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Here we learn more about the two productive skills of speaking and writing. While speaking English is what students expect to learn, the writing often is neglected in the classroom and as teachers, we
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Unit 1 provides an overview of the type of roles you perform as a teacher; manager, organizer, assessor and so on. It also reviews the type of students from willing and motivated to learn to enthusias
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This unit refers to the classroom management. The most important thing is not only to teach but also manage and organize the lessons smoothly, useful and the students must be organized, attentive, foc
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Unit 16 covered the grammar points of conditionals and reported speech This was a clear and concise lesson that covered the main usages of these two grammar points in a way that was easy to follow an
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There are a number of ways of referring of the future in English. It's important to remember that we are expressing more then the time of an event or an action. Obviously any "future" tense will refe
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The purpose of unit 2 is to build the knowledge of basic grammar in English language. It starts from explaining the structure of a simple and basic sentence. While it does not provide complete coverag
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This section was on understanding the roles and responsibilities of the teacher and what characteristics are needed for a good teacher-student relationship. A good teacher loves teaching and understan
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It was really good lesson about teaching different types of groups as beginners and business groups.The approach is always depends on level of students, their needs and purposes. Before teachinf busin
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Fife Lake
A rather theoretical unit on methodology was interesting in the newly acquired knowledge area. I would very much like to experience a standard suggestopedic lesson. Also, I´d dare to take the TPR met
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This section talks about how to create a lesson plan and then carry out a lesson. It is important to have one because it can act as a sort of map of the direction of the class. It is not only a way to
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Filer City
This unit provides the rules for and examples of the usage for the use of future tense. This unit covers the following tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuo
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i have already learned many ways about to improve students receptive skills through this unit. although it seems to be easy to improve their reception, however, it was still gets so many details that
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Unit 18 explains modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice, which are some of the hardest elements for students. First, modal auxiliary verbs are : can, could, may, might, shall, should,will, would, mu
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Flat Rock
In this unit knowledge of Future Tenses are being show cased alongside the different structures that make up these tenses.There are in all seven different structures in the future tense which makes it
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This unit goes over the future tenses such as future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future continuous perfect, "going to" future and also recaps on the future simple and continuous tenses
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I never before realized how much more complicated the future tense can be in relation to the present and past tenses. But when you think about it, there are many ways to express future actions and pla
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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The subtleties and overlap of the future tenses in the English language are challenging for a native speaker much more so for an ELS student. the present simple used as a future tense is one example.
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In this unit we talked about the importance of Fluency and Accuracy. I learned they are both of equal importance. We talked about the various classroom speaking activities. There are three categories,
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Ford River
Managing a class on your own is not an easy thing to do, so these helped me and gave me some ideas on how to maintain a class. When I first started to think about wanting to teach, I was very worried
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Forest Hills
Past tenses are past simple, past continuous and past perfect. Past simple has two forms regular( adding -ed at the end of the verb) and irregular verbs. The common form is past simple which my studen
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Forest Home
In this lesson, I was presented with 2 videos depicting 2 different versions of an English lesson. I had to determine which lesson was more effective in terms of engaging the students and teaching les
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This unit summarizes parts of speech, which is very useful and important during our daily teaching time. This part can make teacher easier to explain the sentences structure and help students to make
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A well prepared lesson plan gives a smooth structure to the class time and helps the teacher stay on track in an organized manner, especially inexperienced teachers. Plans should include the context,
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There are many types of learners of different ages and backgrounds, and the way a teacher approaches a class will depend largely on the students. There are also many different roles that a teacher pla
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This unit deals with more pragmatic issues - creating a good rapport with the class, correctly using body language to discipline and give instructions (eye contact, gestures, seating/standing position
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Fort Gratiot
What I learned about course books and lesson materials 1. Course books can be useful in teaching English to students, but they are not sufficient and should always be supplemented with additional teac
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This unit covers how to teach new language to students. This includes selecting the proper vocabulary, what students need to know about vocabulary, and techniques for teaching vocabulary. This unit al
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Foster City
I have learned in this unit of what it takes to become a 'good teacher',the role of a teacher and how to motivate and encourage all students in the classroom to be open and forward on topics and in ge
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This section showed me just how easily things can be misunderstood and misinterpreted for a non native language speaker. I think that there is so many different tenses of words and sometimes figuring
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This unit taught me the effective qualities and different roles of a teacher. These will depend a lot on the individual teacher and the type of classroom activity. Sometimes a teacher will have to dom
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This unit was really helpful as it taught me that, as a teacher, the was I conduct myself, my body language plays a very important role in the student's learning process. Most of the time when groupin
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This particular unit is about two videos where the first class was badly conducted and the second one was well conducted. What I have learned from the first video is that the students were confused an
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This unit was based on two video demonstrations of a ESL teacher's approach. One video showed the teacher purposely making mistakes and the second video showed the same teacher with the right approach
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The main reason for my taking this course is due to my lack in grammatical knowledge. Grammar is by far the part of teaching I fear the most. I grew up in a home speaking two languages fluently. I rem
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This lesson expresses the different ways students learn. Everyone has a method that works for them, whether it is audio, visual, kinesthetic or a mixture. This also expresses how to get students invo
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Going into the lesson, I did not expect it to be as complex as it turned out to be. I had learned about conditionals and even touched on direct and indirect speech in the past when I studied Spanish l
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In this unit I learnt I learnt about models, phrase all verbs and passive voice. I learnt model auxiliary verbs, basic rules, teaching ideas, role play, rules , ideas, passive voice which has 2 voiced
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This unit gives the teacher opportunity to watch two videos from the same teacher with the same students.In the first video,the teacher deliberately made his teaching uninteresting causing the student
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This unit introduced the different methods of teaching. There are a lot of different methods, and many should be used during the lessons. Some of my favorites included task-based learning. I believe t
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Free Soil
This unit presented a very relevant part of the english grammar – the past tenses. The past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect and the past perfect continuous were presented very clearly
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This unit was about lesson plans and how they generally should be used. I appreciated how it strongly stated how lesson plans are a guideline, but don't need to be strictly followed. They are in place
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Being a good teacher or student is about expressing the qualities that are good for that role. Being a good teacher involves qualities such as unselfishness, where the teacher puts the student's needs
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This unit explained what it takes to be a good teacher and the several different roles a teacher must take depending on the situation of the classroom. If a teacher was to take the wrong role, they co
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It is thrilling to compare this to my Spanish linguistics courses I took at university to see just how the two languages can differ grammatically on such a subtle level. Because of this previous knowl
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While productive skills are key to learning a language, much can also be said about the ability of productive skills to serve an evaluative function for teachers (e.g. if a student can independently r
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This unit tries to show us how a teacher is suppose to interact with his or her students in class.How the arrangements of a class room should be how to make sure that they don't take students talk tim
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Lesson 4 focused on the present tense. There are four different aspects of the present tense which are the present simple, present continuous (progressive), present perfect and present perfect continu
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The content of this uinit is how to teach different classese the methodology and techniques use in teaching particular groups ,for example beginnners young learners and business students ,business Eng
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Speaking and writing skills are called productive skills. They are crucial as they give students the opportunity to practice real-life activities in the classroom. These two skills can be used as a 'b
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