Should I get TESOL certification online?

Online TESOL certification has gradually emerged as a top choice for numerous trainees globally. While the motivations behind this preference differ, the most popular benefit is undeniably convenience. The freedom to undergo your training anywhere with an internet connection is a significant perk. Whether you are studying at home, squeezing in some reading during work breaks, or anywhere else on the go, your course materials are just a click away, allowing you to dictate your learning pace. Another major benefit of our online TESOL courses is flexibility, as there are no constraints of a rigid schedule or mandated online hours. You are granted the freedom to decide your own study times and durations, ensuring your educational journey aligns seamlessly with your existing commitments.

For a comprehensive overview of our online options, take a look at our online TESOL courses page.

Online tutor support

Another distinguishing characteristic of our online TESOL courses is the inclusion of a dedicated online tutor. Whenever you face challenges, be it with course procedures, study materials, or online assessments, your assigned tutor is just an email away. They prioritize providing prompt and thorough responses, ensuring you get the clarity you need to continue your studies confidently.

Our courses are crafted with flexibility in mind. Without strict schedules, you are empowered to dictate your own pace of study. Most of our online TESOL courses come with a generous six-month duration, ensuring the course's core principles stay fresh in your mind as you near completion. For those diving into the more intricate Diploma in TESOL, we offer an extended period of a year to absorb and apply the deeper content.

Take a look at our best-selling 120-hour online TESOL certification course.

120-hour TEFL/TESOL Online Course from ITTT

TESOL course videos

Our online TESOL courses are further enriched with a variety of instructional videos curated and presented by our seasoned team of teacher trainers. Enrolling in our 120-hour TESOL course grants you premium access to this collection of videos. They not only cover vital grammar aspects, such as verb tenses and parts of speech but also touch upon indispensable teaching techniques - from adept classroom management to tactical lesson planning. Additionally, the course incorporates footage from actual lessons within an ITTT classroom, offering you a direct window into real-world teaching dynamics.

If you think you might want to teach English online, now or in the future, take a look at our 170-hour TESOL certification with online specialization.

Optional teaching practice

We are happy to unveil a significant upgrade to our online TESOL courses - the inclusion of authentic teaching practice sessions before you begin your teaching journey. And here is the cherry on top: these sessions come at no additional cost and can be completed without stepping foot in an ITTT training center.

If you decide to take advantage of this complimentary teaching practice, there are two distinct paths available:

  • Collaborative Approach: Partner with a school or language center, either in-person or virtually, and conduct your teaching sessions there. Once completed, the institution will verify your efforts, which you then share with us for certification.
  • Independent Approach: Find your own student(s) and conduct teaching sessions either face-to-face or through online platforms. For assessment and verification, you would need to record a one-hour lesson and provide the necessary documentation.

Looking for a more intensive certification? Dive deep into our Diploma in TESOL for an all-encompassing course experience.

Teaching English Online - It's THAT Easy!

Lifetime job support service

Another distinguishing element of our online TESOL courses is the lifetime access to our career support services, available to all graduates for the entirety of their teaching careers. As long as you remain engaged in the field of English language teaching, we are here to support your job-seeking efforts. Our extensive support package includes:

  • Access to our proprietary database of potential employers
  • Exclusive information on job openings that haven't been publicly advertised
  • Expert guidance on crafting a compelling CV or resume
  • Consultation on writing effective cover letters
  • Help with interview preparation and devising impactful trial lessons
  • Advice on navigating job contracts
  • Access to a repository of downloadable teaching resources and lesson plans

In search of unparalleled value? Explore our multi-course 220-hour Master Package and our 550-hour Expert Package.

220-hour TEFL/TESOL Master Package from ITTT - long version with subtitles

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