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Browns Valley
This unit has a brief introduction of the importance of lesson plans and how one can go about creating them. I really liked all of the information that is in the example lesson plan such as the class
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This unit on classroom management providers information on organizing/managing the class, establishing rapport and maintaining discipline. to keep children's attention during a lesson; it is importan
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Unit 19 is about teaching special groups. I thought it was a very interesting unit because it focuses on the different groups which I might teach in the future. There are young learners and also older
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In this unit conditionals and reported speech the main feature of this is using consitions we can make the sentences like " if this happens" then "that happens" , and these conditions are classified i
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The template and structure of the lesson plan is very helpful! I really like the example lesson plan because it helps me visualize what my plans should look like. I plan to use the template provided.
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This unit is about teaching new language Vocabulary, grammar and functions. Grammar is often said to be the trunk and branches of a language while vocabulary and functions are the leaves and add beaut
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Regular and irregular verbs and how they differ and best ways to execute the teaching and understanding of the two. Past tenses and the forms they take on; Past simple, past perfect, past continuous a
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Buffalo Lake
In Unit 11, I learned about the two receptive skills: reading and listening. I learned that there are things that we read or listen to for different reasons. Sometimes we read or listen to something t
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Unit 8 introduces the different future tenses of the English Language. They are: Future Simple, Going to future, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous. Simple Present and Pres
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It was interesting to know that I have been eliciting in all my teaching career even though I have never done an TEFL course, I believe students must be asked thought provoking questions in order to k
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This module has been very useful in reminding me of how to construct present tense sentences. I do it so naturally that it is amazing to see it written out in clear formulas. I found it very useful to
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I found the first video very painful to watch. The teacher was awkward and unsocial and although he was asking for participation, he was discouraging and correcting those who were brave enough to spea
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This unit explained the main parts of speech in the English language. It will be important to know these parts of speech in order to teach English because the parts of speech can dictate the grammatic
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Unit 8 dwells on future tenses. Under future tenses there is what is know as the tense system. There are seven most common future tenses. They include : The future simple The future continuous The fu
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Understanding past tenses allows for students to be able to effectively communicate in regards to sentence structures based on time periods. Learning about regular and irregular past tense verbs helps
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I learned that there are 4 basic skills in any language: Reading, listening, speaking, and writing. I learned about the two reasons and motives for reading and listening: For a purpose and for en
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The content of this unit consists of the conditional forms of sentences and also reported speech. The four forms of conditional are zero, first, second, third, and mixed. This unit also discusses repo
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Unit 9 is on Lesson Planning. I think this is a very crucial topic in order to become a successful teacher. Lesson plans help you to structure your lesson and is also useful as a reference during your
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There are various theories that suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea. However, it is very difficult for inexperienced teacher to be prepared and knows what to do during the class. Teacher n
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Cannon Falls
Lesson Planning has a lot of usages. Things that I have learned from this unit is how to apply the ESA methods on the lesson plan and how it should be modelled. I also learned that we should not scrip
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In the first unit of the course we look at different facts to be a excellent teacher and a learner. We learned the skills that make a satisfactory teacher and will have the different roles to teach.
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The Future tense systems and the seven different forms that are commonly used; Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, "going to" future, Present Simple with futur
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The content of this unit focuses on the modal and phrasal verbs. The unit also focused on active and passive voice. It is important to learn the different rules of the usages for the different modal a
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This unit discussed characteristics of 'good' teachers and learners. It discussed personality traits and teaching/learning styles and motivations. The most important section for me was the section det
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Cass Lake
This unit tells us that what makes a good teacher: 1.should be kind and patient. 2.should really love teaching. 3.should be lively and entertaining. 4. should have a good subject knowledge. 5. should
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Cedar Mills
In unit 8, it introduces the future tenses: Future simple: used for expressing future facts and certainties, promises, predictions, assumptions,spontaneous decisions and threats. Example: I will go to
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Center City
Lesson plan structure for a productive well timed classroom setting. Lesson plans are as simple as a few notes for a teacher to an informal written structure to help guide a teacher along during a les
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This section was very helpful in explaining the basics of English grammar. It helped me better shore up the foundations of my previous learning and current teaching. What I found especially helpful wa
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This unit gave basic background information about many ESL teaching methodologies and the theory behind them. Then, it gave an in-depth explanation of one method that is best suited for new teachers:
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This unit covers the topic of feedback and evaluations in the classroom. There are three main forms of formal feedback, and tests are the most common and widely used. This unit teaches that there ar
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in this unit i learned about plannig lessons. i learned that lesson plans have some important functions like :an aid to planning , a record and a working document. i learned how should a lesson plan b
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In this lesson I learned the role of a good teacher and a good student, and how these roles will reflect on the outcoming of the class. A good teacher is patient and kind, and is willing to access eac
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This section is another section that takes me back to my primary school days. I am a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which has a very intensive and high academic standard English
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In this unit I have learned about the four present tenses which are the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. In this context, I have learned about the fo
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Chickamaw Beach
This unit goes over the different types of teaching strategies; Grammar-Translation, Audio-Lingualism, Presentation/Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communicative Learning Learning, Commu
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Chisago City
This unit is more likely about how to be a good,efficient and effective teacher to develop a good, nurtured efficient and effective student as well. A highly motivated teacher works as a manager, faci
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I learned the importance of the ESA structure during the teaching of a new language. I have a much better understanding of how to use straight forward, patchwork, and boomerang methods and which time
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In Unit 8, I learned about the different future tenses, which gave me ideas on how to teach them to students. I also learned how the future tense ties in with present simple and continuous tenses. Wha
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Circle Pines
Unit seven focused on vocabulary, grammar and functions. Teaching vocabulary is important to students. How difficult a vocabulary item is will depend on spelling, pronunciation, similarity to their
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Clara City
This unit was a good overview of how the relationships of the teachers and students interact to make for a good environment for learning. Teachers need to care about their students and be helpful. Stu
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I think this unit to make the teacher monitoring, obviously there are many mistakes in the first lesson. But I don't think making as a test in the unit is proper, there are many subjective thought in
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This chapter talks about different types of future tense, and what is different of this tense is that the present simple and present continuous could also mention the future in the sentences. This ten
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Effective teaching is not only based on the knowledge of the teacher or how smart the teacher is. Knowledge is pointless without the proper and right attitude. The smartest teacher will not be able to
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Clarks Grove
In this unit, I learned the importance of the productive skills speaking and writing. The difference between accuracy and fluency is the accuracy is focused on producing correct language and fluency i
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Clear Lake
I have learned from this course,the most important trait for a teacher is confidence.Lesson planning can help the teacher to be well prepared and be aware of what she intends on teaching students.It
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Teaching receptive skills are the main headlines in this unit. It explains the following : -Reading and listening in which reasons are given which is for a purpose and an entertainment. -How we read a
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I first learned of the ESA model through this lesson. Engage, Study, Activate. The structure appears to flow so naturally, especially for teaching another language. I enjoy how personalized you can ma
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In this unit i learnt about,the way in which the teacher teaches the students about a New language ,and the plans for a teacher to teach students and make them understand about the language.Also they
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Learning about the roles of teacher and student gave me flashbacks to my own early elementary days and what teachers I viewed as "good" and those I viewed as "not so good". It really made me reflect o
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The focus of this unit was on how to create lesson plans and what kind of information should be included within your plan. The unit also highlighted the importance of monitoring your own performance a
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