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What is TESOL certification?

Obtaining a TESOL certification is frequently a requirement set by employers worldwide when applying for English teaching positions. While there might be teaching opportunities available in lesser-known destinations without specific qualifications, a TESOL certification from a reputable institution is crucial for securing ESL teaching roles with competitive salaries and optimal working conditions.

Many of the most popular countries for teaching English also now mandate a TESOL certification for work permit or visa purposes. Without this certification, you could find you are barred from legally working in these countries, many of which offer the most rewarding opportunities in the TESOL sector.

By joining an ITTT-accredited TESOL program, you will gain the essential skills and expertise to become a certified teaching professional, both domestically and internationally.

ITTT FAQs - What does TEFL mean?

What does TESOL certification mean?

The recognized certifications for teaching English to non-native speakers are the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificates. Often, these terms are used interchangeably. Technically, TEFL represents teaching English in countries where it isn't the native language, whereas TESOL focuses on teaching English in areas where it is the native language. Nevertheless, both certifications offer the same training and result in an equivalent qualification, making them both universally accepted for English teaching roles worldwide.

Why Take a TEFL / TESOL course

Should I get TEFL or TESOL certification?

Both TEFL and TESOL certifications are highly regarded by employers seeking English language teachers. While they have subtle differences, the training and credentials offered by each are equivalent. With ITTT, you are granted the choice of which acronym to put on your certificate. Your decision might hinge on the preferred recognition of either acronym in your target teaching location. A quick online search about the preferred certification in your desired country can guide this decision.

If you are leaning towards teaching in an English-speaking country, particularly to immigrants or refugees, a TESOL certificate might be more apt. However, for those eyeing positions in non-English speaking countries, a TEFL certificate, which emphasizes teaching English as a foreign language, could be the better fit. Whichever path your teaching aspirations take, both TEFL and TESOL remain valuable assets in the eyes of global employers.

What is the difference between TESOL and TEFL?

ESL certification requirements for teachers

The primary trait crucial for teaching ESL is an openness to new experiences; beyond this, the requirements are few. To earn a TESOL certification with ITTT, you need to be at least 18 years old, but age is no upper boundary. If you are open-minded and eager to learn, you will join a diverse group of trainees of all ages and backgrounds who have pursued their TESOL certification with us.

Both native and non-native English speakers can access our TESOL certification programs as many teaching opportunities exist regardless of your linguistic background. It is also unnecessary to know any language other than English, as our courses are grounded in the communicative approach, which promotes English as the primary mode of classroom interaction. Additionally, since many regions don't demand a university degree for English teaching positions, we don't set specific educational criteria for our participants.

What do you need to be able to Teach English Around the World?

How do I get TESOL certification?

Acquiring a TESOL certification can be done through online study, traditional in-person courses, or a blend of both. We also offer a range of budget-friendly course bundles crafted to give you an in-depth grasp of the ESL world, and additional qualifications that can make your resume stand out to prospective employers. We suggest starting by browsing through our individual courses and combined packages to find what best aligns with your needs.

Once you have pinpointed the course that resonates with your goals and plans, it is easy to proceed to our course registration page and follow the outlined steps. Registering is free and comes with no obligations. After you have registered, we will send you our complimentary e-guide to TESOL. This guide is a rich resource covering various facets of the TESOL industry, details of our training programs, preparation tips for teaching overseas, and essential job insights for prominent teaching locations.

How do I choose a TEFL course?

Which TESOL certification program should I choose?

Choosing a TESOL certification program should be based on its alignment with your individual needs. There are providers offering quick TESOL certification courses, sometimes completed in 40 hours or less. Such courses offer an introductory perspective on ESL teaching, making them ideal for those looking to engage in short-term voluntary teaching.

Many global causes constantly seek informed volunteers, offering experiences rich in cultural immersion. However, if you envision a longer-term teaching journey with a consistent income, a more thorough certification is recommended.

For the majority of English teaching roles worldwide, the standard minimum is a TESOL certification comprising at least 120 hours. These in-depth courses cover essential topics like lesson planning, evaluation methods, and English grammar. Opting for an in-person course brings the added benefit of hands-on teaching experience in a real ESL classroom setting. At ITTT, we also extend the opportunity for voluntary teaching practice with all our online courses.

What's the difference between online courses, in-class courses and combined courses?

TESOL graduate certificate cost

While online courses often come with a more attractive price tag due to reduced operational expenses, it is essential not to let cost be the sole deciding factor in selecting a TESOL course. You should ensure that your chosen course provides a comprehensive foundation for your teaching adventure. ITTT's highly popular 120-hour TESOL certification online course is competitively priced at under $250. For those seeking a more extensive learning package, we offer bundled courses that provide multiple qualifications at a discounted rate.

Even with the affordability and convenience of online learning, many trainees prefer the traditional in-class experience at our training centers. This choice comes with several benefits, such as guidance from seasoned professionals boasting vast teaching and training expertise. Moreover, the communal dimension of in-class TESOL courses is a distinct advantage, facilitating interaction with peers who share your passion both in and outside the classroom. The cost for a 4-week in-person TESOL course usually starts around $1,395.

How much does a TEFL course cost?

Can I get TESOL certification for free?

While we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our main TESOL certification courses, it unfortunately means we can't offer them at no cost. However, we are committed to keeping prices affordable, and in doing so, we provide free additional TESOL courses with certain course enrollments. Among these complimentary courses are specialized modules on teaching business English, educating young learners, and online English instruction. Whether you are keen on diving into these specialized teaching areas or simply want to elevate your skills, these free supplementary courses can significantly bolster your CV/resume. Plus, when you sign up for an in-class or combined TESOL course, our advanced-level Diploma in TESOL is included at no extra charge.

What Can You Do With a TEFL certificate

Should I get TESOL certification online?

The rise in online training courses has permeated various sectors, including English language teaching, due to their versatility, accessibility, and affordability. Undertaking a TESOL Certification Online offers several advantages:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: With a focus on remote learning, Online TESOL Courses are typically more budget-friendly compared to their in-class counterparts.
  • Flexibility: Online TESOL Courses allow you to learn at your own pace, regardless of where you are located.
  • Support: All our Online TESOL Courses come with tutor support, ensuring you are never alone in your educational journey.
  • Rich Content: Many of our online TESOL modules are enhanced with a mix of informative videos alongside textual materials.

Beyond our core 120-hour online TESOL course, we also offer an advanced Diploma in TESOL. This diploma aims to deepen your understanding of teaching and pave the way to more senior teaching roles. Conducted entirely online, this diploma can be embarked upon right after your initial TESOL certification.

For a thorough overview of all our Online TESOL Courses, visit our online TESOL course page.

Should I take a TEFL course online or in a classroom?

In-class certification for TESOL

If you prefer in-person learning over online modules, our in-class TESOL course is tailored for you. Spanning four intensive weeks, this course is hosted at various global training centers. Here are some distinct benefits of this option:

  • Direct Classroom Instruction: Our seasoned teacher trainers offer guidance and instruction in a conventional classroom setting.
  • Practical Teaching Experience: Engage in real-time teaching with genuine language students, giving you an authentic classroom experience.
  • Instant Feedback: Post-lesson evaluations offer immediate insights and constructive feedback, facilitating your progression as a teacher.
  • Local Employment Opportunities: In-class training often paves the way for teaching job opportunities in the vicinity.
  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond academic pursuits, immerse in the local culture and bond with fellow trainees.

At ITTT, our in-class TESOL courses are available across the globe in prime ESL teaching destinations such as:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

For a comprehensive view of our course options, please visit our dedicated in-class TESOL course page.

TEFL In-class Courses

What is the best TESOL certification?

At ITTT, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive spectrum of TESOL certification courses tailored to meet a variety of needs. While our courses vary in duration, cost, and delivery method, each one guarantees premium study materials and exemplary instruction. Our teacher trainers, whether online or in our physical centers, come with a wealth of teaching experience, having lived and taught in diverse regions around the world. It is their deep-seated knowledge and steadfast dedication to your educational success that sets us apart, transforming a standard training course into a transformative learning experience.

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