How do I get TESOL certification?

If you are contemplating teaching within your own country or remain undecided about your desired teaching destination, starting with an online TESOL course might be an apt choice. This offers the dual advantages of flexibility and convenience, allowing you to gain certification at your own pace.

On the other hand, if you have pinpointed a specific location where you wish to teach, it is often recommended to pursue an in-class TESOL course either in that location or a neighboring region. This tactic not only enhances your chances of securing a job in your preferred area but also ensures you are well-equipped to step into the classroom right after certification.

Alternatively, the combined TESOL course offers the best of both worlds. Beginning with thorough online theoretical instruction, it culminates in hands-on teaching practice at a dedicated training center, offering a holistic training experience.

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How does an online TESOL course work?

Once your course fee is processed, we will swiftly dispatch an email with all the necessary details to kickstart your training journey. This email will include unique login details for our online training portal. After logging in, you will have instant access to the course materials for the inaugural unit. Dive into the content, and when you feel confident, undertake an automated online assessment that pertains to the covered unit content. This short, multiple-choice test is designed to assess your grasp on the material before progressing to the next segment.

It is essential to note that to earn your course completion, you must achieve an aggregate score of at least 75% over all unit assessments. This means you don't necessarily have to score 75% on every single test but rather maintain this average across the entirety of the course. Once you have tackled all the course modules (for instance, all 20 units in our flagship 120-hour program), your final challenge is a summative task. This entails crafting a brief essay on a pertinent topic chosen from our provided list. Once your summative task receives our nod of approval, you have crossed the finish line! Your TESOL certificate will then be on its way to you.

Visit our online TESOL course page for full details on all our online course options.

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How does an in-class TESOL course work?

Our on-site training facilities are tactically placed in many of the world's top teaching destinations. These include:

  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand

Each intensive course stretches over a period of four weeks, with most centers kicking off a fresh course every month. To make the most of your experience and comfortably ease into the training environment, we advise arriving a couple of days ahead of the course's commencement. This allows you time to familiarize yourself with the location and get settled into your accommodation.

After an initial immersion in teaching theory, you will transition into hands-on teaching practice. This segment involves crafting and delivering full-fledged ESL lessons to real students in an authentic classroom environment. After each of these teaching sessions, you will benefit from detailed feedback on your performance, supplemented with constructive advice on refining both your lesson structuring and presentation techniques. The course also encompasses:

  • Working closely with an individual student to gauge their needs and subsequently devising a personalized lesson for them.
  • Creating DIY teaching aids for use in the classroom.
  • Participating in a language immersion module, letting you empathize with your future students by experiencing firsthand the challenges they face.
  • Your performance will be gauged across all these segments of the course. To round off your training, you will also tackle two written tests on English grammar and phonology.

    Visit our in-class TESOL course page for full details of all our in-class locations.

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    How does a combined TESOL course work?

    The combined TESOL course merges online learning with in-person experiences, drawing from the best of both worlds. Starting with online modules, you can dive into the theoretical aspects of teaching English from any location, benefiting from the guidance of our dedicated online tutors. Once you have wrapped up these units, it is time to transition to the practical side, and you can secure your spot at one of our international training hubs.

    The practical segment of the combined course spans eight days at two of our specialized centers:

    • New York City, USA
    • Paris, France

    Or ten days at four of our training centers:

    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Phuket, Thailand
    • Rome, Italy

    In the in-person portion of the program, our seasoned teacher trainers will lead comprehensive input sessions. Moreover, you will have the chance to hone your skills through hands-on teaching sessions with real ESL students. As the combined course encompasses the same topics and training found in the fully in-class program, its completion results in an equivalent TESOL certification.

    Visit our combined TESOL course page for full details of all our course locations.

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    How will I receive my TESOL certification?

    No matter which TESOL training route you choose, once all components of your course are satisfactorily completed, your certificate will be sent to you using registered mail. At the same time, an electronic version of your certificate will be provided, ensuring you have a handy reference while you wait for the hard copy. Each certificate is accompanied by a cover letter detailing your achievements and a unique ID number, allowing potential employers to verify its legitimacy. Depending on where you are based, the delivery of the certificate can take up to three weeks, though it is usually quicker. For those needing faster delivery, we also offer an express delivery option through DHL at a standard fee of $50, available globally.

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