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Some of the content in this unit focused on the different roles of the teacher. Those roles include the manager or controller in which the teacher is in effect in charge of the class. This role should not be overused to ensure that the student doesn't lose concentration. Teachers should motivate their students with care and encouragement. This is especially important when working with beginning language learners and carefully motivating students can reduce nervousness. Adults may have an easier time learning a language because they can scaffold their learning with their native language. Younger learners may pick up a language more easily due to the plasticity of the brain at that development stage. Teachers should always be aware of cultural differences and societal rules in the country in which they teach. There will also be instances when the teacher take the role of the tutor, working individually with students to provide guidance and support. There should be times when the teacher acts as a facillitator where students become the educators working in homogeneous/heterogeneous groups while the teacher monitors their progress. When a student makes a mistake, a teacher should not point it out but rather repeat what the student said correctly in reply to the student's original question or comment. Teachers should facilitate learning by modeling, observing and assessing the progress of their students. When organizing activities, teachers should make sure that they are engaging and prompt students sparingly when a learner loses their train of thought. The content in this unit also focused on the various experiences the learners may have. A good learner has a willingness to learn and ask questions, desire to experiment, to reflect on their learning, acceptance of correction and a desire to learn. Different factors influence a learner's experience such as age, prior learning experience, motivation, nervousness which can be due to cultural norms, language awareness and life experience. It is always important to manage behavioral problems to create an effective classroom learning experience. Students are classified into various language levels such as beginners, elementary, low/pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. Teachers should be aware of the different motivations students have for learning a new language. They range from reaching future career goals, for travel purposes, improving educational success, to study/live in an English language country, to communicate more effectively with others and sometimes just out of an interest n languages.