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Unit 15 is on the conditionals and reported speech. There are five different conditionals: Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed. Zero is a simple fact, for example if you put water in the freezer, it
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This section of receptive skill was a lot easier in my opinion, because I got a fuller understanding of how they work. I fully agree that reading and listening skills are just as important as speaking
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This unit contrasted the different types of students that a ESL teacher may be have in his or her classroom. A lesson plan for a child and one to teach a business man would be set up very differently
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This unit was related to planning lessons for a classroom. In this unit, there were many helpful points made, such as the best way to write a lesson plan for a seasoned or inexperienced teacher, and h
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This unit was about teaching to a few different kinds of groups, and the skills necessary to help your students successfully learn English. This lesson was useful in the beginning, but the entire sect
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In reflecting on Unit 3 I noticed that there were quite a few approaches and techniques that I had never heard of. For example, Patchwork and Boomerang Lessons are a new concept to me and I hope to im
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Unit 6 Reflection: This unit was similar to Unit 4 because the structure and system of past tenses is not too different. It simply relates to the past rather than the present. Usage problems with past
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My brief overview of the content of this unit may focus on the structure of presenting the information; I liked it very much, especially the smooth transition from an idea to another. As a specialist
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Unit 13 covered the topics of pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study, science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sound. In this section, stress, rhythm and inton
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In Unit 9, I learned about lesson planning and how to plan a lesson the most effective way. When lesson planning, I should not make a plan that I absolutely must stick to, but instead make one that is
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Park Rapids
Some of the content in this unit focused on the different roles of the teacher. Those roles include the manager or controller in which the teacher is in effect in charge of the class. This role sh
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Parkers Prairie
This unit discusses about the different tenses and verb structures which are used to refer to future events. The different forms are quiet confusing hence, in depth understanding is needed to be able
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There are a number of ways of evaluating and testing students. Each method of evaluation has its own purpose and therefore should be implemented at the appropriate stage of the students learning. Th
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This unit was very difficult for me as it was the most difficult of the grammatical points that are addressed in this course. I found the transitive types the most difficult to understand, and it woul
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Pelican Rapids
When we are using future tense in the sentences, it doesn't seem to be difficult to communicate with each other. But to explain the words and the grammar itself with different situations seems to be m
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This unit pointed out some of the issues I have always had with lesson planning and created a structure that I like a lot more than the plan that I was given at my college. The only portion I feel is
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In this unit, it allows us to understand the different views of classroom management. Also, it provided many useful ways to manage the classroom. Especially, explain each situation which may possible
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Pequot Lakes
This unit is about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Continuing what i was saying in the last test text box...these boxes are really annoying and seemingly unnecessary. It seems like the teste
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I had learnt from this unit the learning process it is kind of a team (american football if you wish) we have coaches and we have players and they can be successful only if they are on the same page s
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In this lesson I learned that there are more future tense forms than either present or past, and future tense forms can be even more confusing to learn than present or past because there is a disconne
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This unit covers the future sentence and its usage. The future simple is used for future facts and certainties. The future continuous describe something that will be in progress at a certain time in t
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This unit discussed what makes both a good teacher and learner. It explored the different roles that a teacher will utilise in a classroom setting, and the applications for each. The qualities that th
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Unit 15 focuses on evaluation and testing. There are tests which are usually taken in EFL courses and then there are also external tests. External tests can be for example TOEFL or tests by Cambridge
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Pine City
In this unit I have learned about teaching special groups like beginners, individual students, children and Business English groups. In this context I have also learned about tips for teaching beginne
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Pine Island
In this unit I have learned how to teach the two receptive skills reading and listening. Reading and listening can be done for a purpose and for entertainment. What is more, I have learned about the d
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Pine River
The content of this unit consists of how to instruct productive skills. These productive skills consist of speaking and writing. The two ways that people are able to communicate are through speaking a
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Pine Springs
The intonation, the stress, the phonology and the articulation are main parts of teaching speaking language. This unit was really hard for me. For the best results for students as well this topic need
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I feel it was important to learn the learning behaviors of the different age groups and the reasons. I also really liked the portion about the breakdown about where a person is at in their learning.
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I enjoyed this unit and learning about the many different ways to express our intentions, plans, future action etc using the Future Tense. When speaking English, we use many tenses without consciously
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I was looking forward to this unit, as I have never seen a lesson plan before and I was nostrum what the general expectations would be. It was helpful to have an example lesson plan, as well as a blan
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Pleasant Lake
Unit 2 is about the basic grammar such as noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, pronoun, comparative, superlative and etc which I am familiar with. I studied English grammar at school for many y
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This unit is about the basics of teachers and learners: the qualities of good teachers, the different roles teachers play at different times in the classroom, the qualities of good students, the diffe
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This unit talks about the usage of course books and materials to use during any given lesson. It highlights the differences between authentic and created materials, and provides a wide range of examp
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Some English teachers will teach special groups, such as young learners, one-on-one lessons, are English for a specific purpose such as business English. The challenges and dynamics of each type of le
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This unit covers types of teaching techniques and class structure for learning. It covers different ways we have tried to teach each other languages from Ancient Greek translations to more current way
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Nature and nuture play important roles in learning a foreign language. If a student can relax and let go of anxiety created by learning a foreign language the progress can be much better. As a result
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This unit explains the methods and potential problems of teaching various specialised groups, it also gives examples of teaching activities. This unit has taught me more in depth about how to tailor
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Unit 5 Reflection: Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Using good eye contact, projecting your voice,usi
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Prior Lake
Unit 2 has helped define for me a lot of the rules I use in my every day English but don't realise I am using. I have found it very helpful for putting into words why sentences are formed in the way t
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This unit describes the uses and tense structures of modal verbs and passive voice. It also gives examples and uses of relative clauses and finally it explains the three types of phrasal verbs. From
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Some concepts seem to be overlapping slightly, so memorizing which is which seemed a bit tough at times. It was helpful to see examples for activities that can be used for each of the three main stage
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The content of this unit covered information on common problem and solutions when entering a new classroom of students. This unit discusses opening activities a teacher can use when it is the first da
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Unit 3 is on theories, methods and techniques. Unit 3 is giving us an insight into a couple of different teaching methods. It´s giving us an overview of the history of teaching styles and also sugges
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While studying this unit I have been made aware of the various ways of testing required to execute a well structured and delivered English curriculum. I agree that it is crucial to perform multiple te
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Unit 14 discusses course materials and how best to use them in the classroom. One thing to consider is the balance between use of the textbook and on teacher-created materials. It is important to keep
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In this lesson I learned about the numerous teaching aides that allow a diversion from textbooks. I learned that visual aides often illustrate mean ingredient at a quicker and more effective rate than
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This was probably my most difficult unit studied. Maybe partially my lack of knowledge but think the layout or clarity could have been better in the unit in regards to phrasal verbs, relative clauses
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In this unit, I have learnt that speaking and reading are equally important fro students to learn English. For teachers, before teaching speaking and reading, teachers have to make sure the materials
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Red Lake Falls
In this unit I have learned how to teach the productive skills speaking and writing. Concerning speaking, we can distinguish between accuracy and fluency activities which are equally important. Speaki
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Red Wing
Unit 18 Reflection: This unit was on Modals, Phrasal Verbs, Active/Passive voice. Models can be used to express a variety of ideas such as : Obligations, Possibilities, Permission, Prohibition, Abili
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