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It was difficult and interesting unit. In my learning of english i really didnt spend much time to learn about pronounciation, usually i have just paid attention to spelling and grammar. But his part
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Teaching vocabularies was the easiest part for me because i just told the meaning of it with mime or asked them to look it up in dictionaries but now through this unit I learnt students need to know a
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In my limited experience with teaching young children, I think patience is the most important trait a teacher can have. Young kids’ attention span is very short. I’ve often caught myself repeating
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Fulton[disambiguation needed]
For example; the Passive voice is also carried out by Aux "Be". One of the properties of the Passive Voice is that it allows the Object of an otherwise Active sentence to become the Subject of a Passi
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This unit covers receptive skills which include reading and listening. While reading may be easier for students, because the text is in front them as a guide, both are equally important. It may be nec
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The teacher's different approaches in the two lessons are very different. Had I been a student, I would have felt very frustrated and demotivated in the first case. First of all, because of the very c
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Wow this Unit was Indeed the most complicated unit so far! We discussed the five different Conditionals. They are, the Zero Conditional, the First Conditional, the Second Conditional, the Third Condit
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This unit taught me an overview of methods for teaching within a classroom as well as different strategies to apply when using the Engage, Study, and Activate method. Engagement focuses on piquing the
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In Unit 14, I learned about the use of course books and different materials for teaching. Authentic materials are basically everything that we hear and see. They need to be carefully selected for the
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This unit covered Classroom Management. Every teacher has his / her own styles in the classroom, however to teach effectively a teacher must inspire confidence in her students. This unit covered a va
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This unit really informed me of the different types of verbs that make up the English language and how a teacher must build in time to transition to more difficult concepts. The passive and active voi
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Garden City
Future tenses structures are very similar to the present tenses except they relate to future events instead of the present. Future simple uses S + ‘will’ plus the verb, “I will go to school tom
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This unit focused on breaking down the specific particles of speech, particularly breaking down present tense, in all of its forms, which includes, present simple, present continuous, present perfect,
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Past tense is a grammatical tense whose principal function is to place an action or situation in past time. There are four past tenses in English such as: 1 Simple past: For actions starting and endin
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Learning English is very difficult for the foreign student, my basic experience with Asian students, my wives Korean and Chinese, taught me to keep sounds simple but demonstration and patience their a
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As a language teacher, we always need to be active in finding and searching for update resources that are suitable and available for our students. Moreover, we should not always rely on the course boo
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Unit 5. managing classes. Use eye contact, gesture and the voice? using students name. We can choose different grouping students (whole-class grouping, individual work, pairwork, groupwork. Classro
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In this unit I learned the significance in each part of speech and how to identify the parts of a sentence in simple sentence structures. I feel as if I have learned the basis of what makes the Englis
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Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom. The many benefits of teaching aids include helping learners improve reading comprehension skills, illustrating or reinforcing a skill or conce
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This unit explains the form and usage of Present Tense. There are 12 types of tenses. Present , past, future are the 3 main types and each of them are further divided into , Simple, Continuous, Perfec
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This unit talks about lesson planning. Lesson planning is a vital component of the teaching-learning process. Proper classroom planning will keep teachers organized and on track while teaching, thus a
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In Unit 8, I learned about the different future tenses and their structures. The Future Simple Tense is used for spontaneous decisions, predictions, future facts, promises, assumptions, and threats.
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This Unit builds on what we learned in Unit 3, specifically the ESA structures. Grammar and vocabulary lesson are more commonly taught with the Straight Arrow, Engage, Study and Activate approach, whi
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This unit covers speaking and writing portions of productive skills. It goes into things for a teacher to consider when building a lesson on productive skills. It then gives a brief analysis on the di
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wow! what a lesson! Everything was new to me. In this lesson we learn what is the most neglected aspect in teaching a language:pronunciation and phonology. first we learn that the intonation changes
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There are types of past tenses: past simple, which has many different and unpredictable conjugations and is used to describe definite past actions; past continuous, for interrupted past actions, gradu
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Glen Arbor
Unit 9 has really reinforced the importance of lesson planning as a teacher. I have learned that there is no real structure that one needs to follow in order to have a successful lesson plan / method.
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The methods which are introduced in this unit are very practical and easy to use. For the teachers who teach students from different cultures and countries, I understand that teachers should consider
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I think that I started to change my mind about the efficiency of tests. Although I used to strongly believe that high-stake tests is the best way to check a students’ understanding to make sure tha
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This unit gave clear descriptions of the most basics parts of speech of English Grammar. I found this lesson very helpful to give me ways to explain grammar and word usage to others in a very clear
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Thanks a lot for the unit! I learned many things as for example, the right way to write a lesson plan. I always had the objectives for the students but I have never thought of writing a personal aims
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Ways to deal with common problem situations 1. When meeting students for the first time, teachers should focus on establishing rapport between the students and with the students. They should also fin
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Good Hart
In his unit a very sentive issue between a ready course books and supplement created materials was highlighted. The advantages and disadvantages of authentic materials and the created materials were d
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From this unit I have learnt that there is no "the best course book" since every course book has its fans and detractors, thus it is a complex issue to choose if a course book should be used, and
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The unit conveys useful information on techniques of teaching special groups. The listed groups are: multilingual and monolingual teaching groups, students needed English for a purpose, business for i
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This unit was useful in the sense that it provided a logical (and scientifically approved) lesson structure for me to utilize. This unit also provided me with many useful tips on how to effectively ma
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Speaking and writing are productive skills that show a student understands what they have learned and they are able to reproduce the information on their own, whether in written or verbal form. These
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I have always recognized the difference between reading and listening (receptive) skills versus speaking and writing (productive) skills and this lesson definitely helped me put it into an easily expl
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As mentioned in the material there are various ways how to approach lesson planning. It was interesting to see the lesson plan form as well as the reflection form for the teacher after the lesson. For
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Gould City
The content covered tenses and other grammar points such as form, usages, typical student errors and active stage teaching ideas. The form was broken down into affirmative, negative and questions to s
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This unit covered the conditionals in the english language which are the sentences that say " If this happens, then that happens". There happen to be 5 types of conditionals which are zero conditional
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Unit 9 covers Lesson planning. There are many theories on rather teachers should do lesson planning or not. I personally feel it's very important in the structure of your class. Being prepared aids i
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Grand Beach
In this unit I have learnt about future tense. So many ideas can be used with future tense, any future tense will always refer to a time later than now. There are few common future tenses are Future s
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Grand Blanc
This unit is mainly about grammatical rules. I learned different parts of speech(9): noun,verb,adjectives,adverbs,conjuctions,pronouns,articles,gerunds,propositions. Nouns can be mainly divided in to
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Grand Haven
This Unit dealt with the different parts of speech, how they function, and the role they play in a sentence. Parts of Speech can be a difficult area to explain to students. I found the unit to be very
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Grand Island
This unit covered how to teach pronunciation and phonology. In this unit I learned the difference between intonation and stress. Intonation involves the pitch and volume. Stress involves emphasis on s
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Grand Junction
The unit reveals the information on teaching receptive skills. Teachers should develop two receptive skills: reading and listening, which are equally important.To get effective receptive skills lesson
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Grand Ledge
It was very interesting to compare the same teacher’s attitude on the first and the second video. In the first video, I did not like when he was being unfriendly with the late-comers and he treated
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Grand Marais
In this unit, we learned the past tense system which is similar to present tenses. Past simple, Past Continous, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous. Each tense has different usages and they show
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Grand Rapids
This lesson covered the various roles of a teacher in detail. I've been teaching for years, but it was still helpful to consider everything that must be done separately. Hopefully I'll be able to brea
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