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The unit was about future tenses and compared with present and past tenses, this unit has more major topics as future tense has seven forms. The topics are future simple, future continuous, future per
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Evaluation and Testing was an interesting unit as it taught me on what type of 'tests' to use when in order to evaluate the students' knowledge of the language including verbal and written skills. Pla
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It is clear from this unit that there are number of different ways of referring to the future in English. It can be some Present tenses and of course Future tenses. It can be difficult to express futu
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This unit broke down the present tense. I have learned about tenses in French, so it was weird seeing the tenses broken down like this in English. With most English speakers, I know when to use each o
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This unit contains few grammar topics: the Auxiliary Modal verbs, the Passive voice, the Relative clause and the Phrasal verbs. Modal verbs are used in conjunction with the infinitive of the semantic
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in this unit i learned methodologies : grammar-translation , audio-lingualism , PPP, task-based learning, CLT, the silent way, suggestopaedia and the lexical approach. i learned what ESA is, its phase
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Medicine Lake
I am surprised by the amount of responsibility that the teacher role holds. And also I have learned in this lesson facts that will help me to be more confident in my future as a teacher. I have learn
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I found this to be a bit challenging. Between simple present, present continuous, perfect present, perfect continuous. I had to make note cards to really distinguish between them and get my brain to
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Meire Grove
This unit covered receptive skills used by a language learner. This unit helped me to identify the difference between authentic and non-authentic texts as well as give me ideas for how to teach a vari
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This unit explained the role of teachers and what makes good teachers and good learners. A teacher has many roles in the classroom, including monitoring the students and keeping control, participating
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While studying this unit I have once again been made aware of even more complexities that I didn't even realise existed. Of course I use these structures in everyday life but I've never hd to watch th
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This unit gave me an overview as to what constitutes a good learner and a good teacher. It also explained in part possible problems that teachers may face in the classroom when looking at the differen
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Mendota Heights
In this unit equipment and teaching aids is useful in order to tech the students , students become more intrested by using this teching aids . By using this teaching aids the requirement of textbooks
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This unit introduced the various teaching methodologies that are used in classrooms and provided insight into how to determine which methodology is best for you as a teacher to use. The unit also focu
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This unit is about equipment and teaching aids. A lot of various teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different private schools, of
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The clear difference of each past tense and their usages as illustrated in this unit widened my understanding about verb tenses. All of the examples mentioned were useful in determining the proper ver
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Middle River
Teaching productive skills, speaking and writing, can be challenging. How we speak isn't always the correct way to write something. Writing, however, has the advantage that the writer can take their t
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I have learned a variety of things from this unit. First, I have learned that there is a difference between mistakes and errors. One can usually be addressed by other students or the student who made
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Unit 20 Reflection: This Unit gave excellent reflection on how to handle common problem situations. Every class, whether large or small in size, has unique dynamics. It is expedient that for the fir
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There are four forms of the past tense in English. These are the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect, and the past perfect continuous. The past simple signifies a completed action, th
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Unit 20 was on Troubleshooting. I thought this unit was one of the most helpful and practical ones because it focuses on possible problems in the classroom and how to handle them or prevent them from
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I practiced the lesson plan by creating my own for an upcoming class. I think this unit and the form helped me simplify my ideas into concrete procedure. Initially, the task of planning a lesson or a
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This lesson discussed various materials that can be used in classrooms to teach English, including authentic materials, created materials, and course books. The discussion of positives and negatives o
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I learned a bit about how to approach groups of people with performance expectations, how to help people gel, some games to play so people talk and listen and I can gauge where the students are at lan
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The content of this unit has been informative regarding the Engage, Study, and Activate. During the Engage phase, students are encouraged and expected to fully participate as the teacher tries to cat
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This final module about 'troubleshooting' identified a few common issues/problems teachers might face during their career. While it touched on the most common problems that might arise, this module ha
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From this unit i have learnt the meaning of Phonology as the study of how sounds are organized and used in natural languages. I have come to know that Stress is the way that a word is pronunced with g
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Minnesota City
In Introduction to Grammar - Parts of Speech, I learned not only the parts of speech, but also why we use these. We have our basics such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns & prepositions.
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Minnesota Lake
This unit describes common problems the teacher may come across in the classroom and methods for avoiding or alleviating them. This unit has given me a summary of the many problems already described
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Where I struggled in this lesson was generating examples for myself in the future, future perfect, future perfect continuous in ways that I would use in daily language. The Future Perfect Continues wa
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Minnetonka Beach
Teaching and learning a new language is very frustrating and challenging but can be beneficial once mastered, these skills have equipped me to understand different methods of teaching a new language a
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This unit went over many forms of equipment and teaching aids that can be useful in the classroom. The board is the number one most commonly used teaching aid. There should be some kind of board in ev
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This unit went over the importance of planning lessons and the reasons that teachers have to plan their lessons in advance. An important part of planning lessons is the different types of lessons such
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In this unit, I learned how to plan lessons that will be most effective to the students. In lesson planning it needs to be kept simple but with good structure and balance. At the end of each lesson I
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In this unit, I have known that there are different ways to test an English learner,such as placement test, practice test, disgnostic test, progress test which are all very useful and practical for te
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This unit is based on ESA demonstration videos. In the lesson one students got confused, uninterested, and there was a little participation. The teachers behaviour, teaching style, explaining the topi
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In this unit I have learnt about how to teach specific groups. The Beginner level is the initial level of the English language, the first level of knowledge. So this part is more about how to teach ki
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This unit gives a kind of functional overview of how sentences are formed, and how ideas may interact so that they make sense to the audience. At some level, grammar is about being understood. The rul
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Moose Lake
in this unit i learned the tense system . i learned present tenses present simple, present continous, present perfect and the present perfect continous. i learned their usages , their forms , typical
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This unit is on the productive skills, writing and speaking. What I remember from the text is that the writing skill is usually neglected. This is because the teacher usually focuses on speaking and d
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There are a multitude of rules and orders that we use in the English language when it comes to conditionals and reported speech. It’s a bit overwhelming at first but once you take the time to go th
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This unit had very clear and defined categories for different subjects such as the roles of a teacher, learning experiences, and languages levels. While there are very helpful, I also realized that th
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This unit consists of different methods and the stages for teaching English to students. It is important to balance the different methods of teaching depending on the skill level of the students as we
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Lesson planning is used to guide the teachers during discussions. Lesson does not necessarily need to be precisely followed like a script in a movie, it is just a guide. So basically, lesson plans are
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This unit explains that managing a classroom involves many different components. It is important to think about how the classroom is structured including student seating, teacher position, tone, gestu
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This unit goes through the processes we have to consider when creating a lesson. The most important points I took from this unit was the formula of Engage - Study - Activate. Engaging is how we begin
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Mounds View
In this unit the information about the Parts of Speech is presented. The nouns can be Common, Proper, Compound, Abstract and Collective. They can be countable and Uncountable.Adjectives describe the p
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Mountain Iron
In this unit, we discuss the future tenses and how they affect the speech and thought process of the learner. This unit helped me effectively understand all seven future tenses and how they can be imp
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Mountain Lake
Past tense forms to help the student learn how to talk about things or time, from or in the past. Includes affirmative, negative and a question form for all past tenses. The past simple form also has
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This unit went over teaching special groups. The unit was broken down into the typical classes a teacher could have such as individual lessons, teaching children, or teaching business english. Each gr
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