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This unit is based on teaching methods,Theories, and Techniques. Some of the methods and techniques explored in this units are: Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, presentation,practice and product
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This unit went over the different types of tests that an EFL teacher might use to evaluate their students: placement tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, practice tests, and external exams. Placem
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In this unit we discussed the environment in the classroom. The unit covered how to establish rapport with students, use discipline correctly, and how to prevent too much teacher talk time. The unit a
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This unit explained the specific parts of speech in the English language, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. The unit also identified subc
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This lesson provided an overview of various "special groups" that you may be teaching in the classroom, from true beginners and beginners with no Roman alphabet experience to business English learners
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Golden Valley
In this unit managing classes is important for a teacher it explains about how a teacher is going to manage the classes and control the students in the class.And it expailns about what are the measure
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Viewing and comparing the lessons was very helpful. I enjoyed watching both lessons because it was clear to see the mistakes made in the first lesson and the student engagement in the second lesson. I
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Good Thunder
This unit was exciting to see a general format that some teachers may follow for lesson planning. I think for me, I like the format but would prefer to put it all in Excel where I can basically keep
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Different methods and techniques of teaching English the Second language are all applicable to students'personality culture needs and ways of thinking. Also counts to his progress is exposure to lan
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This unit explained what makes a good teacher and learner, and the different ways the teacher can engage in the classroom. Some attributes of a good teacher include content knowledge, being kind and p
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This unit covered a lot of material I wasn't familiar with. I recognized that we raise our pitch when asking questions, but that was about all of my understanding of Phonology before now. I found it i
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There are many different forms of the future tense, and they all have different usages. These a forms are the future simple, the going to future, the future continuous, the future perfect, and the fu
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From this unit, i learnt the different approach for teaching different groups. For beginners, pair and group is important, give clear instructions, constant revision is needed. For one-to-one lessons,
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Grand Marais
Unit 4 takes us through the different tenses of the Present tense,Simple Present,Present continuous Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. It gives us a description of the form, which is the
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Grand Meadow
This unit is devoted to the topics of ESL Methodology, mistakes and Feedback. There are such methodologies as grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP, task-based learning, CLT, CLL, the silent way
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Grand Rapids
There are lots of ways we can think about the future. It can be difficult for students to know what tense they should use. If we want to describe something we are about to do very soon, or we may want
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Granite Falls
This unit focuses on future tenses. Again, your team of material/test creators have produced instruction and test material with myriad problems. I will not tell you why it sucks because the more fools
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Unit 16 covered conditionals and reported speech. there are five conditionals. Zero conditionals refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable, First conditional refers to a real situation in th
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I appreciated the clarity of this section. Even though these tenses are encountered every day by English speakers, it is very helpful to define them. I have developed a very good ability to notice err
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Green Isle
This unit is about class management and how people with different personalities can be good teachers and maintain class discipline. It covers many aspects of the classroom arrangement, from the way ta
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In this unit,I have knowned about the present tense which is simple present tense, present contious tense, present perfect tense,and present perfect continous tense.All of them have different rules an
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From this unit I have learnt about lesson materials, their types, course books, their pros and cons and about usage of them. I think that every teacher should find the most suitable course book for ev
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I’m sure teaching receptive skills can be challenging at times. Teaching can be challenging at times but rewarding in the end. With the knowledge we have at our disposal we can break through those
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A teachers role through gestures, eye contact and projection/clarity and how the assist the teacher in a lesson. Classroom management like seating arrangements, the varied template arrangements and th
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Grey Eagle
To be an effective and good teacher, it is very important to love what you do (teaching) and to display a deep interest and consideration for the learning of your students. Understanding the levels of
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Grove City
The content in this unit is about reading and listening. The unit discusses how language can be found in the intention of students engaging in the world around them and some other thing that I just fo
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This unit covered the seven different present tenses. Each section focused on the forms and usages of the tenses and also gave examples of common errors or mistakes made by students and different acti
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In this unit i have learnt that Productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce the language. They are also known as active skills. Speaking section comparises
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This unit is devoted to the topic Teaching Special Groups. Teaching beginners can be motivating and rewarding, though challenging. Teachers need to use visual aids, express ideas clearly, and not corr
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Lesson plan is very important teaching tool. In this unit I have learnt planning of ordinary lesson and also how to be organised, what should I include in the plan. Purpose of the lesson plan is guidi
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In this lesson I learned about the differences between teaching speaking skills, writing skills, as well as a short explanation of the value of games in the classroom. In particular, I enjoyed learnin
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Again as a native speaker most of what was taught in the lesson comes natural. Its nice to learn how to differentiate the different conditonals as well as direct and indirect speech. Being able to tel
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This unit deals with phrasal verbs and passive voice. There is modal auxiliary verbs which has it usage and tenses. Under passive voice we also have the active voice. The difference, tense and formati
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Ham Lake
In unit 14, we went over the different types of class material that a teacher can use to teach English. Course books are the obvious answer but they always seem to have a downside. If you create your
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This unit was about resources and the diferences between authentic resources and teacher generated resources. It also covered coursebooks, specifically the advantages and disadvantages of using them.
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This unit talked about the methods of managing a classroom and the role of the teacher and students in contributing to the learning atmosphere. It made me think about the style of activities I would p
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I believe that unit 3 is very important and useful. I have learnt about different kinds of methodology and found that ESA lessons are the best technic to combine fun, study and activity. You as a teac
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This unit discussed different ways of teaching the elements of new language, specifically vocabulary, grammar, and functions in a classroom setting. It covered what needs to be introduced to students
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Hanley Falls
Lesson planning, its arguable importance and the need for flexibility to suit the needs of students struggling or not. The many functions of a lesson plan; as a record, working document and/or aid to
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Unit 8 focused on the future tenses. Future simple tense uses shall/will in the sentence structure. Shall is used to make to make suggestions and invitations. Will generally expresses a stronger int
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The comparison between the usage of authentic and created content is of high importance to any teacher. My belief is in striking a balance by having a well prepared lesson that incorporates both entit
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In this section, I learned about past tense verbs and how to use and explain them. There are many irregular forms of past tense words and many complex ideas associated with past tense words. I think t
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This unit briefly went over modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. There are many modals and some phrases that function like modals although they are not "true modals". Modals express a variety of
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This unit explores the English tenses such as:the present tense, the present perfect, the simple present, the present continuous, the present perfect continuous negative etc In doing all of the above
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In this unit I have leanred about the past tenses which are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. I’ve learned about the form (affirmative, negative, question), reg
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Teaching future tense looks like its going to be interesting and I will be learning as I go along too. It's an interesting topic that could easily confuse some students and some languages do not have
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Teachers and learners alike play many roles in a classroom setting. A good teacher has a solid understanding of these roles. Once a teacher has this understanding, they are more capable of utilizing
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Unit 4 is about present tenses which I am very familiar with. The lecture is clear and easy to understand. I have not finished watching the video, but it was good enough for me. Grammar part, especial
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Unit 7 Reflection: This unit focused on Vocabulary.Grammer, and Functions. When teaching English, we have to make sure that students are introduced to it in a balanced and manageable way. There are
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As a former student I understand just how important it is for a teacher to be able to manage and control their students. It is vital that a teacher presents themselves in a way that builds a nurturin
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