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this is a really useful unit for teachers, and i have learned from it was while we write down the teaching plan, we should have some structures. and we need to follow the rule, it should be clear and
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This unit present the past tenses. The past simple is used for past action when the time is given,when the time is asked about, The past continuous is used for interrupted past actions, it can express
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Teaching students language and language structure is dependent on using different techniques depending on what part of the grammar lesson your on. For example, engaging students by elaborating on how
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In this particular unit I have now seen first hand of how to engage my students.From how I enter the classroom,present myself,talk to the students and get to know their names etc.I find it very import
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I have learnt how to be a good teacher, teacher's personality and have a good relationship between the teacher and students. I have learnt what is the role of the teacher and how to manage and control
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The unit talks about material that we use in a class such as authentic and created materials. Then it introduces course books and what they consist of. And of course course books have advantages and d
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l think, managing classroom is one of the most important part of being teacher and teaching. You can know English well but if you don' t manage class well, ?t won' t work. It is a very useful unit. It
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Classroom Management is the skill of organizing and managing the class. This unit guides us through some important aspects of this topic. Proper use of eye contact, gestures and voice control . The a
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This unit covered pronunciation and how to teach students about the many complications in the English language. I think that this will be the most challenging part to teaching students, especially if
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K. I. Sawyer
Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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In this unit I have learnt about conditionals & reported speech. There are five conditionals : zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, mixed conditional . Also lea
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in this unit we learn that there are 4 basic skills divided into 2 categories; receptive (listening and reading) where the student gets the information, and productive where the student uses his abili
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This explains what makes a good teacher. It explained how one should stay very mindful about wording and tone when addressing students. To be mindful about their motivation and their feelings. It also
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This unit testing and evaluation examined the various methods of keeping tracks with the developmental stride of students by teachers. It further made available information about ways to acquire exte
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Unit 7 focused on the ins-and-outs of teaching a new language. Particularly, it focused on teaching vocabulary, grammatical/language structures and language functions. The ESA method was used to demon
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This unit was about essentially was about how you structure a lesson, creating effective lesson plans and what effective feedback is. Again, as a fully qualified teacher (with PGCE) much of the conten
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The unit was very useful as it shows real examples of an effective lesson and an ineffective one. The second video showed how a teacher can create good rapport between the students and themselves. I a
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Keego Harbor
The use of equipment and teaching aids in the classroom 1. Teachers should incorporate a variety of teaching aids to make lessons interesting and effective. Textbooks or course books should not be th
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This unit covered the forms (e.g. affirmative, negative, question), usage in context, common student errors, and activation ideas of present tense verbs in the English language. I never knew that whil
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This one was tough! the first part teaches the advantages of having a lesson plan. But one needs to be careful to keep it simple and only mention the essential so it can be referred to very quickly an
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This unit discusses the different methods for teaching English vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Common ESA teaching methods for these areas include straight-arrow for vocabulary lessons, patchwork
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This unit discussed Coursebook and lesson materials. I have some experience with this because I had to create material for a job teaching business English in Germany. Creating material is very fun for
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Kent City
This unit is important because not all classes are identical some have different objectives spread across many levels of English. I found this unit particularly interesting as I hope to teach business
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We have 12 tenses but we consider them as three different tenses: the past, the present and the future. The present simple is the common one that we use it most of the time but my students have proble
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This unit focused on productive skills: speaking and writing. I learned that in order to teach how to speak properly, the teacher must take into consideration fluency and accuracy. Fluency is where th
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This unit on course books and lesson materials really educated me on the benefits and critiques of their usage. It is important to know as a teacher that the course books and lesson materials are supp
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In this unit we have learned parts of speech. We have revised common and proper nouns , absrtact and collective nouns,singular and plural , countable and uncountable nouns withe their exceptions and s
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In this second unit, I have learnt a lot about specific English grammar rules, some of which I already new, and some of which, I didn't exactly know prior. I am a native English speaker, so I can inst
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A fairly concise unit emphasizing mistakes that face the new teacher. These mistakes can easily fallen in to but i think without experiencing any Tefl teaching i am not in a true position to comment.
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This unit discussed different types of testing and evaluation for different people Native and Non-Native Speaker alike, different skill levels for different purposes. Some formal testing may have to b
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In this Unit, i learnt the importance of managing a classroom through the teaching disciplinary methods, as well as how a teacher can connect and interact with the students they are teaching. Teachers
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In this unit, we reviewed the different "past" tenses. This was very helpful since it can be confusing for students to know when to use each tense. It's important that as teachers we are able to effec
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Again, reviewing grammar is helpful because these are not things that I actively observe. For some reason the focus on past tense was far easier than present tense for me. This lesson also demonstrate
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Reported speech is something the native speaker rarely thinks about. However, the differences in reporting can be confusing when breaking it down into the correct forms that convey the correct meaning
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Classroom management is a skill which relays on many factors chief among them being the rapport or environment that the teacher fosters even in light of the students' individual personality traits. St
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Just like the present tense section, I found this lesson to be very straightforward and relatable to my past Spanish linguistics courses. I think the most important material to take away from these le
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Using the proper tense when reporting what someone says requires a better understanding of how you need to change what someone says to relay the message to someone else. If you report to someone usin
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In this unit it covers various methodologies in the field of teaching methods. This explains different perspectives of teaching and how to tackle the challenge of teaching information efficiently whil
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Learning a new language consists of learning to write, read, speak, and listen. One might first categorize these skills as written and oral communication but I appreciate them being categorized as eit
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La Salle
I've been taught that teachers are expected to fill different teaching styles and roles in the classrooms. Managing the classroom, in my view, would be the most important skill to improve upon. Monito
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This unit is an interesting study or note to know the foundation of the English language. I understand it better now than when I was in school. It identifies and gives you an understanding of the basi
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The most important concepts I am taking away are many different activities I can use in my future classes. There are multiple activities for Eliciting, Engaging, Studying and Activating. It is importa
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This unit provides the description of a variety of different teaching methodologies. It explores their positive and negative sides. But all the material is focussed on the method of Jeremy Harmer whi
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Both videos are an presentation of how at teacher's attitude and organization in the classroom can be very evident and apparent influences on the effectiveness of student progress. The first lesson
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This unit was very informative because it helped me understand and how to overcome Possible problems, as well as it gave me great tips for teaching beginners. It also gave me a great understanding for
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Personally, English teachers should know parts of speech and their details. l always like grammar of English, studying grammar and teaching it. If l am English teacher, l have to know grammar and usag
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Lake Angelus
Unit eleven covers the skill required to teach students to be receptive to English language. That is to develop their ability to read and listen. The chapter opens with the purpose for reading or list
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Lake Ann
In this unit, I studied the many different parts of speech the english language is comprised of. For example, nouns, adjectives and verbs. When it comes to nouns, I was aware that a noun represents a
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Lake Beach
As an aspiring teacher I have no doubt that I will encounter many course books in my career. It is going to be difficult discerning what material I deem to be appropriate and whether or not I should c
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Lake City
This unit consists of some basic information about qualities of a good teacher and qualities of a good learner. A good teacher has certain qualities such as being patient and being caring to the stude
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