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In Unit 13, I learned how to teach pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study of study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is considered to
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This unit speaks about the different teaching techniques developped over the years. it mentions the pros and cons for each one of them. Afterwards is the introduction of the ESA method which only take
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The unit is about parts of speech.it is a category of the words based on their function in a sentence. noun, verb, article, adjectives, adverbs, preposition, conjunction, pronoun, gerunds.In this unit
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Evaluations and tests are the barometer of the teachers to weigh their students capacity or learning progress. Evaluations are not only conducted during the learning of the leanguage, it is also cond
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Dollar Bay
In this unit, we saw a comparison of a bad class versus a good class. The attitude of the teacher has a great deal to do with the class. In the first video, the teacher had a bad attitude, wasn't in c
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There are several types of beginners: absolute, false, adults and younger learners, and those who do not know the Roman alphabet. It is important to not use the students’ mother language, and homewo
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In this unit, I learnt about the use of course books and teaching materials when teaching English to students. In particular I learnt about the differences and benefits of using authentic and created
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This unit explains seven most common future tenses or tenses with the meaning of future, that are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going+infinitive, pres
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Unit 12 was very helpful in solidifying my knowledge and application of the productive skills. It's easy to overlook the importance of something like penmanship when teaching English and I am very gla
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This unit was very helpful and gave me some new tips on how to organize a lesson plan. Unit revealed and helped me to analyse the mistakes I used to make before during my lessons planning and in the
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In this very interesting unit, we have seen the how to teach new vocabulary, how to determine what the students need to learn and how we can incorporate them in the different sections of an ESA Lesson
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Drayton Plains
Unit 17 covered equipment and teaching aids There were a number of resources listed in this unit that may or may not be available in a classroom environment, the pros and cons of each, and possible a
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In this lesson, I learned about the receptive skills, reading and listening. We use receptive skills in two main ways. The first is for a purpose, and this is when we want to achieve a particular aim
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Drummond Island
The unit gave information in teaching special group. These are Beginners, Individuals, Young Learners, Business English and Monolingual or Multilingual. I have learned the things that should be consid
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This unit explains future tenses, and encloses seven types of future: First, the future simple that we can use for future facts and certainties, promises, predictions based on no evidence, assumption
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The way this unit had been set out with the two obviously contrasting teaching videos helped with identifying the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ when teaching a class in this way. The outcome of each le
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Unit 5 of the course is about class management. In the unit, there are many helpful tips and techniques to appropriately manage a class. It includes information on how seating arrangements, voice tech
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I agree with the list of advantages and disadvantages of using published course materials presented in this unit. For my students, I like to use a combination of created materials and prepared materi
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Theories , Methodologies and Techniques of teaching: Today, English is the worlds most widely studied foreign language and there have been always arguments in teaching methodologies and techniques.t
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The unit «Teachers and Learners» is divided into two detailed descriptions. The teacher should have some personal qualities like kindness, calmness and be able to play different roles during the les
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This unit teaches practical techniques and methods on how to manage a classroom through different seating arrangements, class grouping, gestures and how to approach students in different ways such as
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Technology is advancing rapidly and all aspects of teaching along with it. IWB's for example have significantly and visually changed classrooms in the last decade and I it is important to know how to
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Eagle Harbor
This particular unit deals with lesson planning. I have learned the importance of lesson planning and its functions. This unit has taught me how the lesson plan should be written i.e the basic princip
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Eagle River
This unit covered course books and course materials. I learned about the pros and cons of Authentic versus Created materials, and how to use the same authentic materials in different ways for differen
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East Bay
Unit 13 focused on Pronunciation and Phonology---what a lesson! If I thought that I had a fleeting grasp of the English language before, this unit emphasized it even more. The amazing thing is that
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East China
Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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East Grand Rapids
The past tense, like the present, is also divided into simple, continuous and perfect, as well as perfect continuous. It is helpful to review the common mistakes made by students for each form of the
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East Jordan
This unit was all about listening and reading skills. It outlined how students learn these skills, and gave good examples of ways to teach these skills. It also stated other important skills that go a
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East Lansing
I think that, after reading and studying this Unit, I have a clearer view of the role of the teacher and, above all, that of the learner. Having always been a student, it was easier for me to determin
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East Tawas
There are different types of classes that an English teacher may encounter like a beginner where in there are 5 different types. Sometimes a teacher will teach an individual or one to one which is mo
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This unit was about the different methodologies that have been in play during the past years in teaching. The main method that was primarily discussed in this unit is ESA or engage study activate, cre
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This unit was gave me an informative fact in regards of the writing and composing is the most ignored ability in the TEFL world, the same number of instructors don't prefer to see classroom hours bein
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In this shorter unit we learned the four types of basic skills in langauge which are 1) Receptive skills (Reading and Listening) and 2) Productive skills (Speaking and Writing) all four of these skill
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In this unit, we have learnt how to teach productive skills. This unit provides ESA lesson sample and activities and games that we can use in our speaking and writing classes. Guidelines for a creativ
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This Unit was about the Video Courses. One showed a failed class and one a successful class. In the first video, the teacher comes in with a bad attitude. He does not set up the lesson at all, so the
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In this unit I learned about all the different types of visual aids that can be used in a classroom. I learned all about their advantages and disadvantages and how each of them work. I also learned ab
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Eaton Rapids
This unit was a bit tricky. It is similar to the past tense unit. I feel that for a new English learner to understand these tenses, their English knowledge must at least be on the level of intermediat
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Eau Claire
There are multiple conditionals which can be fun to teach with a variety of different methods, such as split sentences or chain conditionals. Choosing which method you use should take into considerati
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Eben Junction
This unit has provided me with the technical aspect of the English language which might not have been broken down so distinctly when I was learning the language as a native speaker. Knowing these cate
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This unit covered common issues we may face when teaching students in a TEFL environment. It outlined the differences between new and existing groups. The most important part of this unit, in my opini
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It was a review of reported speech and conditionals. I really like to teach this topic because you can have so many different interesting topics for student`s conversations. Actually, there are not so
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This Unit was about Future Tenses. As I mentioned before, though I grew up and went to school in the United States, and therefore attended a American High School (with French School in the afternoons
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This unit covered evaluation and testing. I learned that there are three ways to assess a student's language level: tests, student evaluations, tutorials. Within a language school there are four typic
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This unit gives details about conditionals and reported speech.From this course,I learn’t that there are five main conditionals.The first is zero conditional and The is “if/when + present tense +
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Edgemont Park
An easy lesson on the advantages and disadvantages of using course books. the lesson starts by explaining again the difference between authentic material which is material not intended for teaching pu
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This unit started off explaining Modal Auxiliary Verbs, how to teach and explain them in general, their usages, and two different ways to teach modal auxiliary verbs in the classroom. It also explaine
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This unit explains the different teaching aids which the teacher can use to teach students in the classroom.Some of the equipments are,white/black board,interactive whiteboards (IWB),overhead projecto
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This unit highlights the importance of the way a teacher goes about correcting the students. Teachers are recommended to keep corrections positive and avoid negative statements such as; 'Not quite' or
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The activities suggested in this chapter are very helpful. It seems like it does very good for students' attentiveness if there can be a thematic continuity to the lesson as a whole. Using the ESA str
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In this Unit I learned that you as the teacher have the ability to encourage or discourage your students. Come in prepared, engage the students to break the ice and get them warmed up. Learn their nam
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