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Applied phonetics is rarely thought at schools and even at the universities. It seems as an abstract subject for the teachers. Apparently it is difficult even for a native English speaker to hear the
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Hazel Run
In Unit 4, I learned about present tenses and the different ways one can use them. I learned that there are twelve tenses in the English language, something we didn't go over in primary school. In thi
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This unit describes how physical presence, voice, teacher talk time can be used. It also explains how the layout of the classroom/groups can change the atmosphere of the class along with the way instr
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This unit gave an overview of several teaching methodologies including the method taught in this course, ESA. It discussed different ways that the Engage, Study, and Activate method is used in a class
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As stated perviously, this unit served as a refresher on past tense verbs. Another useful part of this unit is the focus on the usages for each tense. As a native speaker, I did not know how intricate
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In Unit 1, I've learn that being a good teacher means more than knowing the subject and presenting it well. It is very important to be aware of the student's abilities before presenting the lesson. So
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I have learnt the following from this unit: - The essential qualities of a good teacher and the various roles a teacher has responsibilities for. -Learner qualities in particular the qualities of a su
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Conditionals can portray a wide variety of meanings, depending on if you use zero, first, second, third, or mixed. I can see the challenges in teaching this subject, and find it may be better to use m
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This unit is about Pronunciation and Phonology. Most schools don't teach pronunciation. A lot of teachers don't know how to teach the pronunctiation. So it is often ignored by teachers and students. P
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I was surprised to find out about the many different 'hats' a teacher wears during a lesson. When teaching, I need to be very careful about what role the specific situation is calling for, as I want t
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In this unit, we learn about different parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions. I have learnt from this unit the correct w
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Heron Lake
This unit taught me how to think about constructing effective lessons around the 3 main topics/approaches: Vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. I learned that it is best to cho
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This lesson covers the main methodologies and techniques used to teach EFL. It lists the most common methodologies used worldwide, and gives emphasis to the ESA method. According to this course the ES
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The unit was basically the same as the unit for the present tense, except that the topics were about past actions as it was about past tenses. It tackled four types of past tenses which are past simpl
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Hill City
This was a good refresher on the basics of grammar. I realized that it is equally important to use proper grammar and to explain why it is proper. Putting myself in the shoes of my students I was remi
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This last unit is about problems which can occur in class and how we can solve them. Once I read the unit I thought that teaching English language can be tricky but of course it's a great pleasure and
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In this unit, from two different videos which are taught by different teaching styles. I really like the second teacher's teaching way, becasue he is more energetic and involved in his class. He lets
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I have learnt how important it is for students to participate in tasks together focussing on speaking English. There are a wide range of fun and interesting methods to engage students for example brin
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Reading the unit 10 of my TEFL online course I learned about how my motivation will affect the quality and the effectiveness of my class. I learned from the mistakes of the teacher in the first video
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This unit is about planning lessons. There are different language schools of ideas on this issue. Some people offer that is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred lesson. It is tr
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This unit teaches about what kinds of jobs teachers must take on in the classroom, for example, observer, manager, moderator, etc. This unit also outlines some differences between students of differen
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Having the two lessons to compare with greatly helps us identify the rights and wrongs of teaching in a class room. Its interesting to see real life scenarios play out in that way as it helps solidfy
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This unit went over the equipment and teaching aids that an EFL teacher can utilize, including boards (whiteboards, blackboards, and Interactive White Boards), overhead projectors, cassettes, DVDs, vi
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Sometimes as native speakers we often take the forms of receptive skills for granted such as skimming. This lesson has taught me about these methods that we often use unconsciously. The main thing tha
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This unit modals, passive voice and phrasal verbs. Modals are used before verbs to add meaning. Since modals can change the meaning of the sentence they can be confusing for students. The passive voic
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The productive skills are writing and speaking. While speaking is often a focus of ESA, I believe teaching a balance of speaking and writing is important. Writing allows students to produce the langua
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Unit 17 Reflection: This unit gave a tremendous variety of resources(and on-line resources) that a teacher can use in the classroom. Some of the technologies have become/ are becoming obsolete. I hig
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This unit highlights the many different kinds of equipment that can be used in TESOL classrooms, how to go about using them well, and their advantages and disadvantages. Everything from the classic b
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Past tense, from the word itself "past", these is primarily used to convey actions that happened before. What happened 1000 years ago, a year ago, and even 2 minutes ago are all part of the past; and
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Howard Lake
Present tense usage from simple to present perfect continuous. All forms have a positive, negative and a question. Present tense helps communicate or express something happening now or occurring at th
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Hoyt Lakes
Before taking this unit, I knew I had a good understanding on basic grammar. Most the unit was filled with things that I already knew but it did refresh my memory. Many of the more technical terms lik
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To be honest, I found this section very easy, as most the details and information given I have already learnt. However, I feel that it is important to truly grasp these details because grammar and voc
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This unit discusses the importance of pronunciation and producing the sounds. It also discusses the phonetic language bs, which is total bs. Nobody really cares about this except post graduate student
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in this unit i learned about teaching new language , vocabulary , grammar and functions. i learned that teaching vocabulary is very important to the students especially at the early stages when they a
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In Unit 2 we discussed the parts of speech, of which there are many. I agree that as a native English speaker many of these rules are ones we learned without actually understanding the rules as they h
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The first part of the unit tackles about the the traits of being a good teacher and what are the roles of a teacher. The second part is all about the students. It helps us understand what are the diff
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International Falls
The unit presented a comprehensive explanation about the parts of speech. The examples for each and every part or the speech were categorized making it easy to follow and understand. I assimilated a l
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Inver Grove Heights
This unit allowed me to reflect on sentence structure that I use in everyday conversation and the correct way to form it. It not only required me to understand the definitions of each grammar item bu
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I really liked the video examples of the lessons that were taught. I found it extremely difficult to watch the first video as the teacher was making mistakes that I was told never to do and it was act
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Iron Junction
Teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions to ESL students can be broken down into several areas such as introduction of vocabulary, grammar structures and language functions. Each area can
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The classroom management is one thing that is quite challenging for a teacher to maintain. Since each class would be unique the number of techniques that can be used varies depending on the class trai
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Unit 15 Reflection: This unit gave clear instructions on how to evaluate students levels and progress. There are three ways to assess your student: Tutorials, Evaluations by the students, and Tests.
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With the unit three of my TEFL course, i got closer to the different methods and techniques that i can apply to my classrooms. I learned what should i do at the initial part and about what can help me
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With this course i have learned the difference between present tenses.Also i have learned how to teach these tense's differences to students.The course was prepared very affective which makes me under
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This unit has taught me what makes a good teacher along with the nine roles of a teacher. Also, how to use each role in the classroom including that a teacher may need to use more than one teaching r
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It is amazing to see the English I use daily broken down into teachable parts for non English speakers! This unit covers the seven future tenses and their uses. It also provides activity ideas that wi
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In Unit 10, I was shown two videos. One was how A lesson should not be taught to students. The second one was how a lesson should be taught. The second one really gave me some insight into how fun it
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This unit is devoted to the topic of Evaluation and Testing. There are several ways of evaluation such as tutorials or evaluation by the students. Yet testing is the most common way. There are differe
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This unit is about common problem situations. In this unit I learned how to how to start the first english class, what kind of activities to use, which activities better and so on. It is very importan
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This was the most useful unit so far for me. The specific ideologies and techniques presented are new to me, and I appreciate the clear definitions. I better understand how to construct an effective l
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