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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. There was quite a lot of content to conver in this unit and I found the number of rules fairly hard to remember. I will review this unit and try t
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In unit 6, it introduces us the past tenses: Past simple: used for actions completed at a definite time in the past. Affirmative form: I went to the gym yesterday. Negative form: I didn't go to the g
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Vocabulary is the knowladge of the word and word meaning.I have learned easiness and difficulties of vocabulary which depends on numbers of factors.I have learned that grammatical structures which we
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This unit is devoted to the topic Teaching New Language that includs teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions. Grammar is considered the tree of the language while vocabulary is the leaves
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Waite Park
The clarity of unit one adds a good fundamental basis regarding sudents of youth vs adults. Some of the mentioned topics regarding adults vs young learners maybe obvious in hidsight but upon completin
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From unit 9, i have learnt that lesson plan is a detailed step-by-step guide that outlines the teacher's objectives for what the students will accomplish during the course of the lesson and how they w
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This unit gave me a broad overview of the methodologies for teaching ESL, describing what each methodology entailed, its theory of learning, and its pros and cons. The unit identified key requirements
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Walnut Grove
In unit 11 we covered teaching receptive skills. The two receptive skills are listening and reading. I believe both are equally as important to eachother because of the strength of one only increases
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I have learned what it takes to be a good teacher at the base level. There are many things that people don't consider when thinking about how to engage a class, but each part is relevant because it ca
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This unit went over basic classroom management principles. First, it is important to pay attention to things such as gesture and voice. Good classroom management starts with a teacher who can engage
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Great unit in terms of giving ideas for Study section at the lesson and Activities to drill the rules. And also I’ve done the worksheet coming up with new and fresh ideas how to make studies more pr
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Ihave learnt plenty important things from this unit: how to behave on the lessons, how to work with groups and individuals, how to arrange classroom depending on several factors, when it is appropriat
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In this unit about Lesson Planning, it deals with the functions and principles. Being organized on how Lesson plan be carried out and implemented are factors of success in the goals and objectives pla
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This unit Describes the motives and the processes of reading and listening. It also outlines potential problems for students and the various ways to help alleviate these problems. Finally it provides
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Unit 10 showed two different videos of the same teacher teaching the same class. What I learned most was how big of an effect the teacher´s attitude can have on the class. In the first video the tea
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Watched and studied both videos and got to understand that the first video was not a great method to teach, it was boring, the teacher was rushing, he did not engage the student before commencing the
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This was an interesting unit. It took me awhile to understand the phonemic symbols but I understand it now and downloaded the zip file. I really enjoyed the pronunciation part of the unit and never
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All the techniques above are useful and effective in their own way.We should use different elicitation techniques during lessons.For advance and beginner levels we can not use same techniques.Also in
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I feel like I have learned how to construct useful lessons for my future students. I think I still have a ways to go before I am completely prepared to create a lesson that will be beneficial to my st
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Speaking and writing comes naturally to me so I have to take a step back and put myself in someone else’s shoes. I have to imagine what it would be like for me to learn a foreign language from scra
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This unit covered the future tenses of verbs. It went over the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous tenses. The unit also covered the going to future tense wh
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This unit is parts of speech. The unit is very useful for my learning English. There are eight types of speech, noun, adjective, article, verb, adverb, gerund, pronouns, preposition and conjunction wo
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This lesson covered more complicated grammar points, from modals and passive voice to phrasal verbs. After learning about how to change active voice to passive voice by changing the normal tense into
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This unit is about evaluating and testing students. Tests are a great way to check student's progress. There are several types of tests: placement test to check which level is more appropriate for the
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Unit 20 provided troubleshooting for some common problems in the EFL classroom. First, it is important to start off on the right foot. The first lesson is essential for building a rapport with the cla
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This unit covers the two receptive language skills of reading and listening. I learned that both are equally important, and are also equally important as speaking and writing. There are some special
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West Concord
It was interesting to get an objective look on course books, its advantages and disadvantages. Being offered 'tips' on using a course book and analysing one. I have also learnt that supplementing a co
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West St. Paul
This unit discusses the importance of a supplementary material and textbooks for learning a language. Whereas a textbook provides an outline and goal and is an "easy" approach to planning lessons, cre
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West Union
This unit provided me with a broad overview of the characteristics of a 'good' teacher and a 'good' learner. This unit also informed me about the differences in skill, motivation, and attitude towards
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Unit 11 focused on the receptive skills of reading and listening. There are several reasons for these skills that include the following. For a purpose to achieve some particular aim or goal as well
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I learned that there are tenses that tells the action in the past, present and future. There are also four tenses for each which makes twelve. In this unit, the present tenses talked about the simp
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This unit shows us the importance of lesson planning, how it should be done, what should be included; providing explanations for each of the aspects mentioned and, to make it even more clear, an examp
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This unit introduced the different types of equipment that teachers can use in their classrooms to aid in their lessons. Not only did the unit give different types of equipment, but in each of the sec
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White Bear Lake
There are many different types of equipment and teaching aids available to help facilitate learning a new language, each possessing its own unique qualities. These tools like any tool have a proper t
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Every student is different. Whether it be age, experience, or goals, each student is unique and the teacher will need to adjust appropriately to the needs of the student. It is up to the teacher to no
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In this unit, it introduces us about phonology: the study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is related to the variation in volum and pitch in a wh
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I learned that pronunciation is often times neglected by teachers due to their lack of confidence in relaying the knowledge to students. I learned that volume and pitch are vital to stressing words i
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This unit explains the ways in which future can be expressed, either through the four tenses of the future, simple future, future continuous, perfect future, or perfect future continuous; as well as t
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Willow River
For my personal perspective, from this unit I learned well about different stages of students' reaction. And this is really important to know that different groups of students have different ways of t
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Unit 12 Reflection: This unit focused on the productive skills- reading and writing. I learned that writing is often neglected in the TEFL world as it is often given as homework(which does not nearly
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This unit is devoted to the topic Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. Intonation is a variation of pitch and volume. Stress is more concerned with individual words. Intonation can show the attitude
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Teaching special groups. There are different types of classes 1. Teaching Beginners This strikes fear into the heart of inexperience teachers however teaching beginners is very enjoyable and rewardin
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This unit is devoted to the topic of Conditionals and reported speech. There are four types of conditionals: Zero Conditional, first conditional, Second conditional and third conditional. Zero conditi
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Basic skills of language are divided into two groups: receptive skills - reading and listening; productive skills – speaking and writing. All four basic skills should be incorporated in any well bal
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Learning how to construct a basic lesson plan was helpful as I have been curious since chapter 3. The task were great in making our minds think a little. I found that simulating the lesson in my mind
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I have learnt a lot of things and some I think I still confuse. The comparatives and superlatives were very interesting, using words in your vocabulary but never actually knowing what they are and why
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This unit was particularly helpful for me because I will be teaching children in my classroom! So the section of children students was very important and I was able to get a little more detail about h
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This unit has a lot of helpful materials and ideas about how to handle your classroom dynamics. Things such as teacher presentation, student interaction, and the physical space of your classroom, all
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Wolf Lake
Educators can asses a student's progress through homework, course unit test, half year exams, end of year exams and external tests. There are five different types of tests. Placement tests help form
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This unit deals with teaching special groups. There are various types of classes, that is beginners, which have sub-classes like absolute, false, adult, young and the beginner without Roman alphabet.
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