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Unit 15 about evaluation and testing presented well-illustrated information about the different types of tests. I wish it had gone deeply into the difference between the formative assessment and the
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This unit will be useful reference material for thinking about incorporating aids into future lesson plans as it had many useful links and consideration about equipment. It is important that aids and
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This unit explains the many present tenses in the English language and why students might find this unit confusing. It gives reasons how in this area, English is different from other languages that on
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Alot of great insight into teaching methodlogies that makes one think about possible scenarios as well as identifying the stages of the lesson. Having a grip on what ESA is all about can really aid th
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This unit is about introducing new grammar structures and vocabularies to the students. Vocabulary is very important, especially in early stages where students are more motivated to learn. absorption
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Two productive skills are speaking and writing. While speaking requires more fluency, writing requires accuracy as misunderstandings cannot be resolved in real time. When teaching speaking, accuracy a
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Sturgeon Lake
Reflecting on this unit, I see the need and importance of proper evaluation. It is a way to measure student learning,and is efective at many different levels. The students can take many different exam
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Generally the format of this unit is easier to understand due to the context being very similar to previous units. The forms of the tenses have a general flow and are easy to grasp. Understanding when
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Sunfish Lake
This unite is about the different tools a teacher can use in the classroom to make class more interesting and effective. There are several aids that for a long time have been used in the classroom, su
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This unit showed two different videos of the same class. You can clearly see the difference between the two in terms of the classroom environment and interaction. The students were more active and eng
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I feel I still need to go back to the Engage, Study, Activate theory, I found out some questions ask about the levels of this theory and how to teach or maintain discipline or even sit down during the
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I feel I have gotten a better grasp of present tense. I use sentence structures like this every day, but I have not thought about the simple rules and tenses for many years. Everyday sentences are som
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This unit is looking into common problem situations that teachers might be dealing with in the classroom. Each new teacher will be facing different issues, for instance teaching few classes in the sam
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I understood the roles of a teacher and what i need to do to be more effective in class, also the different levels of student. Also got to understand the reason of seeking to study english language w
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Taylors Falls
The unit is about the basics of classroom make-up. It includes possible student levels and abilities, as well as teacher models for areas of class/lessons. As an instructor/teacher of a physical acti
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In Unit 5, I learned about managing classes, classroom arrangement, gestures and eye contact, discipline, and rapport. I think the most interesting things about this unit were how classroom arrangemen
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This unit provides samples where we can be a fly on the wall during two lessons. We watched the first lesson where the instructor was basically a train wreck and the students were looking around like
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Thief River Falls
in this unit i learned teaching receptive skills like reading and lsitening. i learned reason for reading and listening : for entertainment and for a purpose. i also learned how we read and lsiten. i
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Its important to understand the tense system, when you are studying or teaching English as a second language. Having a better understanding of the tense system allows for learners to express themselve
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This unit gives a basic understanding of the various parts of speech. It helps us categorize the individual parts of sentence into various grammar categories with logic. The parts of speech includes N
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Tonka Bay
In this unit i learnt different parts of speech namely; Noun (Countable and uncountable) how they are used in a sentence. The Adjectives their basic rule are; size-age-colour-materials-noun, also comp
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It was interesting learning about receptive skills and how to teach them. The unit provided useful information for lesson planning and a deeper understanding of the ways we 'read and listen'. As the u
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In this unit I have learned about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. First there are the basic rules to modal auxiliary verbs and some teaching ideas. Further I have learned about the passive vo
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In this unit, I have learned about classroom management, i.e. to manage the class in a friendly and relaxed way while maintaining discipline. In this context, I have also learned about the importance
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Understanding the importance of productive skills helps us to provide a better overall teaching experience for students involved. Just like the lesson prior to this, its important to focus on producti
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This has been a really full lesson- with concepts, philosophies, and practical methodologies for teaching EFL. The main things I am taking away are related to elicitation and the ESA teaching method.
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There is a lot to take in on this chapter. I never learned anything about phonetic script growing up, although I do remember seeing the weird looking lettered versions of words in the dictionary. I
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These videos gave clear examples of what behavior is expected of good and poor teaching strategies. I am pleased that both were provided, because sometimes a seemingly minute detail in the lesson can
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Turtle River
In unit seven we are taken through the aspects that need to be taken into account when selecting the new vocabulary that is going to be introduced to the students, as well as ways in which this can b
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Twin Lakes
This unit was helpful in reviewing the many different future tenses and their functions in terms of talking about the future. I think that it will be helpful when teaching the future tenses to contras
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Twin Valley
Unit 17 covered teaching equipment and aids for english teachers. I think this unit is a fantastic resource for teachers. Not only did it give good examples of how to use different types of equipment
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Two Harbors
I’m alway looking for ways to make myself a better teacher. Reading about how to be a better teacher, i need to be motivated so my students will be motivated as well. My role is the teacher to makes
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This unite is about productive skills: Speaking and writing. Writing is the most neglected skill because it takes a lot of time, and it's usually part of a homework activity. Speaking is practised oft
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I found this unit difficult as it is not natural for a native English speaker to be able to distinguish the difference between present perfect, simple and continuous. Identifying the form of the verb
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In this lesson we went over teaching productive skills. The two productive skills are writing and speaking. Both skills are used for the same purpose of communication. Writing often becomes neglected
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In this unit, it introduces us conditionlas and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences with "if" or "when", which refer to past, present and future possibilities.There are two clause: the "if" cl
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This unit was all about how to teach new language (vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions) to students. The vocabulary and grammar structure sections included different techniques for
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I learned that for listening texts if 1 or 2 students finish before the rest of the class, it is best not to keep them bored and waiting and give them crosswords while the rest are finishing up. For r
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Vadnais Heights
Unit 2 focuses on parts of speech. It describes the different parts of speech with many examples. The first group are nouns. There are many different types of nouns, for example countable and uncounta
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In this unit, it introduces us the receptive skills - reading and listening. There are 2 main reasons and motives for reading and listening: for a purpose (help us achieve some particular aim or goa
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This unit went over the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. Prior to reading this unit, I had not considered pronunciation to be a whole lesson in itself because pronunciation is so dependent on
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Basic language skills can be categorized into receptive and productive skills, which break down further into reading and listening skills, on one hand, and speaking and writing skills on the other. Th
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Vernon Center
Unit 5 is on Classroom Management. It gives many suggestions on how to manage a classroom and what to do or to avoid while teaching. It seems to be important to keep teacher talk time TTT to a minimum
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Unit 4 introduces the four different present tenses in English. They are present simple, present progressive, present perfect and present perfect progressive. How to form these tenses and how to use t
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This is one aspect of teaching and learning process on both teachers and students. How to teach new language to learners and how will it be exposed, understand and be able to use it correctly and pro
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Through ought the history education, mankind has developed and perfected many different theories and ideas about the way teaching should be conducted. These ideas and theories range from a number of
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This unit discusses different kinds of exams, some purposes for them, some exam forms, some of the information a person may infer from an exam, who wants to or can take an exam and why, some different
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This unit is an excellent review of the different parts of speech in English. Most of it I knew, but there were certain things such as gerunds that I had forgotten about. This unit reminded me just ho
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? have learned from this course, successful classroom managment depends on a few big strategies and a lot of little one . For classroom managment ,the most important things for me as a teacher are to
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This lesson is titled coursebooks and lesson materials. There are two types of materials :authentic and created materials. The use of coursebook, advantages, and disadvantages are given. Four differen
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