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This unit was about classroom resources to support teaching (teaching aids). It contained some interesting information and would be of great benefit to a number of teachers that I work with. I think t
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Grammar skills are important to be an effective leader. Communication skills are indispensable to effectively give direction and provide assurance of leading ability. In addition, if continuing educ
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Pronunciation is overlooked by many teachers because they are not confident in teaching it in a methodical way. However, pronunciation is important for students so that they can be more easily underst
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Belle Plaine
This unit is devoted to the topic of Teachers and Learners. It gives the information about the qualities of a good techer, and the qualities of a good learner. Moreover it presents the roles of a teac
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Unite 19 covered the topic of the types of English classes a person might encounter. A classroom of BEGINNERS might include the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the you
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The content of this lesson gave me a great understanding of the classroom, student and teacher needs. I was able to get a better understanding of the different types of different I can be and when as
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This unit covered 7 future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, the present simple, and the present continuous. The form, differe
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This video unit really demonstrated the effectiveness of an appropriate, organised, lesson with an engaging and encouraging teacher as opposed to an unorganised, unprepared, unfriendly teacher in an
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Unit 1 is about what is a good teacher, the teacher's role, what is a good learner and students' level. The unit is well organized and easy to understand, but some sentences are not for non-native spe
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From the above Unit I feel much more confident about planning a lesson. The subtle differences between ESA activities are becoming clear to me and the reasons why they they are to be planned in a cert
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This unit broke down new language that students have to learn into vocabulary, language structures, and language functions. It outlined the criteria for deciding what new vocabulary to introduce to on
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After i studied this course i learned how the verbs changes from direct speech to reported speech.Also i learned the if clause conditionals which is devided to five.I must be carefull about the mista
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This unit has taught me that one of the most important things about a teacher student relationship is motivation. The teacher must have the motivation to persist with a student that is struggling, bu
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In this unit the various present tenses of verbs were introduced. Each section discussed the forms, usages and typical mistakes or errors made by students concerning that particular verb form. At the
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Big Falls
This unit Describes in detail the methods for teaching new vocabulary, grammar and language functions. I feel this unit has given me a further insight into teaching methods and has given me more conf
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Big Lake
This unit it indicates clearly with different tenses for the past. It shows very clear instruction to let the learners know the different situations when receiving the verbs which were happening in th
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This final lesson provided a quick conclusion to the entire program and helped focus on various odds and ends to help troubleshoot challenges that you may get in classrooms, from the challenge of the
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This unit discussed all types of examinations that can be used to help determine how students are learning and what they need to improve on. After discussing the utility of tutorials and student evalu
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Bingham Lake
The unit introduces an easy approach in teaching a new language to the students in a balanced and manageable way. It’s confined in teaching grammar, vocabulary and functions. The inputs you provide
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Birchwood Village
This unit showed two different video examples of an actual TESOL lesson. The teacher and students were the same, but the attitude of the teacher and the delivery of the information were vastly differ
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Bird Island
Setting up a classroom to be an effective teacher/leader. From class seating arrangements, giving instructions, teacher talk time vs. student talk time, plus how a teacher should work around a classro
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I felt pretty confident starting this unit, remember most of the information. But then it got into past participles, and all the exceptions to the many rules. I can see how learning English, especiall
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In unit 3, it introduces different types of EFL methods: grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation, practice and production, task-based learning, communicative language teaching, community l
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This unit gave examples of ESA methods of arranging a vocabulary lesson based on the phases: Engage, Study and Activate. The main point to take away is that for teaching a language to be effective, th
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From this unit I have learned myriad of equipment and teaching aids that can be brought into the classroom to elicit and express meanings and usage for the English language. While studying this unit I
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In this unit i have learnt Modal auxilliary verbs are called helping verbs. Modals can be used in situation, like, obligation, possibility/probability, ability, advice. Modal verbs can be applied when
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Blooming Prairie
I learned that the idea of lesson planning is not universally accepted in the teaching world. I found it to be important to monitor the amount of lesson planning due to the idea that too much planning
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The communicative approach stress the importance of language functions such as agreeing, inviting, suggesting, etc as opposed to reliance only on grammar and vocabulary. This is the sequence in the le
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Blue Earth
In this unit troubleshooting is the way in which teacher interacts with the students and it clearly explains about how a teacher interacts with the existinggroup and newgroup . And one of the importan
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In Unit Two we read about the various parts of speech in the English Language. The author discusses, in detail, the difference between countable and uncountable nouns, definite and indefinite articles
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From this unit 6, i learnt that the past tense relate to actions in past time periods. Also in the simple past, the verb 'to be'which has the forms 'was' are (used with I,He,She and It) and 'were' are
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It was good to consider what a good teacher and learner are. It motivates me to be a better ESL teacher. It was helpful to see the different roles a teacher can play. I think I most often choose to
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In this unit course books and materials is an important unit , course books are used by the teacher to refer if the teacher requires and the materials are used to explain the students about the topic
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This unit provides very different ways of teaching and learning that would appeal to particular teachers and students. It gives options to teachers of experience who may have become stuck in one parti
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Boy River
This was a very intense unit about pronunciation and several of the different aspects of it that are useful for teaching: intonation, stress, and place/manner of articulation. As a native speaker, I
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This unit is devoted to the topic Troubleshooting. The most common troubles can happen during the first class with the students. It is important to establish a rapport and get to know the students, th
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This unit was very interesting because it goes over the different types of tests that teachers can do and when are the best times to do them. For instance, using a placement or diagnostic test at the
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The content of this unit consists of the importance of reading and listening when learning a new language. We read and listen for information for various reasons. Sometimes we pay attention to every w
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The content of this unit consists of lesson planning and the structuring of lesson plans. When creating the lesson plans it is important to keep in mind the learner objectives. The learner objectives
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Lesson plans are a way for a teacher to determine what they are going to accomplish during their lesson. The lesson plan should give a general idea of what will be covered and done during the class p
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Breezy Point
This chapter talk about the reading and listening. Reading and listening are both important when the students are learning new language. This chapter talks about some of the ways to teach and help imp
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This unit covered the different ways that students can be evaluated and tested. The unit discussed the numerous types of tests that exist for students, placement, progress, diagnostic etc., as well as
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I have learned from unit 4 that there are 12 different tenses used from the past, present and future and this unit focuses on the present tense. In the present tense there is the present simple, pres
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Brook Park
Unit 1 Reflection: A good teacher should be kind, patient, entertaining, motivating, and love teaching. They should also be fair, have a great knowledge of the subject they are teaching, and not only
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Brooklyn Center
Unit nine reviews how to plan lessons. Writing lessons is important as an aid in planning, a working document, and a record. A lesson plan should be simple, unscripted, contain structure, timeline,
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Brooklyn Park
In this unit I have learned about teaching pronunciation and phonology to students. First I have learned about the techniques for indicating and teaching intonation and stress. Second I have learned a
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This unit described the various characteristics of students and teachers and how they differ from one another. There are a variety of different factors that make up a great teacher including patience,
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Having gained better insight on how and when to pair or group students is beneficial. Understianding the beneifts of each arrangement helps us make the correct choice for the activity as well as benef
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In this unit, I learned so much about class management. #1. Inspire confidence in the students #2. Good eye contact with all students. #3. Give pair work for the students #4. I as a teacher have the a
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This unit went over how to format conditionals and reported speech in English. I learned that there are five main conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed, each used to express possibilitie
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