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This unit introduces the past tenses. These are: simple past, past perfect, past continuous, past perfect continuous. Simple past is used for a finished action at a specific point of time in the past
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This unit introduced the concept of conditionals and direct and reported speech. For the different conditionals the unit presented information on the form and usage of each one. The section on reporte
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Parts of speech is very important in constructing simple sentences. Many people including teachers take parts of speech for granted. Most people assume that creating sentences are simple but the reali
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I learn a lot in this topic which is teachers and learners which was more intresting.A techer have lots of responsibilities to takecare of the students and monitor them . they are lots of roles of the
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Teaching Speaking and writing to students based on the ESA model and the basic format to help engage your students in these types of activities. Speaking can be seen as the main focus of most ESL scho
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This unit which is about equipment and teaching aids in teaching English as a foreign language was presented in a more than informative and well-illustrated way. I got benefited from the details menti
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In unit 8, it introduces us about lesson planning. For inexperienced teachers, lesson planning is very helpful with the three major functions: an aid to planning, a working document which can help you
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Albert Lea
There are many tools available to evaluate a student's progress, most notably is testing. Whether it be placement test to see where the student should be placed for their best learning environment, pr
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This unit is teaching present tense. There are four types of the present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Present continuous: to talk about an
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There are many ways in which EFL can be taught, in many different settings, with many different student populations. Being an EFL teacher, flexibility is key. From young beginners, to the motivated bu
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This unit seems to be of great significance as it covers information about how and when to teach grammar and vocabulary, two language building blocks of great importance. I like the straight-forward m
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Unit 14 is on Coursebooks and lesson materials. It focuses on textbooks and authentic material. Authentic material is anything that was originally written in the target language and not for an educati
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In this unit, I have known that teachers can use different materials to teach,mainly including an authentic materials,created materials and course book. Authentic materials are magazines,programs,song
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The point about levels was very interesting for me because I always thought they are three levels and getting an in dept explanation of each was eye opening and will influence my teaching in the futur
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This unit helped me understand how I can get a lesson to be the most effective for a class. Building rapport with new students is very important. Other things such as how a teacher starts off the firs
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This unit covered managing classes and I have learnt useful information on how to group students, how to seat students ( classroom arrangement), about the teacher's position within the class and durin
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I learned of the importance to not over correct beginning students and their ability to learn English. I learned the advantages of individual lessons with a student and how they can be geared towards
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I learned that teaching children requires staying positive while maintaining an entertaining atmosphere. A good way to do this is to involve the class in games and exercises that are interesting and
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This unit describes intonation, stress, the pronunciation of individual sounds and the methods for teaching them. It also describes the aspects of articulation and the phonemic alphabet. From this un
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In this unit, I have read valuable information about using the course book and the created materials in teaching English as a foreign language. Actually, such area of knowledge about the language tea
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Apple Valley
I used to hate reading about the classical EFL methodology, but the presentation in this unit was really interesting and attracted me deeply to read carefully. The elaboration of ESA was important and
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This unit covers broad overview architectural issues for teachers, ie why certain things are done the way they are done. It helps the teacher to plan ahead and design coursework and lesson plans. The
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Unit 13 was a very long and detailed unit on pronunciation and phonology. It is said that pronunciation is usually not taught in english lessons, which I find surprising because pronunciation of Engli
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Arden Hills
In Unit 1, I learned about the different roles of the teacher and when they should be implemented, what makes a good learner, and the Common European Framework structure for speaker fluency. Regarding
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This unit presented the vital points that a teacher must absorb to be able to teach the topic on present tenses with confidence and to prevent future mistake in grammar construction especially in spea
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In this unit we covered the past tenses of verbs. It went over past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses. I guess since I grew up speaking English I don't think I
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In this unit I have learnt a great deal about how best to structure a lesson. It has given me great examples of fun and engaging activities depending on the age group and abilities of the class. I hav
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This unit focuses on the importance of reading and listening skills. I think focusing on receptive skills before integrating productive skills is very important for learning a foreign language as a de
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The past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense are so similar for me for some reason and I hope I didn't mix them up in the test because I went through them more that three times. It was als
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This unit covers evaluation and testing. There are many reasons for evaluation and testing including understanding where a student should be placed in the language classes, diagnostic tests to underst
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This unit provided me several insights on how to become an effective teacher in a class with different language level. I have learned that different levels of language ability calls for different teac
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The three types of the present tenses are present simple, present perfect, and present continuous. We use the different types in different circumstances and in the different present tenses there are i
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This unit focuses specifically on lesson planning, its objectives, form, and place and prominence in a teacher's repertoire. The unit includes a few samples for teachers to refer to such as the follow
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This last unit is a troubleshooting unit that covers potential issues faced in the classroom. There are lots of good tips for how to arrange the very first class with students, including good warmer
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The purpose of productive skills which is speaking and writing is to communicate. Writing is the most neglected skill in TEFL lessons because of its devoted quite time; therefore it is often moved to
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This unit was very challenging. I can understand why it is important to teach this in segments to learners as I can imagine just talking about mixed conditional could taken en entire class. I really
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This unit presented some challenges such as trying to learn and get used to the phonemic symbols. When I was trying to translate them into the English word, there were some sounds that could be a vari
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This chapter talks about some of the methods of the class as well as the stages of ESA lesson. This chapter includes the example activities and some of the processes of the stages of different types o
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This unit introduced the different characteristics of both good teachers and good learners, as well discussing the various roles that a teacher will play in the class. The unit also discussed the diff
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This unit focused on the course materials an EFL teacher might use, including course books, supplementary materials like cassettes and teacher guides, and workbooks. It divided course materials into t
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In this unit, we review the the forms of present tense sentences. I found this unit to be insightful, as I hadn't fully grasped the concept of tenses while in school. I now feel I have a firm grip on
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This unit gives basic outlines and structures for lesson plans. Lesson planning is important, but will vary greatly according to the teacher- their experience and their personal preferences. Overall
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Unit 14 is about coursebooks and lesson materials. I learned how to choose the coursebook and why it is important that teachers need to be creative. Some ideas are different from what I have thought.
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Battle Lake
This unit covered course books and lesson materials that are commonly used in the classroom. The unit discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and provided different options on
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This unit breaks down present tenses or timings for verbs. I have learned a decent bit about how the theory breaks down the different timings and implicit timings, and have had some practice from the
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In this unit I refreshed my information about the class management thoroughly. The covered ideas of Teacher’s position and posture, classroom arrangement, via, the physical seating of the students,
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I enjoyed reviewing this unit to give me some insight about the kinds of materials to use for student work. As I was reviewing, I found myself thinking that authentic materials would be what I would p
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This unit was an introduction to the grammar of the English language focusing on the different parts of speech. Within each section of the unit the parts of speech were introduced and broken down into
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Beaver Bay
The study phase of the new language lesson should have these four parts: student needs to be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and be able to practice and produce
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Beaver Creek
In this unit I have learned to compare two video lessons, one was taught effectively while the other was ineffective confusing the students. Firstly I have learned that the attitude that the teacher c
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