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This unit tells us about importance of using not just reading and listening skills but also writing and speaking. After studying the unit I understood that activities for speaking and writing are diff
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In this unit i learnt that we have the present, the past and the future tenses. Each of these tenses has four features namely are simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous and are comparises
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This unit gave two visual examples of the same lesson, one being quite ineffective and the second being very effective. I feel I have learnt from this unit how the attitude of a teacher can affect the
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Unit 19 Reflection: This unit focused on teaching various special groups. It gave more background to what kinds of beginners you could have in the classroom and helpful teaching techniques. The secti
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Detroit Lakes
In this unit, I have learned that it is the teacher's responsibility to be kind to the students and not critique all of what they say in order to establish and maintain the rapport between the learner
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This unit discussed the many elements of managing a classroom, and their importance. It focused on mannerisms of the teacher, effective strategies for grouping students, benefits of different classro
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This unit was helpful in helping me understand and think about how I want to use a course book in my own teaching style. The type of book that I would want to use, as well the extent to which I want t
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Dodge Center
In this unit we are taken through part of the methodology to teach English correctly. We are shown different techniques, methods and theories on TEFL. We are also taught the different components of an
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Future tenses are based on the things that will happen in the future. So most people use future tense to plan something or predict. When it comes to prediction, future tenses can be used whether you h
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This unit was different and quite interesting. It provided a view of the English language from a different perspective- terms and concepts a native speaker rarely thinks about or questions . It is tru
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This unit has deepened my understanding of some of the more complex grammar that children need to learn. I have found that I needed a lot more revising and revisiting of this unit. In light of this I
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This last grammar unit was really interesting because it outlined some difficult grammar structures that I had never thought about before, but had grown up using. The phrasal verbs in particular were
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I feel like I learned reported speech so differently from this lesson that I had to focus on the equations for changing direct to reported so carefully. It is natural to change the tense of speech whe
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This unit ensures that I understand how to use eye contact, gestures, my voice, and grouping/ arranging students and the class to my advantage. I learned several new ways to handle disciplinary issues
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This unit gave general breakdown of parts of speech. Several parts of speech were included: nouns, pronouns, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions. Individual topi
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This unit has helped me reflect on each part of a sentence as well as the most important details about english grammar. It is often as native english speakers we forget why we use words in certain pla
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It was beneficial to get ideas of various materials that can be used in the classroom. I like being creative with materials , so the use of non-authentic materials appeals to me . I will try to remem
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This unit gives in a very concise and understandable way a characterization of both,teachers and students;allowing the reader to learn or widen its knowledge regarding the different kinds of teachers
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This module has given me more of an insight into the structure of sentences and how the different parts can impact the reader. For example-The young girl cried uncontrollably as she left her mom reluc
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Eagle Bend
In teaching language, it is important to have the appropriate and the most effective techniques and methodS. But teaching is not "one size fits all", it means that there is no technique or method that
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Eagle Lake
The content in this unit explains the different ways one can be effective with classroom management. I have learned that it is important to present yourself in a clear manner in order to establish cla
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East Bethel
Grammar is not only an important part of teach English as a foreign language, but its an important part of studying the English Language as a whole. Lesson two was very beneficial as it provided a gre
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East Grand Forks
In Unit 3, I learned about ESA lessons, and different types of methodology. What struck me as being one of the most important in methodology is suggestopaedia. Suggestopaedia focuses on learning when
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East Gull Lake
In this unit, 2 different videos are shown to us. In the first video, the teacher has a bad attitude toward the class. He doesn't smile to the class and when the students give wrong answers, he appear
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East Pointe
In this unit we were introduced to several categories of information: some characteristics of good teachers and of good students, the nine roles of the teacher in the classroom, the four different age
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Firstly it was interesting to learn the qualities of a good teacher and what positive impacts this can have on students, also the differences you would expect to find between adults and younger learne
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I learned the importance of a teachers demeanor toward the class and the necessary attitude that must be shown. I learned that when the class is engaged in an activ, they show more attentiveness towar
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Eden Prairie
This unit is on how to present a new language to a group of students. When teaching them vocabulary, they must know how it pronounced, used, spelled, and what it means. A teacher must make sure that
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Eden Valley
In Unit 7, I learned about teaching vocabulary, grammar, and functions. When teaching new vocabulary, I learned that I need to make sure to select new words that are appropriate, used often, and are e
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In unit 3 we learned about teaching theories, methods and techniques. Most importantly in this unit we are taught many different methods we need to employ in our lessons. Also the different ways stud
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Lesson plans serve several roles for teachers. First and foremost, they are an aid to planning. It may seem daunting for new teachers to go into a classroom without a lesson plan to keep them organize
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In unit 5, it introduces us how to teach a new language (vocabulary, grammar and functions). Teaching vocabulary is very important for the students at the early stages. When selecting the words to tea
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In this lesson I have learned that, it is very important to know the basics of English grammar in order to understand its usage and how a sentence is form. For example, if you lack the basic knowledge
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The past is used to describe things that have already happened (e.g., earlier in the day, yesterday, last week, three years ago). The present tense is used to describe things that are happening righ
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Elbow Lake
This unit helped me understand all of the different methods and resources that I could have at my disposal in a classroom. It also went into detail about how to most effectively use these tools and in
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In this unit I have learned first how to teach vocabulary, i.e. selecting vocabulary and techniques for teaching vocabulary. In this context, I have also learned about how a typical ESA vocabulary les
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This module has made me reflect on my behaviour management. This is an area I feel I need to give some thought as this is very new to me. In a circuit exercise class I'm currently running I have appli
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Elk River
The teacher and the learner should always establish a good and friendly relationship from the start of the school up until to the end of the school year. Teachers should not just be simply a source of
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Watching both videos back to back was quite the contrast. The first video was awkward and uncomfortable. I felt the instructor was unprofessional with his side comments about being wrong, or having wi
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For a teacher or native speaker speaking wouldn't be too difficult. But to teach will be a really difficult point, since it seems very nature to speak what you want to say, for students who never spea
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In this unit, I found it to be quite interesting on how we use different skills to motivate and keep the students interested in learning a new language. I was really interested in different learning e
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From this unit i have learnt Evaluatig students means ways to assess a student's language through tests, tutorials and evaluation by the student. If a non-speaker of English student want to study in U
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The content of this unit discusses the ways in which one teaches a new language. The unit also discusses the importance of teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, and teaching languag
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This unit covered how to teach the different kinds of groups you may find yourself teaching. The different section discussed teaching beginners, children, people learning English for business, individ
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In this unit I learned about various past grammatical forms, from the simple past and past continuous to the past perfect and continuous past perfect. One thing I learned in this lesson was that every
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I really like having this unit explaining how to use different types of teaching aids, though they were primarily the presentation of materials in nature. I had to use a SMARTBoard in my student teach
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This unit explains the four variations of the past tense. I learned how to more simply explain the differences between the past perfect continuous and past perfect so that I do not confuse non English
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The future tenses are a very complex concept to teach, especially for students whose first language may not have the future tense. Even though I am a native speaker of English, the nuances of future t
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This unit supports my thoughts on the qualities and roles of a good teacher. A teacher must love teaching and must be highly concerned about what he/she provides for the learners. It is necessary that
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For many teachers course books are very personal choices. Ideally each school should have their own course books and studying materials, unfortunately many do not. Teachers have to often create their
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