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In unit 6, it introduces us the past tenses: Past simple: used for actions completed at a definite time in the past. Affirmative form: I went to the gym yesterday. Negative form: I didn't go to the gym yesterday. Question form: Did you go to the gym yesterday? Past continuous: used for interrupted past actions/ expressing an action which began before that time and probably continued after it. Affirmative form: I was having class when you called this morning. Negative form: He was talking to someone when I came to the classroom. Question form: Were you watching TV when I called last night? Past perfect: uesed for actions that occurred before the other actions in the past, we can call it "the past in the past). Affirmative form: When I left my home I realised that I had left my keys at home. Negative form: Michael hadn't finished the work when I arrived his home. Question form: Had the landlord painted the rooms when you decided to rent the house? Past perfect continuous: used to talk about longer actions or situations in the past that had been going on continuously up to the past moment that we are thinking about. we dont't kwow if it continued after or not. Affirmative form: Before going to Michael's, she had been staying at home for 3 days. Negative form: I had not been excercising for months before I went to the gym yesterday. Question form: How long had they been studying here when their teacher Michael left.