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Big Rapids
That Unit was all about managing the class in which you teach in. Three most common items they are: the eye contact with class, voice intonation and the gestures that you are you using while conductin
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I'm curious how younger students would respond to the phonetic symbols. It seems like it would be exhausting for students to learn this in addition to English orthography, which is already complicated
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Bingham Farms
Content in Unit 7 of the course shows how teaching a new language with vocabulary, grammar and functions. It highlights how to teach, select vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions.
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Birch Run
Unit 8 brings the future tenses and its main point. As stated in the introductory page, the future is one of the most complex areas of the English language so many forms and ideas can be used to expre
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This unit covered the many ways in which a teacher will use evaluation and testing in the classroom and what other tests outside of the classroom can be taken to test english abilities. There are 5 ty
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I think this unit helped to break down the different future tenses well. What makes the lesson a little difficult was that there were so many different future tenses that needed to be studied and that
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The focus of unit 8 was the four different future tenses. The four future tenses are future simple, future continuous, the future perfect and future perfect continuous. However there are three other t
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Black River
Sometimes, particular students may cause us problems in class, without warranting major negotiation or intervention. This unit shows us tips on how to deal with classroom challenges in class. No matt
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In this unit we can all see the various pitchwork lessons and how they are constructed,how correcting entails mistakes error not being thesame.How important it is to have a study aim so sas to be able
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This unit was very interesting and I enjoyed learning about different methods of engaging students and keeping them interested in the learning material. I also appreciated some of the information in
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This unit covers techniques used to teach special groups. I learned about teaching special groups such as, beginners, business English learners, young learners, individual learners, and multicultural
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It's inevitable that every teacher, no matter who or where, will face problems with students and their learning process. This unit was great in the sense it helped me think about how to deal with some
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In Unit 11, I learned about the four basic skills in any language. Receptive skills include reading and listening and productive skills include speaking and writing. They are all equally important. W
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This unit has clarified some of my wrong use of tenses especially the present perfect and the present perfect continuous tenses. However learning English is still a process as situations might not be
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In this unit, I learned the different theories, method, and techniques of teaching. There is no correct method to use, as it depends on the teacher's personality, the students' needs, and the cultures
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The unit was quite interesting despite that some information was already known. In the first part of the unit I considered the methods grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP, task-based learning,
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Bloomfield Hills
I have learned from this unit the four skills are grouped in to two; reading and listening which the receptive, speaking and writing which is the productive. The comprehension of an information does
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This unit brings reference to the teaching of special groups which will entail teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, business English/ English for specific purposes last
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In this unit, I have learned the usages of the modal Verbs and also the rules for the different tenses that should be used for each of the modal Verbs.Teaching ideas that came from this unit have also
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Actually I think this is one of the more important units. How can you be a good teacher without proper classroom control? How can you be a more effective teacher without a good rapport and the respect
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This unit covered the ending of essential basic grammar in the English grammar that is commonly taught in EFL. The essential topic that was shrouded in this course ought to enable you to cover most by
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Bois Blanc
In this final unit, I have learned what the common problems are in the classroom and how they can both arise and how they can be dealt with.Also for me, as being a teacher, I have taken in what I must
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I enjoyed how this section stressed on the fact of punctuation and grammar. I feel that sometimes being a native speaker we forget that incorrect punctation is a sign of lack of the language. I think
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In this unit, I learnt four present tenses; the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. This unit covered tenses and other grammar points which include: for
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This unit focused on how and by the help of which methods, a language can be efficiently taught to the students. This is a very important unit as just knowledge of a language is not enough to teach it
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This lesson reviewed the ways of selecting vocabulary to teach students. This includes this like grammatical structures and language functions. Language functions are things like inviting, refusing, s
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Boyne City
In this unit I learned the parts of speech. I learned what verbs, nouns, adjectives, gerunds, conjunction, definite articles, and indefinite articles are. I learned there are different types of nouns
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Boyne Falls
A class cannot function without classroom management, and that is the first job of a a teacher - to create an atmosphere that is conducive for learning. I currently work with respectful adults and pro
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Boyne Valley
Modals express obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice. They don’t change in form and are followed by verbs in base form. They can be taught via roleplay, rules, and sign-making. En
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What I have learnt from this unit is the various grammatical rules that fluent english speakers use but tent to look over due to the ease of knowing the language. It is easy for my to create a sentenc
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The content of this unit was focused back on working with students and managing the classroom. This unit discussed seating arrangements, the importance of the instructor’s physical presence, differ
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This unit discussed the course books and lesson materials. Course book comes into 3 ( students books, workbooks and teacher's resource book). The advantages and disadvantages of course book were also
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I learned how to structure a lesson through the engage, study, activate approach. In the engage portion, I learned about various activities I can use to get students involved and interested in the les
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This foundation unit to parts of speech provided a great insight to understanding the roles played by different words used in everyday interaction. The section revealed that there are specific rules
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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This unit is very informative. We learned the advantages of having a multicultural class; they have no other choice but speak a common language which is English. Teaching children is not easy. They ha
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The unit dealt with past tenses, namely: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. Each tense was explained individually using sub-topics such as form, usages, common or
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In this lesson, I learned about methods to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions. In every class, it is important that students have exposure to new language, understanding its meaning and construct
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I am already familiar with grammar, as I have taken it throughout my education, but it was very helpful to break it down into these simple parts. Reading through everything can be overwhelming, but ev
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The unit is about lesson planning.Centered the effective ways teachers can plan lessons, organize the class and generally impact on the students. It further provided a kind of exercise which tasked th
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This unit was an interesting unit, it was actually a video lesson which involves the teacher and the learners, the teacher was teaching English language. Thus this unit really show us how to go about
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5 Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded bu
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Reported Speeh is on of the basics of students ‘everyday grammar which I find very confusing if one hasn’t mastered the rules behind changing direct to indirect speech. Personally I have learnt a
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In this unit we can see that when a teacher is teaching a particular set of people he teaches with some role for example when teaching a group of young learners he is not suppose to concerntrate on th
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This unit was about the system and structure of past tenses. There was some crossover with the work from the present tense unit, but I had similar difficulties. I find these bits really quite difficul
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Okay this was unexpectedly detailed, I was happy to read it through and while learning a lot about methodologies. Every class is different but as a general base guideline this is something that many w
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I hadn't realized before how many different ways that the future tense is constructed in English. I think that the future perfect and future perfect continuous are particularly interesting because it'
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This unit went over the Present Tenses: Simple Present, Perfect Present and Present Perfect Continuous. I became aware of the various forms of the present tense in the English language during an inter
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This unit gives detailed explanation to teaching special groups, types of classes, advantages and disadvantages of each group. In my job I teach both Business English Learners and Younger Learners and
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This unit was about the different types of testing and evaluations given by teachers. It walked through each specific kind and how they are used and what they test. I appreciated reading about what ea
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