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In this unit there are two ESA demonstration videos. There are designed to show the same lesson being thought twice. First lesson is demonstrating basic errors of the teacher, which is affecting the
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It was interesting to understand the different roles that a teacher plays since it is often common to think of teachers as just lecturing in front of a classroom. Being able to play many different rol
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From this unit, I learnt that there are many factors which contributes to how a good learner learns from a good teacher. A good teacher will always encourage the students to try whenever they face any
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Unit 17 explains equipments and teaching aids. Such equipments and aids includes : the board, interactive whiteboard, overheard projector (OHP),visual aids, worksheets and work cards, the cassette rec
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The unit was about the four present tenses: present simple, present continuous (also known as present progressive), present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Each tense was discussed with four
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After i watched both videos,i realised how the teacher's manner affect the students learning progress.One of the most important point of teaching is showing students and letting them to understand the
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This unit I believe has shown me the complexity of the different methods and techniques when teaching English. This makes me reminisce about the different methods teachers have used on me throughout m
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This unit shows that some of the different forms of the present tense in the English language such as present simple, present continuous, and present perfect. I remember learning all of the names for
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In this study unit I learnt a lot about parts of speech that I had previously forgotten (which I had previously learnt at school). I believe that it is very important to understand the ideas and work
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This unit is devoted to the topic Future Tenses. There are such Tenses as Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous. To talk about the Future we also use Be going
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This unit covered how to teach pronunciation and phonology. It included a lot of details on the phonetic alphabet, as well as the different places of articulation and the sounds, or manner of articula
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This unit was all about past tenses and covered the four different types of past tense. Each section described the tenses forms, usages, typical errors or mistakes, and included example activities tha
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This unit assists teachers with lesson planning and execution, as well as general administrative and attitudinal direction. I have learned a good bit about how structure works to engage students so th
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Teachers all have different personalities and we as teachers all teach through our personalities. This unit is about how to understand our role and characters of students. I learnt about levels of lea
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Lots of exceptions to parts of speech which must make learning English very difficult for some learners. One that I believe would be tricky to discuss even with an advanced class would be the use ind
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Kettle River
Learning about IWB's was nice, I will need to do some further research to get a better understanding of the capabilities but it sound like it can save on time spent writing which which in turn free up
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With this lesson i learned the about what skills a good teacher needs to have also i read about the different roles a teacher can play during his classes and what are the meanings and differences betw
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This unit is helpful in teaching a new language. I imagine I will be overwhelmed by teaching students who are brand new to the language to this unit helps me to strategically choose what to teach and
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This lesson taught me about teaching new language to students. Grammar and vocabulary are both important and go together. Selecting vocabulary to teach depends on a class and may vary greatly dependin
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This unit was about teaching practice, more specifically how to deliver engaging and effective lessons. The first lesson was fairly bad with the teacher not setting out learning objects or points. It
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This unit is devoted to the topic Teaching Productive skills. Productive skills are Speaking and Writing. It is important to create a need for students to teache them Speaking and writing so motivatio
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this unit covered many interesting subjects, most of which i knew by name, but may not have been be able to identify correctly prior to this lesson. Despite being able to use the auxiliary verbs corre
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La Crescent
In this unit, I learned ways to choose the right book course for teaching. When plannng a lesson it’s good to prepare materials that are going to be effective and motivate the student. By using auth
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La Prairie
In this unit, we went over introducing new vocabulary to teach a new language. When selecting new vocabulary for students you must take in a variety of considerations. You have to think about how ofte
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La Salle
This unit covers conditionals and direct or reported speech. It provides the proper structure for the zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and the mixed condition
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Teaching a new language to any person will depend on his/her current knowledge. Some people learn language faster because their language have similarities to the new language they are learning. Then t
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Lake Benton
This unit covers all of the future tense forms and usages. It is now the third verb tense we have covered, and I am feeling more and more comfortable with the forms of the simple, continuous, perfect
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Lake Bronson
The content of this unit consists of the different types of materials and course book work that I would be able to use when instructing. It is important to understand when to use authentic materials a
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Lake City
A good teacher should truly care about his/her teaching, be enthusiastic, sensitive, but be even more aware of the learning process of his/her students. The roles of teacher are various and complex, d
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Lake Crystal
This chapter was slighly easier to grasp due to the familiarity of the structure of rules from the previous chapters. The only downside for non native speakers orsecond language students would be the
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Lake Elmo
This unit has provided me with a valuable insight into what makes a good teacher or learner and also which factors create a good teaching and learning environment. It has also shown me the various rol
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Lake Henry
This unit taught all of the different parts of speech used in the English language; the different types of nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles, conjunctions, pronouns and prepositions. This un
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Lake Lillian
This unit covers basic English grammar through teaching the parts of speech. It covered nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and many of the nuances and s
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Lake Park
This unit is about modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modals can be used to express obligation, ability, possibility and other different ideias. The most common are: should, could, would, may, mi
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Lake Shore
This unit was a good review of the different past tenses and it also talked briefly about the similarity of past, present, and future tenses. The past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and the pa
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Lake Wilson
In thi unit, I have known a lot about phrasel verbs which is important but a bit difficult for students so that teachers have to make a clear strucure about it. There are three types of phrasel verbs,
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In this unit, we discussed the different methods of presenting information about a new language to varying class levels. The intake of vocabulary, application of grammatical structures, and the areas
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From this unit, I learned that sentences can be broken down into identifiable components called parts of speech. English is complex; it is full of many rules and just as many exceptions to those rules
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Lakeland Shores
In this unit, it reviews a lot what we have learned before. It is interesting to know more working activities with the students. There many different ways to interact with the students with different
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Conditional and reported speech Conditional tenses are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen. In English, most sentences using the conditio
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In this unit, I learned the importance of evaluating your students. We need to make sure they are making progress and not forgetting what they’ve learned. It’s useful for the teacher to see where
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This unit teaches all about conditional sentences, or sentences that use an "if" clause. I learned all about the five different types of conditionals- the forms and usages/meanings of each one. The s
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From this unit i have learnt that Conditionals are namely; Zero conditional talks about an action and facts that are indubitable. First conditional refers to a real situation in the future that is pos
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In this unit I have watched 2 videos presenting 2 different lessons. THe first lesson was quite abrapt and confusing. The teacher wasn't able to stick to the logic and explain the material appropriate
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In this lesson I learned about the many forms of the present tense, from present simple and present continuous to present perfect and present perfect continuous. In particular, I found present perfect
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The content of the unit is very helpful in understanding the simple structure of the sentence. Things that we use in day to day life, but never really pay attention to, because it comes to us naturall
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The content of this unit covers the past tenses. I feel that the descriptions in the work book are extremely poorly conceived. But you would have to pay me to actually explain this to you in such a wa
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Le Center
The term beginner can fall into categories (the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner, the beginner without Roman alphabet). Before teachers can begin to teach
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Le Roy
This unit is about receptive skills (reading and listening). There are four basic skills - reading and listening, productive skills, speaking and writing. They are all equally important. When we read
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Le Sueur
This was a very interesting class. It brought up a few grammar terms I have long forgotten about. Bringing everything back into light to teach it again was very helpful. I see, as an observer, teacher
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