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Unit 11 introduces how to teach receptive skills. Receptive skills are listening and reading. It is important to make sure to pick texts that are interesting to the students so maybe it would be a goo
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This unite is about lesson planning. It provides information on fundamentals of a good lesson planning and how that will affect the class flow. A good lesson plan is concise, organized and flexible, a
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From this unit i have come to know different kinds of books and materials a teacher should use in the lesson. (1) Authentic materials are not designed by the teacher such as magazines, songs, newspape
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This lesson discussed two core concepts of grammar: conditionals and reported speech. In the conditionals section, the lesson discussed various ways that English speakers express conditionality (if/wh
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Unit 1 is on teachers and learners. First it describes the different roles of a teacher in the classroom. The second part is on the different learners, their motivation and also on their prospective l
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Unit 10 covered two lessons. One teacher taught the lesson improperly while the other was taught using effective skills. In the first lesson, the instructor didn't use his students names and pointed
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills: listening and reading. There are many reasons and motives for reading and listening, many times it's for pure entertainment or pleasure and many times bec
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I learned the proper steps it takes to teach how to give a presentation. Also, for business English you don't need to know specifics of student's industries. As long as you give them a proper needs an
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Cold Spring
This was another confusing unit. This shows me that I need to devote some extra time to grammar. There are rules and guidelines set forth to help guide our language composition. As long as one has
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This unit for this section was generally easy, I have bit of an understanding when it comes to lesson plans. I do think that lessons plan are very important, I do have a history of working with child
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Understanding the functions of grammar and vocabulary are important parts of studying a new language. I also found it valuable to learn about ESA methods, and the differences of Straight arrow, Patchw
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Columbia Heights
Looking back through the lessons in this course I see there are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration when teaching students English as a foreign language. A good teacher should be
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This unit describes the differences between accuracy and fluency and how to teach them effectively. It also outlines the potential problems and ways to correct speaking and writing skills as well as g
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This unit went over conditionals and reported speech. There are five main conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed. The zero conditional is for things that are always true, such as "when yo
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This Unit discusses some various equipment and teaching aids for ESL teachers. The unit professes to be wary of computers in some ways but still manages to spend a decent portion of its page count on
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In this unit, I have known that teaching pronunciation is so important that teachers have to make more effort on it. Pronunciation includs intonation which can exress the speakers feelings. The way to
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology. What phonology is and the three categories that teaching of phonology comprises of; stress, rhythm and intonation. How stress, rhythm and intonation are identifie
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Coon Rapids
This unit is on teaching new language. It gives an overview on how to teach vocabulary and grammar. It uses the ESA Teaching method to give detailed examples of lesson plans. When selecting vocabular
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In this unit, it introduces us about the coursebooks and lesson materials.There are 2 groups fo these materials: anthentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials refer to anything a nati
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This unit is a good example of what a class should look and not look like. The first video the teacher is rude, does not introduce himself or ask the student's names. He does not explain the content a
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Learning that the personality traits of a good teacher are just as important as the traits revolving around the student-teacher relationship was something I found useful, as during my student teaching
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Cottage Grove
In this unit, it talks about teaching special groups,like younger leaners,children,business groups,and teaching individual students,and so on. As we know, different age of students have their differen
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This unit has taught me the points of 'teaching a new language' ;teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions and introducing a new language and teaching methods in a balanced way. It explained what stu
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Unit 18 is about modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The phrasal verbs are challenging for non-native English speakers. There are tons of them and it takes time to familiar with them. I also have
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This unit showed two example classes teaching the same material. The videos contrasted the teachers attitude and methods. In the first video, the teacher was condescending towards students and did not
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I have learnt that teachers need to have certain qualities and take on different roles in the lesson in order to teach effectively. They need to be adaptable as different activities will require diffe
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In this unit i have learnt that there are four basic skills which are; Receptive skills(reading and listening) and Productive skills(speaking and writing). In Receptive skills it deals with reading an
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It is so common just to say the "past tense" without specifying which past tense it is. Every form has different forms in correspondence with different usages. Some of the forms that an English verb
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This was a tough unit for me because this was all new information. I have never study this topic so the vocabulary and information was difficult. Although it is difficult, I do see the value of teachi
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This chapter was a little bit more easier to me than the present tense unit before, because I am able t full understand the past tense a little bit more than I am to understand the present tense. I ho
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This unit gave two examples of an English class, a good one and a bad one, or put another way, an effective and an ineffective class. The first video was of the ineffective class, which I found to be
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in this unit i learned about the past tenses , their system and structure. i learned about past simple form and its irregular verbs , usages , commom mistakes , and sample activate teaching ideas. i l
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This unit was a good refresher about teaching general reading skills. I reviewed many of the skills such as skimming, scanning, and predicting. These are all good skills to teach students to teach th
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in this unit i learned about eye contact , gesture and the voice . i learned how to use eye contact in the classroom. i learned that good use of gestures can be effective and useful in many ways. i l
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In this unit 19 about teaching special groups, the information about the techniques and methodologies used for teaching beginners at all levels was interesting for me. Although my vast career of teach
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I have always thought that I would teach younger English learners: those who were school-aged. However, this unit opened my mind to possibly teaching adult English learners as well. It would definitel
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This unit practically taught me a lot of inputs on classroom management. Most often, I call out the name of the student before giving the question, but through the guidance of this unit, this kind of
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This lesson helped me understand the basics of how to run a classroom in order to best maximize the benefits to all students, from the strongest to weakest alike. In particular, I enjoyed examining th
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Speaking of tences in general, present tence is the easiest one for me. This unit describes four present tences in very understandable order. It was useful to remember the features of usage. The parts
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This unit is about teaching equipment that wecan use in the class. There are not only an experienced teacher and a good student needed for a full-fledged study of English but also a complete equipment
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I enjoyed the detail in this unit. I also enjoyed the portion of phonic writing because I so often see it being overlooked and even native English speakers don't know how to read it when it comes to a
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De Graff
This unit might seem simple at first. As a native speaker, Ive realised how gruesome the English language can be to learn with all the rules and exceptions. I, take for granted our native ability to s
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In this lesson of “Teachers and Learners” I have learned many different things about education that I did not know before. For example, I have learned that there are 6 levels of languages that I d
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Deer Creek
The content of this unit described the different ways in which to teach different groups. These different groups can be individual, children, multilingual, adult, and business. It is important to unde
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Deer River
I have learnt to clearly explain and teach parts of speech. Explain and help teach a student nouns and types of nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, conjuncti
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This unit addresses the most effective methods for the planning of a lesson along with an example of a lesson plan, an example of a plan to monitor lesson quality and an example of teaching materials
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This unit gave an overview of the four past tenses and their usages. The past forms mirror their present counterparts, and also the future forms. The present and past continuous both use the "-ing" fo
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The type of speaking activities that can be used in the classroom really help to widen the teacher understanding on what to prepare before the class. Since speaking activities sometimes were done with
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In Unit 6, I learned about Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous forms of words. I did not know there were different kinds of Past tenses, just as I didn't know there
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This unit addressed common problem situations that arise for teachers in ESL classrooms. The sections introduced and discussed the different problems, such as mixed ability classes and reluctant learn
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