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In this unit, we studied the techniques in teaching English which was very helpful to me. Now I’m going to have more fun planning English lessons. I also learned we need to make sure we are using th
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This unit, like many others, allows you the opportunity to reflect back on previous units. I reviewed unit 7 further regarding teaching structure and also revisited authentic vs non-authentic. This
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The concept of ESA methodology provided me a lot of beneficial information for effective teaching. I believe that this technique could be applied to students of different levels of English skill. Furt
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A teacher's attitude can greatly impact what the students are able to achieve. It is important that the teacher builds a good rapport with the students, so they do not feel intimidated while in class
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The Unit, made me understand the role the teacher plays and the type of responsibilities that are associated with the role & important aspects when playing the role. I have understood the reasons for
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This section was challenging at first, but only because I allowed it to be. After going back through the material and asking for the perspective of a friend, only then was I able to fully comprehend
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In this unit I have learned to name, distinguish and identify different parts of speech in the English language such as nouns (countable, uncountable), pronouns, verbs (transitive,intransitive),gerund
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New Auburn
Through this unit about present tenses, I got my old memories about being an English language teacher. When I was in grade 7, I asked my teacher at that time, why the present perfect continuous has 2
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New Brighton
In this chapter, it talks about speaking and writing. The materials provide some examples of each stage of ESA lesson, and how to encourage the students to write. I think speaking and writing are diff
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New Germany
In this unit, I have known that during the teaching, teachers definitely will meet different problems, such as in the first class, how to establish the rapport with students and how to make a funny wa
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New Hope
This unit was very helpful on how to manage the classroom with the different students, who have a hard time learning a new language. I enjoy understanding and reading the different ways to understandi
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New London
Unit 18 was a ridiculous unit with regard phrasal verbs. Four questions were directly linked to this subject and there was approximately one page of very unspecific information and no additional info
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New Market
The natural gaining of the foreign language is difficult thing to do, but many of the most popular methodologies in EFL teaching do try to imitate it as far as is practical. The best methods and techn
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New Munich
This unit broke down language into its parts of speech. I think that native English speakers would find this section foreign, as we often learn language and absorb the way we speak without understandi
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New Prague
Unit 16 Reflection: This unit focused on Conditions and Reported Speech. There are five conditional forms to remember: zero, first,second,third, and mixed. Students sometimes find it difficult to see
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New Richland
In this unit, I learned about English grammar, specifically parts of speech and classifications of different words, most of which I hadn't learned while in primary school. I learned about indefinite a
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New Trier
This unit is about teaching productive skills (speaking and writing). In many ways writing is the most neglected in the english classroom. So many teacher don't like to see the classroom hours beeing
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New Ulm
Conditionals are a fairy advanced part of the language, separating between zero, first,second, third, and mixed conditionals. They all show a certain relationship between two actions. Reported speech
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New York Mills
Future tenses can be seen by ESL students as complicated because of the amount of tenses used to express ideas of the future. There are 7 different tenses we use to explain anything from future facts,
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This unit had a lot of new information for me, and I was able to learn a lot about the different theories and methods for learning. Some of them I have experienced first hand, but others such as the a
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This Unit describes the past Tenses, their formation, their uses and also methods to correct and teach each of them. From this unit I have learnt teaching ideas and the probable mistakes made by stude
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Unit 9 Reflection: In this unit we were given careful instruction on lesson planning. In creating a lesson plan, we therefore have an aid to planing, a working document, and a record for future use. B
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This was certainly the most challenging unit yet. We read about the science of phonics and how important it is as part of the language learning process. I wish I could have learned in greater detail a
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In this unit teaching special groups explains about the way in which a teacher teaches different group of students based on thier levels .A brief classification of the special groups is explained clea
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This unit outlined factors that influenced the need for discipline, including students' age and nationality, the size of the class, the culture of the school, and students' motivation for learning. Th
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Unit 10 is about ESA demonstration class. It shows two demonstrations. The first video shows that the teacher pretends to be a bad one. He teaches in a bad way, so the students cannot understand and p
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This was a difficult unit for me to understand although English is my first language it is still difficult for me to understand continuous, simple, and perfect form. I have always just used the plan f
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North Branch
Unit 3 focuses on theories, methods, and techniques in teaching the English language. The most discussed topic would be the ESA method and each stage was provided with different types of activities. T
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North Mankato
In this section I reviewed basic English grammar rules and, in particular, I learned that many things that come natural to me as an English speaker may not come natural to a non-English speaker. Altho
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North Oaks
This unit was very short and sweet. Even though it wasn't as lengthy as the past units, it still was full of valuable information. Past tenses were probably the easier of the 3 unit tenses probably be
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North St. Paul
This unit broke down the many categories of English sentence structures. Outlining verbs and adjectives in there many sub classes, how and when to use them as well as why. The many differences and dif
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The focus of this unit was on how to teach productive language skills, speaking and writing. The unit discussed the different factors that need to be considered when planning a lesson for either skill
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this unit covers the past tense: past simple- used to describe an action completed at a definite time in the past. Past continuous: Used to describe interrupted past action, to express an action tha
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Reading and listening are both equally important in teaching in the classroom. This is because students will get a chance to try and understand something that is written or said without it being expla
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Norwood Young America
From this unit I learnt the importance of a good teacher's role to his or her students in a classroom. A good teacher should have control of the class, oragnizing students into groups/pairs, act as an
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This unit covered modals, phrasal verbs, relative clause, and passive voice. Section on modals and passive voice discussed the different usages for each of them as well as the different forms they tak
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Oak Grove
This unit is devoted to the topic Equipment and teaching aids. Teaching equipment can include boards, interactive white boards, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets, CD player, video and dvd pl
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Oak Park Heights
This unit was about planning lessons and effectively teaching vocabulary and grammar. I really enjoyed this unit as I felt it gave me some great options a variety for my potential lessons. There are s
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This unit has taught me about all the qualities that make a good learner, like a desire to learn, or willingness to ask questions, and also what are the characteristics that good teacher possess, for
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MODAL VERBS , PHRASAL VERBS, AND PASSIVE VOICE MODAL VERBS an auxiliary verb that expresses necessity or possibility. English modal verbs include must, shall, will, should, would, can, could, may, and
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In this unit I learned how to deal with problems I might encounter in a class room. When teaching the first lesson don’t start by using the course book but have fun activities for the students to ge
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When teaching various language levels it is important to establish a balance of the different roles a teacher must have in order to be successful. The abilities to manage and organize the classroom ar
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I have learned quite a bit from this unit. At first, it was really difficult to grasp the tenses because it has been such a long time since I have had to remember the differing types. With that being
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I found myself conceptualizing the past perfect and past perfect continuous and finding it difficult to think about how I use those tenses differently. Often the examples for each can be rearranged to
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This unit covers some of the special considerations to have when teaching specialized groups like beginners, young children and specific purpose groups (like those from a company). There are many goo
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After i studied this course,i learned that test has an important function for both students and teachers.Tests are important because of their objectivity and ability to measure student learning.By tes
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This unit is devoted to the topic of Modals, phrasal verbs and Passive voice. There are such modal verbs as may, might, need to, must, have to, should, can, could, be able to, would, and they all hav
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The unit 1 is entry level of teaching knowledge to introduce what is good teacher's qualifications and how many roles the good teacher should play. First, the good teacher should patient and professio
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This unit is about phrasal verbs, relative clauses, and modal verbs. It is important to understand these parts of grammar, but it never really crossed my mind that there were so many strict rules that
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This unit was quite interesting as it described the 4 basic sub-parts to the present simple tense. I have been using the different tenses for decades, but if one was to ask me to qualify it and name t
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