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In this unit, there are many reviewing part, but I find it difficult to understand some of the parts. For example the study phase can be divided into three different parts, first second and final. How
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This unit which is about the parts of speech as an introduction to the English Grammar was presented thoroughly but I suggest if each part of speech would have been presented in a concept map or tree
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In this unit we are shown the different aspects to take into account when managing a classroom. We are provided with the methodology that should be followed in order to perfect our lessons by managing
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In this lesson I mostly learned about what makes a teacher "good," what makes a learner "good," and finally what defines relationship between good teaching and good learning. Altogether, I learned tha
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ESA and it's important role in how English teaching is taught, studied and than assessed. Engage, Study and Activation has many templates of ESA lesson plans; straight arrow, boomerang and patchwork a
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in this unit i learned the qualities , roles and responsibilities of teachers and students in the classroom. i learned what makes a good teacher, teacher roles in classroom. i also learned which of th
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Teaching productive skills have two parts : speaking and writing. Under speaking and writing, accuracy and fluency are discussed and they carry equal importance. There are three types of speaking a
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The unit comprises of mainly important points on how ESL teachers should conduct a plan of action regarding teaching vocabulary etc. Obviously with experience there might be more thought out or fun wa
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Falcon Heights
Unit 17 is on equipment and teaching aids. It introduces several aids that can be used in the classroom. The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about this topic was the whiteboard. I thin
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What I have taken away from this lesson is that, although teaching methodology is the choice of the teacher and highly dependant on the students and class level itself, one should always allow for amp
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In this unit, one of the things I learned was the four things teachers need to arrange for the study phase: 1. Be exposed to it. 2. Understand it’s meaning. 3. Understand how it’s constructed. 4
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This unit focused on the various aspects of how to manage your classroom. Some of the topics covered include how to properly use eye contact, gestures, and your voice, how to set up the seating of the
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Federal Dam
In this course I have learned about the various types of learners and the various roles played by instructors in leading their classrooms. Though I already have some basis for understanding what would
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Talking is so easy because you don't know why you say things a certain way and what they are called and how and when to use them. Now explaining this to a second language speaker is going to be challe
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Fergus Falls
Grammar is the base of English language and it is necessary to understand its rules to be able to succeed in the learning process. Grammar operates at the sentence level and governs the sentence struc
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In this unit I learnt the different approach and methodology used in ESA lesson. They are Grammar -translation, Audio - Lingualism, Presentation Pratice and Production, Task - Based Learning, Communic
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Fifty Lakes
This unit really breaks down the basics of the English language's sentence structure. It describes the parts of speech in a way that is natural and explains the roles of each. I learned ways to explai
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Grammar skills are useful in every aspect of life from education to leadership and improve Enghish. They are equally important where children learn their grammatical patterns from their teachers. T
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This unit is focused on lesson materials. The type of material a teacher should use in the classroom. Some teachers like to use coursebooks and some don't. There are to types of materials: the authent
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This unit outlines the teaching methods used to instruct students and advises on how and when each method should be used. I feel I have learnt how to actually structure a lesson for the varying levels
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I learned that classes fall into two categories: new groups and existing grouos. I learned that the first lesson should be geared towarda establishing a rapport with each student and class. I learne
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Teaching productive skills; speaking and writing. Why they are important and various activities that can be exercised to teach these skills. Accuracy and Fluency speaking activities and their importan
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This is a beneficial unit, as much of this course was aimed at teaching adults, and I will be teaching children. I liked the portion of teaching business English. I was initially worried about teachin
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I learnt from this unit that future tense talks about an action that have not yet occurred or that will occur at a later time. Also the future tense of 'verbs' expresses events or actions that have no
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Forest Lake
After i studied this course,i learned how important the teaching equipment are and how these equipments make lessons more interesting and effedtive.these equipments can have a profound impact on both
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This unit introduced me to the form, usage, typical student errors, and potential activate stage ideas of the various aspects of the present tense in English: present simple, present continuous, prese
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Fort Ripley
I learned something new about accuracy and fluency. I did know that accuracy was very important when teaching English language learners but I did not know why fluency was important. Now I know that fl
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This unit discussed the future tenses. Similarly to the past and present tenses, there are the future simple, future perfect, future continuous, and future perfect continuous. These forms are created
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Unit 20, the last one, is about troubleshooting. This unit tells how to teach the first lesson, the warmer ideas, how to handle the mixed class, managing the large classes, why the students use their
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The present tense is possibly the most commonly used form of verbs in the English Language. The unit had a focus on the the Present Simple, which talked about actions that happen reguarly. It went on
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This unit explains the importance of planning your lessons loosely. This is because a rigidly structured plan leaves no room for spontaneity and extra learning by the teacher or by the student. It pro
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There are so many different situations that may arise anywhere in life that requires our adaptability to the situation. An EFL classroom is no different. Being flexible, creative, and compassionate is
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in this unit i learned nouns and their usage ,main types , plurals , countable and uncountable nous. i also learned adjectives and their uses. i also learned that adjectives are used in clusters. i le
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This unit was very confusing to say the least. I will need to go back over the material again. I’ve learned that there is a whole lot more involved with present tenses than I ever imagined. I plan
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I learned from Lesson 3 is that there are a number of different methods, techniques, and theories used to teach a lesson in a language. Although every technique or method might not be perfect, it is b
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This unit is about both roles and responsibilites of students and teachers and how to be a great teacher. And I learned from this unit that a good teacher must know his or her subject well and should
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Having been out of study on the parts of speech and structures of sentences in the English language for almost a quarter century, it is quite an eye-opening experience to look at these principles agai
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The basic rules of proper grammar use in the English language. As is discussed in the chapter we see that there are multiple rules for forming sentence structure based upon what we as the speaker are
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The basis of the unit is for us teacher to get familiar with all the aids that could be possibly available to us in the classrom. Mkaing sure we know what tools are effective for the students we are d
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In this unit I have learned about equipment and teaching aids to be used in class. Thus, I have learned about the use of resources like the white/black board, interactive whiteboard (IWB), overhead pr
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I have learnt about conditionals and reported speech in this unit. Our life depends on a huge number of conditions and this is reflected on our speech. A conditional sentence consists of two parts: th
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This unit explains the four present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The present simple is used to describe habits, patterns, instructions,
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This unite covers the present tenses: Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Present simple is the tense used to refer to routine actions, commentaries, di
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Gem Lake
In this unit I have learned how to plan lessons and why this is important in particular for inexperienced teachers. Hence, lesson plans have the function to aid to planning, they are also working docu
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In unit 16 we covered conditionals and reported speech. This was an extremely new topic to me, as I am sure I learned it at some point but it was taught quite differently. Conditionals are sentences c
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The unit was about the two receptive skills - reading and listening. The two receptive skills can be divided into categories based on the reasons and motives: for a purpose and for entertainment. Way
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In unit 4, it introduces four present tenses: Present Simple: used for habitual or routine actions. permanent situations and facts, commentaries, newspaper headlines, directions, present stories, an
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This unit gives detailed information about the differences of present verb tenses. This unit served as a refresher of verb tenses for me since I am a native speaker of English. However, the useful par
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There are many ways for students to work on an activity. They can work individually, with another student, within a group, or all of the students can work together as a class. Each one has its own b
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This unit was about managing a classroom; however, I did not like this unit at all. It gave some helpful ideas on how to do a simple classroom arrangement and the pros and cons of different types of g
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