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In this lesson I learned some strategies to use when lessons don't necessarily go as planned. In first lessons, it is important to plan activities for students to establish rapport amongst each other
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This unit focused on the formation of a lesson plan. A lesson plan is the culmination of the content and the context of what students are going to learn in your class on that particular day. The les
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Grass Lake
The content of this unit focused on troubleshooting issues within a classroom and how to effectively motivate and encourage students through some setbacks that may occur in a language learning classro
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After learning about receptive skills, I have now learned about productive skills. Productive skills are speaking and writing. These two skills are different from each other in many ways but are both
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In this unit, I learnt about the use of present tense in sentences. In particular, I learnt about present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous forms of present t
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In this unit, we learned about different future tenses. There are six in total and each is used in different situations. Along with the future tenses, there are also two present tenses (present simple
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I found this unit so helpful since it gave me a great overview of how students of English who have the chance to live in an English talking condition while contemplating have an enormous favorable pos
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Green Lake
The Unit 1 describe the role of the teacher and what make a good learner. As an organiser and manager, the teacher give instructions, iniate activities and take charge of the class. A good teacher re
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Green Oak
This units covers the present tense verbs including future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, present simple, and present continuous. Future simple can express pro
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This unit was all about foundation of teaching and learnig English language. Who are good teachers and who are good learners and their characteristics. I have learnt what makes good teacher and learne
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I have learnt from this unit that evaluating students is a necessary activity to do at different stages of an English course. It helps the teacher to know where the students are on the ladder of
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As the textbook mentions, planning lessons can be difficult for a non-experienced teacher - especially as far as timing is concerned. I have been helping elementary, middle and high school kids with t
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One of the most difficult challenges the students face (even teachers) in the English language is the Tense system. Tense means time. It tackles three different times - past, present, and future. Each
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The phonetic spelling of English words may help the student with the pronunciation of new words when a native speaker is not there to help. It is interesting to notice our everyday pronunciation that
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This unit reflects the intricacies and complexity of verb tenses and how easily a student could be confused when constructing a sentence and reconstructing that sentence by using the various tenses, o
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In unit two I relearned my grammar basics. I was refreshed on pronouns, transitive verbs, past participles, and countable nouns, to name a few. In this chapter I remembered that proper nouns are speci
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Unit 2 was an introduction to basic English grammar and focused on the most important parts of speech such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, articles and many others! This lesson provided definitions of ea
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Grosse Ile
The unit talks about different form of future such as simple( for future facts,promises,prediction,assumptions, spontaneous decisions and threats), continuous( for action in progress, predict the pres
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Grosse Pointe
This unit focused on the four present tenses and their uses. The present simple tense is most noticeably used when telling routine/habits, directions, and present stories among a few other cases. It c
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Grosse Pointe Farms
In the unit we learnt about part of speech,Understanding the different parts of speech is important in understanding how words can and should be joined together to make sentences that are both grammat
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Grosse Pointe Park
This unit contained the roles and responsibilities of both the teacher and the learner. I enjoyed learning the attributes of a good teacher and knowing which role to take and when. Some of the teache
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Grosse Pointe Woods
This unit talks about Classroom management. I have learned how to use eye contact, gestures and Voice in controlling the students. I have also learned how to group students, its pros, and cons. This u
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This section is about the different type of tests and what they are suited for. There are tutorials, evaluations commence by the students themselves and then tests by the teachers. The tests by the te
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Conditional statements contain an “if” clause and the main clause. The “if” clause is the condition where as the main clause is the result of that condition or action. There are 5 conditional
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Unit 20 covered troubleshooting common problem situations a teacher might encounter This unit was very helpful as it is not if but when a problem will arise. I do know that the first day of class cou
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Gun Plain
This unit discussed the productive skills (speaking and writing) and receptive skills which are reading and listening. Every skill is equally important to every English language learners though the u
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I have done a proper revision of the four present tenses,remembered how to form each tense.By studing the unit I have got a better understanding of such an essential part of the class as activate s
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It is very useful, informative and pleasant unit. l have learnt roles of teachers and their details and also l have learnt the details of learners which is very important for my job. Additionally, cul
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I learned in this unit the seven most used of the future tenses .These are The Future Simple,The Future Continuous, The Future Perfect, The future perfect continuous,Be going then the infinitive,The p
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Unit Two covered different parts of speech that make up the English Language. This section defined the parts of speech and gave examples of each part and how they are used in sentences. Some parts of
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Hagar Shores
I learned in this unit the important of classroom management in a perpective of a teacher. The teacher should be firm with confident to get the respect of a student. The teacher needs to be able to ch
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This unit was challenging because of the similarities between future simple and going to future tenses. The present past and future tenses basically follow the same trend though it be simple continuou
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In the first video, the students didn't have much knowledge about the lesson, so there were no much participation. It shows the students appear to have a problem with the lesson content. In the second
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This Lesson has been quite easy for me since I taught English grammar for 10 years. I find it is very important to rapidly know the name for every word in a sentence. It shows that a teacher is qualif
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It was interesting and useful topic. Managing classes is one of the most important thing when you teach. I had an experience with very crazy students and i had a lot of questions in my mind who to man
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This unit explains some of the problems that the teacher is likely to face during his first lesson.The teacher will meet new groups made up of students who do not know each other and a rapport must be
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Introducing a new language is always a challenge when done wrong students can develop reservations towards the specific issue and may not use it as often as they would otherwise. For my lessons are fu
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In this unit we reviewed the forms of the past tenses. In this unit, what I liked the most was the samples of how to try and to teach these to students. Being that, grammar is not a simple task for a
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This unit reviewed the ideas of teaching productive skills, such as speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency are naturally part of speaking skills as spelling, punctuation, and penmanship are part o
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This unit covers different classroom scenarios which may be encountered in my teaching career. The unit explores the types of techniques and activities which can be used when teaching specific groups
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The unit on classroom management is one of the best topics covered in the course.It explains different kind of seating arrangement in the classroom in order to get the attention of students.When it co
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Harbor Beach
In the 'Equipment and teaching aids' lesson, I learned about the variety of equipment and materials that teachers use to enhance their lessons. A white board can be used to help students understand la
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Harbor Point
I gained an understanding of the qualities that make up a good teacher and various roles the teacher can use in the classroom to promote learning. It is important to approach teaching using the diffe
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Harbor Springs
This particular unit talks about teaching special groups of people. It gives types of classes and explains individual types and tips for teaching them. It again explains teaching the individual studen
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Well, in this unit I learned about the zero and mixed conditional. I already knew of first, second and third conditionals. I used to give an activity based on your first suggestion, using matching if
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Harper Woods
Teaching productive skills involve focusing on both accuracy and fluency, where accuracy is generally taught in a more controlled manner, while fluency allows for more creativity and flexibility. For
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Teaching is a social activity and it is not possible to teach students without taking part in this process. A teacher and a student both should involve in this activity to perform better. Teaching aid
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This unit covered teaching special groups, including individuals, children, business and ESP learners, and different types of beginners. It was very useful to learn the different types of beginners (a
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This section contains some of the more complicated nuances of the English language that the beginning student will encounter. I believe the students will require extra time, practice and patience to a
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This unit covers some grammar that is important in learning English. To speak English fairly well, one should know the proper tense of the verb to be and modal verbs as well as the positioning of phra
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