1. Nouns are used to name people, places, animals and other things. There are 5 main types of nouns which are common (computer, rabbit) , proper (The Great W
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Little Canada
Unit 17 is about equipment and teaching aids. There are many types of equipment such as white/blackboard, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette r
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Little Falls
As a native speaker this unit was very tough to grasp in terms of the rules. Ive realised how much of the rules we take for granted , since its something that comes naturally to us. The unit stipulat
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In Unit 5, I learned a tremendous amount regarding classroom management. Its impossible to teach in a productive classroom if the teacher does not know how to manage the classroom and students. Unders
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Long Beach
Unit 14 covers course books and lesson materials. Course books provide a framework for English language teaching. Students usually expect course books and it provides a syllabus which can be graded t
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Long Lake
This unit gave an overview of the three main pathways teacher have to introduce new language: vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. When selecting vocabulary for instruction, teachers should co
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Long Prairie
Classroom Management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and sustain discipline. It is very important to maintain eye contact, gesture and voice balanc
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Unt 6 focused on the past tense systems and structures. Past Simple tense is used to talk about something that started and finished at a definite time in the past. This tense is recognized in text w
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After i studied this course,i realised that there are four basic skills in any language.Reading and listening which is called receptive skills.Speaking and writing which is called productive skills.We
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This unit is all about the present verb tense and the four different forms that it can take: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. As a native speaker,
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The content of this unit consists of the different equipment and teaching aids one can use when teaching English. It is important to learn and understand the balance of the various types of aids depen
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Vocabulary, grammar, and functions are the main ideologies in this unit. Selecting vocabulary What do students need to know about a vocabulary item? Techniques for vocabulary teaching Typical ESA voc
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This unit is devoted to the topic Past tenses. there are four of them: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. All of them have their forms and usages. Past Simple Tens
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The content of this unit focuses on the future tenses of verbs and sentences. The four main forms of the future tense are simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. There are also forms of t
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Evaluation and testing are important components of an EFL class because they allow teachers to measure students progress and knowledge. They are useful for students as well as they can see their progr
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Unit two has been challenging! Parts of speech are confusing because there are soo many exceptions such as the irregular verbs like: buy, bought, bought and buying. It is funny to me all the things
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Creating a balanced classroom is much like a dance. A teacher must be aware of the surroundings and be able to keep control of the learning environment. This safe space should encourage all learners,
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This unit describes the five conditionals and gives ideas for teaching them. It also describes direct and reported speech and shows how structure, tense and pronouns change between them. Finally this
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Unit 1 has given me a brief insight to teaching particularly and not just being a language teacher,the information and knowledge that i've gathered so far from this unit is really an eye opener to a w
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Madison Lake
The content of this unit helped in understanding the qualities and characteristics of a Teacher and as well as a student. More over it has a clear picture of what makes a good teacher and what are the
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1. The simple past is a verb tense that is used to talk about things that happened or existed before now. 2. For regular verbs, add -ed to the root form of the verb (or just -d if the root form alrea
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In the first lesson, the teacher was negative and pessimistic starting from the beginning of class. In the second lesson, he started off class with an ice breaker to establish rapport between himself
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This lesson focused on receptive skills, listening and reading, as opposed to productive skills (speaking and writing). The lesson did a good job of explaining the importance of teaching and listening
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This unit worked on modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I had experience with passive voice and I was aware of modals before this unit, but I found the three types of phrasal verbs difficult. Mod
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Manhattan Beach
This chapter shows two videos of two different classes. The students and the teacher are the same in both videos, but how the teacher taught are totally different. Teacher's explanation and attitude i
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Classroom management is as important as the actual teaching of a lesson. Effective teaching will not happen if the students are noisy, distracted and do not feel comfortable is class. So before the st
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Unit 11 Reflection: There are four basic skills in any language: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Reading and listening skills fall into the Receptive Skills category, while speaking and wr
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Maple Grove
Unit 20 talks about trouble shooting. There are common problem situations that teachers encounter in the classroom. They include : first lesson, warmers, different levels, large classes, use of native
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Maple Lake
Unit 17 covered the usage of equipment and teaching aids to make teaching more effective. All classrooms should have a whiteboard or flip-chart for lessons. The work should be planned and organized.
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Maple Plain
This unit was one of the most helpful ones thus far in the course because it provided concrete examples (via video) of how a teacher's attitude, pacing, and techniques when delivering a lesson can so
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In Unit 5 we are taught the importance of classroom management. Not only in the terms of what we are teaching but how we should position activities, students and ourselves in the classroom. We are tau
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In this unit, I have learned about how to deal with common problems in the classroom. Hence, this unit is concerned with how to teach a new group and which activities can be used to establish rapport.
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In this unit, I have known about how to teach vocabulary, grammar and languafe function. For teaching vocabulary, teachers can use mime, realia,pictures and so on to arouse students'interest. When tea
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In this unit, I have learned multiple ways to engage a class. For example, I could begin by taking a survey. If we are reviewing the past tense or hobbies, I can ask them what they did last weekend
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In this unit, we reviewed the many ways to teach a new language. We covered the many paths that the ESA method can be used and how each path benefits different learners. We rediscovered the main goals
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It felt good to go back to "grammar school" times to brush off the knowledge accumulated through the years but is still trick some particular aspect of the basics of English grammar. I would say this
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I found this topic to be more difficult than the previous tenses, but having the background knowledge and having gone over the previous topic has helped. It made it easier to go through this topic and
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I enjoyed learning about the ESA lesson structure in this unit. It is a simple yet effective system in which to deliver lessons to students of all levels and ages. By learning this method, it will hel
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This unit is devoted to the topic of Teaching receptive skills. The receptive skills are Reading and Listening. Both receptive and productive skills are important as well as teaching reading comprehen
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