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In this lesson, I learned about the various ways students can be tested and evaluated in classes. I also learned about how to make evaluations for students to give for their teachers. Regarding testin
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The different types of tenses and how they can be used to effectively communicate. The goal is to understand the important verb tenses that will help students in businesses and daily life. Thus, stude
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This unit is very similar to the "Present Tense" unit. It expresses the different aspects of the past tenses of words. Without proper usage of the aspect, it could be unclear in what you are trying
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The question of using the established text has always been a bit of a conflict in my own teaching experience. As the lesson pointed out, I found initially much of the text (in its exercises) to be g
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In this Unit it was shown that there are 4 present tenses in English language. They are: present simple tense, present continious tense, present perfect tense and present perfect continious tense. The
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This unit dealt with the science behind how we speak and how the volume with which we speak can add meaning to sentences. I have not had any work with phonetic script before, and so it was very intere
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Watching these lessons makes it clear how simple changes in the teacher's style and demeanor can go a long way in drawing students' interest. The teacher's open and encouraging manner in the second le
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In this unit I learned there are four different skills involved in learn English. The four skills are broken down into two different categories. The first category is for the receptive skills (reading
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An overview of this Unit is Managing classes has emphasized the features such as: Firstly, "The Eye contact, gesture, using students names" as same as "giving individual attention" and "the voice" are
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Lesson 6 focused on the rules and usages of the past tense. There are 4 tenses we use to describe the past: the past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous. This reading lis
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So difficult and demanding unit. When l studied at university, l studied for phonetics a lot. Due to hardness to memorize, it is boring to study the unit but after you understand the subject, lt is ni
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Lesson 16 focused on the forms and usage of conditionals and direct and reported speech. I have learned about conditionals in another language but never in English so this chapter was very informative
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This section on testing and evaluation was quite insightful regarding the various tests mentioned and being able to compare them with specific language standards, such as the Common European Framework
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The content of this unit focused on teaching different types of language learning students. It focused heavily on teach young learners as well as english business learners who may be older in age. It
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Unit 14 discourses coursebooks and lesson materials and divides them into two categories: Authentic materials ( programs, songs, magazines, newspapers, poems, brochures...) which are not designed for
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This unit basically talked about present tenses. I have learned different types of present tenses like Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and lastly, Present Perfect Continuous. Previ
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Unit 8: The Future Tenses outlines the seven most commonly used future tenses and their usages and shows how they can be taught to English learners. Future Simple can be used for promises, assumptions
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This unit covers the vocabulary needed to teach various lesson plans. It depends largely on the level of the students and the appropriateness and relevance of the vocabulary to the lesson. For example
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This unit taught me on how to troubleshoot problems that may arise in teaching English specially to me as I am an aspiring English teacher. Pointers were given in dealing with the first lesson. There
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Unit 10 was based on two videos of a teacher teaching the same lesson to students two different ways. The first video showed the teacher being unorganized, rude, confusing all of the students and teac
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As with all of the past tenses --- Reflecting with students the variety of future tense forms is crucial to ensuring accurate articulation of expressing indicative realities as well as predictions, pl
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As a teacher trainer, I am mostly familiar with the teaching methods, correction techniques and giving constructive feedback that have covered in this unit. However, one new idea that I have learned f
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The various tenses that encompass the present form all serve to explain the present tense either in the finite, present perfect tense or to elaborate what someone has been doing, or the present conti
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Allen Park
In this unit, we learnt about teaching different types of groups of students and the differences between them. These groups of students included individual students, multilingual groups, business lang
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In this lesson I have learnt about teaching special groups. I have learnt teaching beginners , many teachers claims that teaching beginners is one of the most enjoyable teaching. Types of teaching beg
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It is just as important to understand and master the usages and language functions of future tense verbs, as it is to understand the past and present tenses. Many of the tenses in the future are used
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Once again, while studying this Unit, I have made some considerations regarding my experience with language learning tools. As I have mentioned a couple of Units ago, I have had teachers who have alwa
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This unit focused on the future tenses and how the present simple and present progressive tense can be used when referring to future events. It also introduced the ‘going to’ future tense which is
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To summary concisely for this unit 7 ( Teaching New Language ). That Including three mains of language are Vocabulary, Grammar and functions. The teachers must know absolutely how to teaching and appl
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This unit was similar to other units in that it showed different examples of activities to use when teaching different lessons. It made me think back on my own language courses I took in school and ma
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In this unit, I have learned that both the teachers and the students play a vital role in learning the language. Both should do their parts in order to achieve a common goal which is the students` pro
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Modals are usually feared by students, yet phrasal verbs are even more difficult from my point of view because there is no rule in regard to the prepositions. Students just have to learn it and the be
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This unit is about lesson planning. Lesson planning is not an easy task just like every one's thinking,it's not an ordinary plan that you make. Lesson planning involves different activities that inclu
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With this lesson, I learned there is a variety of strategies for helping students learn a language. Some of the strategies I was drawn to were PPP, Task-Based learning, Communicative Language Teaching
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Unit number three starts of with discussing common teaching methodologies and how each one is used and the effectiveness of each. Then it discusses ESA( Engage, Study, and Activate) which is a teachin
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Unit 1 is about teachers and learners, I have learnt that taking up a role as an English teacher is very important to both young and adult learners. While there are many differences between the young
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The explanations given under the future tense makes it clear for the teacher to understand and to teach the students well.Through the course,I learnt about the seven future tenses.The first,which is t
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In this unit, I learned about the theories, methods and techniques for teaching. The main focus of the unit was on ESA lessons. ESA stands for, engage, study and activate. All three of these methods s
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I feel I have gotten a relatively detailed idea of both the teacher's and student's role in the classroom, and how to deal with different varieties of students. Moreover, I now have the basics of asse
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This unit presents the forms and usages of the four types of present tenses - present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It provides an easy and orderly way of
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This unit covered different types of examinations that are available to students. This information is important for instructors because different types of exams can provide different types of insight,
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Unit 17 focused on equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. Having the right equipment and teaching aids while teaching can really benefit your students and keep them interested and engaged in th
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Ann Arbor
This unit was a refresher of grammar rules that although I have learned them once before, I have not called upon in many years. This unit was a great refresher and much needed. Even in every day Eng
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I found this unit to be very interesting and helpful because of the video lessons. It was really useful to see a real class demonstration applying a lot of the techniques I have learned in this course
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While that past tense may seem a bit less complicated than the present tense, I believe that it still may present some challenges for English language learners. Specifically the use of the past perfec
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I learnt about different methodologies such as Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, PPP, TBL, CLT, The silent way, Suggestopaedia and The lexical approach. I learnt how to engage students and what k
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This unit introduces to me a number of more specialized groups of teaching and how to approach and teach the students of those group effectively. 1. Teaching beginners: one of the most rewarding and
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Unlike the Present and Past tenses, the Future tense has three additional tenses. The 'going to', present simple and continuous used in the future form. Here the present simple is used for schedules s
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In this particular unit I have learned in detail the various steps and procedures in what it takes to design a lesson plan.I have learned how a lesson plan should be written down,how to be organised,w
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First of all, I have learned the types of methodologies (such as audio – lingualism, suggestopaedia, task-based learning) and when they are used, what their characters/advantages/disadvantages are.
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