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Grammar is the area that puts fears into the hearts of both students and teachers. However, when it is viewed logically then there won’t be many difficulties. The teacher should know that he/she is not a grammar guide book yet he/she still should not lose the students trust in them by not knowing anything. Each word of the sentence can be further classified according to its meaning and purpose. There are eight main parts of speech in English: Noun: it can be name of a person, a place or a thing • Example: teacher, London, classroom, beauty, family. Pronoun: we use pronouns to avoid repetition. • Example: Mary is sick. She wants to sleep. Adjective: to describe a person, place or a thing. • Example: there is a big, old and dark building over there (we have to always follow the adjective order when having more than one adjective in a sentence). Verb: it shows an action or a state. It is transitive: when it is directly followed by an object. • Example: He squeezed the lemon. Or intransitive: it means that it cannot be directly followed by an object. • Example: He arrived late to the work. Adverbs: It tells how, where, when, how often or to what extent and it usually ends in (-LY). • Example: I usually have lunch at 1pm. Articles: An article ( a, an) is used before general nouns which are called indefinite nouns on the other hand, there are definite nouns and we used article(the) before them when the nouns is specific and particular. • Example: I need a book. The book needs to be in English. Preposition: it shows the relationship between a noun and or a pronoun and other word in the sentence. • Example: I left my wallet on the table for you. Conjunction: to join word or groups in a sentence. • Example: I was sick and tired but I still came to work.
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