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Battle Creek
This unit contains exhaustive information about all parts of speech. I believe being subjected to even this small portion of the English grammar inevitably confronts the teacher with the struggles the
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This unit is an introduction to the general concepts of learning which include an insight to the qualities of a good teacher, a good learner , different kinds of learners, challenges and different rol
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Bay City
I am convinced that if students get to manage Reported Speech and Conditional Sentences, which are by the way, important parts of Academic Language , then we can be sure that they have a very clear pi
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Bay de Noc
Learning the meaning of L1 and L2 provided a clearing understanding of how as children language is developed combined with a knowledge of the different methodologies used. Understanding the methodolog
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Bay Mills
In this unit the writer was trying to show us tenses and how they are used.the unit equally illustrates how pass tenses are being placed in their right place in a sentence.A teacher in this unit shoul
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Bay Port
While I have an intuitive sense of sentence structure and the use/placement of words within a sentence, I was unfamiliar with the grammatical rules that governed this. Throughout this unit, I learnt t
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Bay Shore
In this unit I have understood the importance of the productive skills:speaking and writing.I have learned the difference between accuracy and fluency and how equally important they are and also the d
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Bay View
Lesson planning is an important part of teaching as it gives teachers a reference to use during class and also acts as a record of previous classes. The lesson plan should be flexible and cover variou
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Beal City
Understanding the benefits and uses of different types of visual aids is critical to a teacher being able to meet student needs. Furthermore, using a variety of visual aids will ultimately generate be
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Bear Creek
The unit dealt with how to manage classes. Several things were discussed; for example how to to use eye contact and gestures effectively. In addition, varying ones tone depending on the different circ
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Bear Lake
This unit covered what to expect with course materials and compared and contrasted the benefits of different types of course materials. For example, course texts are expected and great backups for stu
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This unit addressed the key points that make a good teacher and the roles that teachers are expected to be. I agree with the points that were stated in the text about what makes a good teacher. They w
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This unit gives a concise point of a good teacher and a good learner. In general, a good teacher never plays a single role in the classroom. He or she may play different roles based on the lesson requ
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Beaver Creek
I myself have learned English as a second language, so most of the general grammatical knowledge I have already learnt along the way, including the past tenses. I like that the similarities in the fo
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Beaver Island
In the English language, there are three tenses: past, present, and future. Each of these tenses has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Chapter 4 focuses on present ten
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Unit 1 delves into the roles and responsibilities of teacher and student. I learned how I can be a good teacher and motivate my students, and what qualities to look for in good learners. The section I
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This chapter gives an overview of the ways correct pronunciation can be taught effectively, along with nuances in the language e.g. intonation and stress which are all essential to speaking English. T
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When choosing course materials you can make use of authentic and created materials depending on the level of the learners; each type has various advantages and therefore using both is a good idea. Aut
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In the lesson 'teaching special groups', I learned how to teach specifically for various groups or individuals. In teaching beginners, it is important to differentiate beginner categories like absolut
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There are 12 tenses in English grammar including past, present and future tenses and their four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect and continuous. This unit covers the present tenses; present simple
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In this unit we can realise that all a teacher needs is to adapt and learn how to teach English language to non English natives.how to shape the words in other to make the students feel comfortable wi
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These two example videos were a great help to better understand how much the teachers attitude can effect the students ability to learn. You could tell the students were losing interest and not unders
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I never really learned parts of speech in any of my schoolings. I think this is mainly due to the fact that when you break these rules the language feels unnatural and stilted. It is part of the reaso
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This last Unit has taught me about the issues which can arise in different situations, such as: very first lesson, large classes, students speaking their native language during the lesson, reluctant s
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An essential part of teaching is managing the classroom. How one does so depends on a variety of factors. To keep students engaged teachers have to be aware of how and when they utilize eye contact, g
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This unit was all about how to manage the classroom and how to make the classroom an enjoyable and safe space for the students to learn. It started with points about how eye contact can be helpful and
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This unit covered ways in which a teacher should manage and control their class to create the best learning environment possible. From different ways of setting up seating to the teachers position and
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I have seen many foreign language students ( or past students) fail to comprehend The usage of past tenses. Not because they didn't understand it but because it hadn't been taught properly to gain ful
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In this Unit, the five main conditionals are explained: the zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. The differentiation between the third and mixed ones was particularly useful to me. Moreo
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In this unit, we are given advice and examples on how to teach vocabulary, grammar structure and language functions. I found this unit to be useful because it builds upon unit 3, making you more famil
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This unit is extremely informative because it hightlights the methods and techniques which can be used for an appropriate lesson phase. Also there can be found different activities for each single pha
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In this unit we learnt about simplest form of structure of a basic sentence, like adjectives, articles, nouns, verbs, adverbs. We learnt what the difference between transitive and intransitive verb is
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Benton Harbor
There are several things to be considered when managing a class. Some of which are the students’ ages, the class size, etc. In order to have an effective classroom management, the teacher must show
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Benton Heights
Conditional statements contain “if” or “when” and indicate conjecture or possibilities. In other words, a condition needs to be met first in order for the consequence to be realized. Zero cond
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While reading through this chapter, I realized how much of my grammar is automatic. I did not realize how many parts of speech categories exist in English. There are eight parts of speech: nouns, adje
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Reading and listening always have an aim or a purpose to achieve. The objectives ranges from particular aim or goal to entertainment. Listening goes beyond eyes and ears and extends to the mind being
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Lesson planning is essential to having your class run smoothly and can serve a variety of functions; such as acting as an aid to planning, creating a record and giving you something to refer to during
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Teaching supplements are a very important and sometimes overlooked part of instruction. As teachers we are not encyclopedias nor super computers, the ability to have materials that help us convey and
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This unit covered many topics ranging from popular methods of teaching English to different stages in a lesson in the class room. What I learnt and found interesting was that there are different forma
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Berrien Center
In this unit It talked about eye contact with the students and how to avoid it if its not necessary. Also it talked about the voice and how it should be used inside a classroom. The most important par
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Berrien Springs
This unit reviewed the basic qualities and characteristics of good teachers and good students. It reviewed the different roles the teacher may need to perform based on current classroom activities and
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This unit covered the different types of teaching and equipment aids and their most effective uses. This unit did a good job of breaking down the pros, cons, and best applications for each tool. I lea
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In Unit 12, I learned about teaching productive skills, which include speaking and writing. Teachers must create the need and desire to communicate. If students do not see a reason to communicate, the
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Unit 10 gave opportunity to watch two lessons on video, and then the tasks compared the two videos and the effectiveness of each video. The first video gave an example of a teacher with a bad attitud
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This unit discusses the relationship between teachers and learners. It explains different levels of learners and how it is important to understand and learn a lot about the students in order to motiva
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In the centre of the unit is teaching productive skills.There are two productive skills to develop: speaking and writing. They carry equal importance. Speaking skills include accuracy and fluency. Acc
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Beverly Hills
In this unit, it tells me about how to teaching students vocabulary, grammar and functions. Indeed it was hard for the students who learned the English for the first time. especially for their nat
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Big Bay
This unit talks about conditionals and reported speech. There are five main conditionals: Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed conditional that each one has a different form and usage. The unit gives
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Big Creek
This unit was about the different methods, theories, and techniques of teaching students. There are many ways to teach and attempt to learn another language, however a general structure of engage, stu
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Big Prairie
This unit gives a review of 4 present tenses (simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous). There are not only grammatical issues, but also a lot of examples, explanations and even typical erro
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