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In this unit, I saw examples of ineffective and effective teaching techniques. In the first video, the teacher did not build a good rapport with his students through things like learning his student
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Houghton Lake
In this section I can completely understand why it would be a little harder for non native speakers to adapt. This tense is all about speaking in the future, so things that will probably happen. It is
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Houghton Lake Heights
This first grammar unit is concerned with recognizing and classifying the parts of speech. There are 5 main types of nouns : common noun, proper noun,compound noun, abstract noun, collective noun.A
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In this lesson, I learned about how to teach past tenses and the past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous forms. I learned about the difference in regular and irregular f
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Howard City
In this unit, I have learned the different conditions used in forming `Reported Speech.` Starting off with: Zero Conditional, First Conditional, Second Conditional, Third Conditional and Mixed Conditi
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First we learned about modals auxiliary verbs. They are used with a verb to describe obligation, possibility, permission, polite requests, advice, absence of obligation, ability etc. Changing the moda
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Hubbard Lake
Conditionals are very confusing for students, and this unit presents an excellent explanation and effective ideas for demonstrating how to teach students about conditionals. Direct speech versus repo
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This unit helped understand and structure the teaching methodology when engaging in a teaching new vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. It reminded the factors are involved in h
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The unit is about pronunciation which is not a very simple aspect of English. First talks about intonation like how we should change our voice depends on the aim we have and it introduces some techniq
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While studying this Unit I have had the possibility to compare the activities I have partaken during my foreign language courses and the ones recommended by the book - always following the ESA approac
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Testing is usually a scary subject for students, however the same can be true for teachers. Knowing my students feel uncomfortable, are nervous or even afraid is not very pleasant. Often, their final
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This unit discussions different options for lesson planning and its importance. While the topic is debated, it is important to lesson plan, at least to keep a record of what was worked on that day. A
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This unit was helpful as it made me reflect on some of my own previous teachers over my education and consider which methods they used, and how I can copy them to become a better teacher. By going thr
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Students are most affected by the quality of their teachers. Not only do they interact with teachers every day in the classroom, but the quality of that interaction matters for our students’ future.
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Huntington Woods
This unit talks about different tools and equipment to use in a classroom to keep students engaged and help explain information. The most common and popular is the board. This can be used for students
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Unit two gives us the most important aspects of the structure of language. Grammar explains the usage of language and therefore prevents mistakes in speaking or writing the language. Dominance of this
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Unit 20: Troubleshooting overviews the common problems TEFL teacher have and techniques to overcome or avoid them. First lessons set the tone for future lessons and establish rapport with groups. Teac
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This unit focuses on the qualities that make a great teacher and a great student, the various roles of a teacher and when they should be used in the classroom and also touches on culture and the diffe
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Unit three deals with methods and theories applicable to teaching English language to those who are learning it as their second language. It could be understood that throughout the years, many methods
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Imlay City
In the first video, the teacher doesn't present himself, is rude and impatient with the students not letting them to speak freely. He cuts them off and finishes the sentences himself. He doesn't call
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In the first lesson, the teacher introduced what is necessary versus what is acceptable. He had students work together as a class to construct sentences, using driving-related signs ("stop," "free par
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Indian River
Now I understand better that the tense sistem is actually the area of English languege that causes students and teachers the greatest amount of difficulty. It will help me to teach grammar classes in
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This unit enlightened me about the Course books; In a perfect world schools would have every one of the books and materials that you could need. The reality, however, is to some degree extraordinary.
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In reading this unit, it expresses why it is important to teach receptive skills. In learning a language, especially English, it is important to be able to read the written words as well as hear them
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This lesson is about how different techniques can be used in different classes. What the teacher does and how the students respond can be based on a verity of things. How much eye contact the teacher
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This will be an important part for us to learning future tense, although i have not been accept all of knowledge point, but i think i have been got more impressive of these grammar. future simple is
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In second unit I revised again all parts of speech. Such as: noun, adjective, verb, article, etc. For example : The doctor is a good person. Where the - is definite article, doctor is a countable noun
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Unit 12 tackled the Productive Skills which are Speaking and Writing. Though Speaking are different from Writing, they are equally important in communication. We must give more importance to writing
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In university I took several linguistics courses in Spanish, so I found this lesson incredibly easy. However, it was very interesting to note the differences between the parts of speech in English and
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The unit outlines the different roles of an ideal teacher,along with the situation in which the roles are to be performed. The unit also enlists the the age groups and levels of students with a brief
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In order to carry out a smooth, effective class, many would agree that lesson planning is essential. Every situation is different, therefore, there is not one set way to plan for a class, but it shoul
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Effective instruction would require differing and distinct approaches on a particular language/grammatical theme. The ESA model provides a strong template that an instructor can use to best approach
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To be useful and effective, evaluation and assessment requires planning. Preparing for evaluation should be an integral part of planning each lesson or unit as well as general planning at the beginnin
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This was a very useful lesson. As mentioned, I'm currently a Senior High School Assistant Language Teacher (just finished my first year). Having completed a first year, I have a lot of practical exper
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I found this lesson very useful for compiling a list of the primary resources teachers employ in the classroom. Luckily, I was familiar with all of these methods as I have seen them all used throughou
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Iron Mountain
Through the learning of this unit, I got a better understanding on many aspects. First, [ teachers ], from this part, I am aware of what I should improve to be a good teacher, like being more lively a
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Iron River
This unit was informative especially regarding the purpose but more so the structure of lesson planning. Beyond the nesseccity and usefulness of the lesson plan as a record for topics taught as well a
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This unit covered the proper ways to teach and behave in a classroom. It was very helpful to watch rather than read examples of how the behavior could negatively or positively influence the students.
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Most of these tenses I understand since English is my first language. For a foreigner, this is one of the hardest tense for them. The reason I believe so, the words of the verb in English changes, whe
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I have learned many of tips about how to be a qualify English teacher in this section, it was very comprehensive which was contain how to use the gesture and eye contact in class. Also for the stude
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This unit made me reflect back on many things that I use everyday in speech without having to think about them, such as phrasal verbs and the different clauses of a sentence. I think that, like many t
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This unit basically talks about teaching pronunciation and phonology. It also expresses the difference between intonation and stress. It also explains the techniques for indicating and teaching intona
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This unit covered what it means to be an effective and culturally aware teacher, the different roles that a teacher takes on within the classroom and how it changes from one position to another, what
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In this unit, I have leanred the different roles of a teacher and when it is appropriate to use each role. I than leanred that with different levels of learning experience come different tactics and t
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This unit was very helpful in covering some of the gaps the lessons failed to teach. All the advice was very helpful and several of the problems addressed were concerns I had about teaching. It explai
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This unit, through the use of the videos, illustrated the effect that classroom climate and the instructor can have on student learning. It really was incredible to see the difference between the two
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Teaching English as a foreign language is a challenging, yet rewarding career choice. As an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, you must learn to constantly adapt to your students' needs. Many
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This unit covered how to manage and most efficiently run a classroom, by gaging students' learning styles, personalities, and ways to most effectively teach with an equal teacher dominated talking tim
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When writing a lesson plan the teacher should avoid being rigid and teacher focused. On the contrary the lesson plan should be used to keep record of what happened for that lesson and can be a referen
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I found this section significantly more comprehensive than the previous lesson regarding teaching receptive skills for a variety of reasons. In particular, the fact that these skills require an active
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