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What I am finding most confusing as I am trying to develop lesson plans is how best to order multiple elements of the study phase. How much structure should I give them before allowing them to explore
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This module is a very practical and important part of the study as it relates to planning for teaching. The planning needs to be as detailed as possible to record on the various contents and other imp
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The video presentations of the 2 lessons shown differences that can cause a success of a lesson. The 1st lesson shows that the teacher could have clarify on certain uncertainties from the students and
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This module is important as it informs us on the receptive skills, listening and reading, are important. Sometimes we predict certain contents based on what we read also depends on the context and sit
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Sand Rock
In this unit, I learned how to develop a course. Firstly, we have to test the students’ level and conduct a needs analysis in the first meeting. These results will later be needed to design the syl
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This modules deals with the productive skills that are speaking and writing. Both are important in their own ways and cannot be neglected. While the contracted forms can be spoken out but not in writi
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This module is interesting as it touches on the phonology of English words. This is not easy as the teacher needs to memorise the different phonemic symbols and know how to pronounce it. This module a
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Sardis City
In this unit, I learned about authentic and non-authentic materials, the difference between them, and the advantages and disadvantages of authentic materials. Then I also learned what factors teachers
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This module helps me to understand the importance of getting materials for the lesson. The materials need to be analysed whether it can be of help in the teaching of the lesson and reinforcing the tau
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This module is interesting to provide information on the the kinds of assessment and evaluation of students' learning. There should be tests along the journey of the learning to evaluate students' lea
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This module is interesting as it touches on the conditionals in which there are zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. The forms are provided and the way it is used will suggest ideas abou
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This was probably the most difficult – and the most interesting-- part of the course thus far. As a native speaker, I rarely get to see how words that I commonly use are formed. While I probably bo
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The lesson was a good reminder about the options a teacher has for making the class engaging and relevant to the students’ needs. In a lot of instances , there is a tendency to rely on the outline
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This module is interesting as it touches on teaching special group of people. This module varies from beginner learners from young age to adult age in the workforce. The important part in order to car
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This module touches on dealing with a variety of learners from the start of the first lesson. Building rapport with the students is important during the first lesson and to engage them through meaning
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Hello,this unit refers to different skills that persist in a study of any language . Classifies by receptive skills and productive skills. For receptive skills there are reading and listening of wh
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Selmont-West Selmont
In this unit, I learned how to use case study and frameworking as tools in the teaching process. Then “problem-based learning”, which is similar to but still different from the case study method,
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  The following unit was specifically addressed to the importance of productive skills : speaking and writing. As I mentioned in the previous unit content , these two skills are connected to the othe
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The lesson provided some useful information about other assessments that are used internationally. Coming for the US, I am familiar with the TOEFL exam but was not aware of many of the other tools th
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Every time I say that a unit is the most difficult, I have to revise my statement. I think this unit was the hardest since it covers material that is pretty esoteric, even for a native speaker. While
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I found this unit had sufficient information and appropriate examples. I do find that I personally need to spend more time learning and understanding the tenses as this seems to be a weakness on my pa
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Shelby County
In this unit, I learned that teachers have to be culturally prepared to work throughout the world. Teachers should be able to have a certain degree of understanding of the country before working there
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I found the example of the lesson plan extremely helpful and I know I will use it as reference in the future. I felt this unit needed to have a summary of the straight arrow ESA lesson plan as the tes
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Shoal Creek
This unit is about receptive skills. Receptive skills include reading and listening. Reading and listening could be done with purpose or for entertainment. Some skills used to read or listen include s
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It was extremely helpful for me to watch both videos and I think I even surprised myself at how upset I was with the teacher in the first lesson and his attitude from the beginning to the end of the l
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This section was rich with resources that both students and teachers can use. One of the things that is increasingly clear from this course is how different it is to teach native speakers and non-nati
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I found the section on Business English particularly interesting since that Is where I would like to focus my teaching skills. I suspect that some of the tips on teaching youngsters would also apply h
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Sims Chapel
In this unit, I learned about the specifics of teaching adults and the various difficulties that can bring to the table. I also learned about the differences between one-on-one teaching and group teac
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There are several qualities that come to mind when asked which qualities a good learner or teacher should possess. This unit helps identify the key qualities that are more commonly agreed upon univers
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This unit serves as a good refresher for the basic knowledge of English Language. Till date, I follow these rules and parts of speech meticulously but did not realise that some of these are a result o
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I think that although this is a relatively short unit, it is crucial to understand the reasoning and different methods of evaluating and testing students at different levels. It is very important to k
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Smiths Station
This unit is about perceptive skills, which include speaking and writing. To teach students you must encourage them by having them practice before, have guided activities, make the activities purposef
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Smoke Rise
In this unit I learned about pronunciation and phonology. I learned that pronunciation is something many English students find difficult. I had never noticed before the intonation in English that ind
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This unit was a bit challenging and took me longer than anticipated. The 5 types of conditionals are as follows: zero, first, second, third and mixed. I think this could be a fun lesson to teach to st
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Snow Hill
This unit covered multiple ways in which our teaching can be done, in a very practical way, from case studies to using adapted games to searching the internet for additional information. It introduced
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This unit was very informative with regards to the different types of teaching aids that can be used in the classroom in order to make lessons more interesting, keeping students more engaged and the l
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South Vinemont
In this unit I learned about coursebooks and language materials. I learned about authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are real life materials like newspapers, games, magazines, poems,
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This unit completed the content on English Grammar for the course. It was yet again informative. I did however feel there was not enough examples on transitive and intransitive phrases and thought tha
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Spanish Fort
in tis unit I have learned some basic information what is Teaching English for the business, at beginning of this unit helped me out to understanding the terminologies of the business and the differen
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Spring Garden
In this unit I learned about different exams English students have to take. These exams include internal and external exams. Internal exams are exams conducted by the English school and include: place
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Spring Hill
This unit shows how to design a course syllabus by considering various stages of contact with clients .It also helps how to test level of a client which makes the class smooth. This explains how analy
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Spring Valley
This unit explains different types of materials,how to create and use them in class.It shows advantages and disadvantages of different types of materials.It helps the teacher how to design a material
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This unit covered teaching specials groups and it definitely is an important unit. It gives insight on teaching beginners from all age groups as well as Business English students as well as monolingua
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The troubleshooting unit is the final unit of the course and was the best and shortest unit. Just kidding. It covered all the content and was a nice little summarized version of a lot of the other uni
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Spruce Pine
In this unit I learned about conditionals and reported speech. There are five main conditionals: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional. Cond
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St. Clair County
The course is part of the general English teaching program that focuses on business related interaction using English as the medium of communication. It teaches ESP teachers how to perform needs analy
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St. Clair Springs
This unit comprised the role of teachers and learners, advantages and disadvantages of teaching individuals and groups. Also, it covers the skills such as receptive and productive skills, the teaching
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St. Florian
In this unit I learned about teaching equipment that is used in the classroom. This equipment includes: blackboards, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual aids (like cards pictures, obj
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St. Stephens
The main idea of this unit is about the role of the teacher and of the learner. Understanding the role of the teacher is vital and play a significant role in the teaching-learning process. These inc
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Standing Rock
In this unit, I had much to learn. How to evaluate a student or a group of students. How to divide the group based on their needs of language. What kind of test is appropriate according to the lesson
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