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there are many elements involved in order to be able to carry out an effective lesson,other than those academic strategies. Details in the way th teacher carries him/herself in front of the students,
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In this unit I learnt about equipment and teaching aids. I this I learnt different types of teaching aids can use to make lessons more interesting . I also learnt about how to use board . It can be u
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This unit discussed the different arrangements of a classroom, how to group students, how to use eye contact, gestures, and your voice, giving instructions and managing teacher talking time, maintaini
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Through this Unit, it made me feel clear on teaching students about the present tense. It`s great that I have learned present tense from different aspects, such as the form, usages, typical mistakes/e
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The basics of English grammar are built around the subject-verb relationship in a sentence, or concepts relate directly to the subject or verb. In some cases, like with gerunds, a verb can act as a no
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This unit covers vocabulary, grammar and functions. When teaching your students language, there are four things that students need to be able to do; be exposed to it, understand the meaning, how it's
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Brown City
Unit 1 provides an overview of what makes a teacher a good teacher and what makes a good student a good student. In addition, Unit 1 also details different roles teachers will take on within the class
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Brownlee Park
This whole unit is about present tense. Present tense talks not only with present situations but also with situations associated to it like present continuous etc.As an English teacher, knowing all th
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This unit covers problems that may arise such as working through first lessons, building rapport with students, doing warmup exercises, compromising between different level students, and working with
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Bruce Crossing
UNIT 11 was centered on two of the language basic skills, reading and listening. It highlighted the major features of the duo concepts and further explained how best to achieve optimum usage. With thi
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just giving an example on teaching receptive skills; While the students are listening or reading the teacher should circulate among them in order to see how well they are moving on and help them if i
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Speaking and writing skills engage very different parts of the students' brains. Within each skill, there are different areas the teacher may choose to focus on: Fluency emphasizes smooth, understanda
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This unit gives general understanding of teaching process in the context of interaction between teachers and learners. It provides notion of a good teacher and a good learner and qualities they should
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In this unit it was possible to get in touch with EFL methodologies that are popular in the teaching of english. It was very elucidative to know these main theories (with theirs methods and techniques
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In Unit 2, I’m very glad to study English grammar which is presented in an easy and interesting way. I study carefully about all the components of the sentence such as nouns, adjectives, articles, v
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Buena Vista
This lesson discussed the different roles of a teacher, different levels of a learner and what are the different motivational reasons they have. It also discussed the different cultural behaviors of d
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Bunker Hill
This unit discusses reading and listening as receptive skills, that the teacher has to teach his/her students. There are two aims for reading and listening, for a purpose and for entertainment. There
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I found this section significantly different than the previous lessons and I was ecstatic to see that it included a real-life example of a lesson plan. As with many of the other lessons on teaching an
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This final lesson is about what problems might occur in the class room and how to deal with them. It helps guide people to start the class well so problems are less likely to occur. This give examples
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Unit 19 covered Teaching special groups This unit was a helpful summary of the possible groups of students a teacher might end up teaching. I have taught a range in my life, but I'm not as familiar w
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I think this unit is very important to learn if you are teaching higher-level students, especially those hoping to use English in a professional way. When teaching this specific grammar lesson, the te
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In this unit, not only planing a lesson is being thought, there is also some recordings. Recording or documentation eventually coincide with the lesson planing. A written idea makes the idea more con
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This unit therefore made us to understand the how to manage a class or classroom management, there are various ways of managing a class this includes eye contact, gestures, voice and using students na
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Burr Oak
This unit was helpful because it introduced me to so many techniques, methodologies, and concept that I think will be extremely useful for my time in the classroom. I felt that in the ENGAGE, STUDY,
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As mentioned in the lesson, the future tenses are the most complicated of all tense because sometimes it uses the present as a future event or they express the ideas that something will be completed o
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Burt Lake
The present tense is a much simpler of the various English tenses. This unit presents the English present tense in four parts. Present simple, Present perfect, present continuous and present perfect c
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In this unit, i first get to know some common teaching methods, as a language teacher, i should vary my teachind method according to different situations, but some general rules to bear in mind are th
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This text's system of twelve tenses is very clear and easy to understand. I'm curious how other verb forms like the subjunctive fit into this. I see the importance of drilling irregular participle for
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I learned there are so many different ways to teach and that depending on the level of your student group one method may work better for one group than another. I also learned that the use of games is
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It's very important for all teachers (and students!) to refresh themselves and strengthen all language skills. Conditionals and reported speech are very complicated topics for most English learners an
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Managing the class is crucial in teaching. Eye contact, voice, gesture and grouping of class for activities are all important part of teaching. This unit thought me the advantages and disadvantages
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After I learned this lesson, I have studied the skills that how to control and manage a class, especially for qualities to be a good teacher, and from the learner, the above materials and video have g
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This unit covered the forms and uses of the 7 future tenses of the English language for the purpose of teaching TEFL learners. These tenses are the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, fu
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Byron Center
From this unit I have learnt that there is a lack of training and confidence in the teachers to teach pronunciation methodically, so it is likely the most neglected aspect of English language tea
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This unit has taught me quite a number of new aspects. The use of OHP is indeed more common nowadays in most schools and I think it’s a best way to capture students’ attention in class. DVDs and
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This unit enlightened me the importance of lesson planning and how it helps teachers in general to be prepare for discuss their lecture and address their topic to class in a smooth way to that student
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I think this unit helped me come to terms and realization of some things that I should take into consideration when dealing with my young learners. Indeed, they are very hard to discipline, and I find
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This unit was interesting because it gave clarity to my knowledge and understanding of the purpose(s) of the various tests. Each test has a specific purpose and it was good to finally understand the d
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Unit 11 covered receptive skills which can be categorized as reading and listening skills. Students who are learning English are constantly taking in information via reading and listening and can be o
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The unit can be summarized as the relationship in teacher and learner. What I have taken from this is: it is always good to evaluate the situation/class in every case in order to see what is needed.
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It was a nice final unit of the course. Ending it lightly makes the whole experience with the online course positive. My issues in class often arise from mixed ability classes. Once I had a department
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This unit focused on the productive skills within a language which consist of speaking and writing as well as how to incorporate games when teaching those skills. When speaking, there are two focal po
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I believe that, after some time you study and speak a foreign language, you start to choose words without thinking of the grammar - in the sense that you choose words properly without having to think
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This uini is talking about the importance of modals phrasal verbs and passive voice in English communication .It is also a brief overwiew of phrasal verbsand relative clause . i have learned most espr
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Canada Creek Ranch
The informative unit has many things to be born in mind that is form, usage of a verb in different tenses as well as the most common students errors and teaching grammar ideas. I have liked a lot the
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Canadian Lakes
Unit 15 focused on evaluation and testing inside and outside of the classroom. In this chapter, I learned about placement tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, practice tests and general external e
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This videos are very useful tool to analyse an organized and disorganized lesson. The first lesson is very disorganized and unstructured. No clear instruction was given for study activity so that the
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This unit is one of the most important ones for me, as I have learned many new things about efficient classroom work, for example the way I can prevent and deal with problematic situations, keeping di
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In Unit 9, I learned the importance of creating a lesson plan and what it should entail. A lesson plan should serve as an aid to planning and to set specific goals as to what you want to achieve by th
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I feel like this unit was a good overview of what makes a good teacher and a good learner. While it is important to have a classroom full of good, motivated learners, a large portion of the student's
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