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Harsens Island
In this unit, we learned about receptive skills, which are reading and listening. We use these skills either for a purpose or for entertainment. In order to read and listen we use a variety of skills
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l have learnt some kinds of tests and their aims and their usages. It is usefull and practical to know their aims. This unit is easy to study and learn but l think there are some detailed exams' name
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This unit covers modals, passive voice and phrasal verbs. I learned that modals are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. Modals can be used to express things like probability, obli
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In this unit it was great to learn what different approaches or techniques you can use to teach a foreign language but also to understand that not all are equally effective depending on the students l
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Teaching perceptive skills is inevitably part of all my lessons, therefore I tend to include a bit of listening and a bit of reading each time. However, as my lesson are often CLIL lessons perceptive
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Teachers are required to fill many roles in the class room. These include managing the classroom, organization of lessons and activities, provide encouragement and prod students who are having difficu
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In this unit it was possible to study the main points on managing classes and all the factors that contribut to a nice class environment. The range of the relevant points to manager a classe is big an
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This unit focuses on how to best teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions-- all these elements should be taught in a balanced way. Receptive vocabulary is usually higher than a student's productive vo
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Class books and materials can be grouped into two categories of authentic and created. Authentic materials will be anything a real life English speaker would use in their daily life, such as magazines
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Earlier when I was doing the unit on present tense the paradigm that we would be using for verb tenses confused me. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to grasp past verb tenses bec
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Unit 4: Present Tense overviews the 12 form of present tense used in English. Present Simple can be used to state facts, describe routine actions and for instructions. Students may be confused when fo
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The theories, methods and Techniques of teaching must be very important to a teacher.if you don't have your theories right,you may find it difficult to handle many aspects of the subject. In this unit
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Hazel Park
In this unit we looked at coursebooks and lesson materials. We discussed authentic materials versus created materials. Authentic materials are not necessarily designed for teaching and should be selec
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Unit 12 covered the productive skills of Speaking and Writing (including games) Speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, but they are both used for the same purpose - to communi
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Unit nineteen lists several groups of students that teachers need to be aware of when deciding what types of activities/content might be appropriate for the different groups, and what the varying goal
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This unit deals with 7 tenses of the future - the future simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous, the "going to" future, and the two forms of present tenses with future tense usage -present si
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There are some kinds of problems teacher can face during course and their solutions. This unit can be useful and stimulus for teachers. In my opinion, the most difficult problem teacher can face is d
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In this unit I was not only able to learn more about the expectations of English language teachers but also what teachers should expect from their students. I found it particularly interesting that so
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This unit gives a detailed presentation about 7 "tenses" of the future time, including tenses with present time forms used with future meanings. 1. The future simple 2. The future continuous 3. The
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what I learned in this unit it how to interact with students. how to plan a lesson and how t encourage the students in a new language based area. how to plan different types of lessons throughout the
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Classroom management involves many factors such as seating arrangements, the teachers potion in the classroom throughout the lessons, the amount of teacher talk time as well as student talk time, esta
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I don't think much was learned in this unit but rather enforced because I was able to learn this through experience. Usually it is requested that I use created materials for my students to make my cla
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Conditionals are used to speculate what we as speakers believe will occur, might occur, wish to occur, or what could occur during an unspecified time interval. Due to the amount of verb tenses used wi
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Going through this unit, it presents the situation where it will not always be a classroom of students that are from the same nationality or just there to learn the language itself. They might be the
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This unit went over the basics on materials and textbooks. I think there is also another part of choosing materials that is important, which is what the school or company wants. At the centre I worked
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This unit had a great overview of both teachers and learners. Specifically, we learned that good teachers are patient, kind, able to motivate and love teaching, among other things. Good learners have
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It is essential to not only master present tenses, but past tenses in verb usage as well. As a native speaker of English, it is all too easy to take the recalling the technical names of grammar, along
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In my opinion , it is very very an informative unit for course attendee. l studied an knew almost half of them beforehand. I think ESA very very important and productive for any teachers who will prac
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Hickory Corners
This unit in my opinion based on the other two was alot of information, but very useful information. I enjoyed learning about all the activities used to engage students, that section in particular mad
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This unit highlights the difficulties faced by the foreign language student. Many native English language students may never consciously remember exposure to this subject. The challenges faced by a su
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Higgins Lake
There’s no other way to put it: learning a new language is challenging. It takes years of dedication and practice, periods of total immersion, and an overwhelming amount of flash cards, so we unders
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the last 2 of the 4 communication skills; speaking and writing. the most neglected of the 2 is writing. It is usually left as a homework and even then not done. teacher must stimulate in their studen
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Highland[disambiguation needed]
The unit reveals the information on teaching equipment and aids. There is a vast variety of teching aids: black or whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual materials, dictiona
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Highland Park
In this unit, I learned about how to teach pronunciation, the area of English language teaching that is most often neglected. However, any effective teacher will incorporate pronunciation teaching int
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This section showed be just how important it is to have a balance of both the course material book and the authentic materials to ensure the best learning for the students. I think there is a certain
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This first unit has been about teachers and learners of the English language and includes information and characteristics of them in different roles, settings, age groups, and levels. I learned about
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Although I'm a native english speaker, this lesson taught me things I didn't know about. I've only really learned about 3 tenses, the past, present, and future, but these past 2 lessons have shown tha
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The future tense, just as the past and present tenses, has four main components that make up the whole tense. The future tense is slightly more complex than the past and present tenses because it can
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In this unit I learned that in order to have good students, I must become a good teacher. A good teacher is someone who is kind, knowledgeable, creative, skilled and prepared. As I reflected on my own
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The purpose of this unit is to learn how to properly execute a lesson plan and self evaluation form. I learned that lesson plans should be simple and flexible enough so that I can respond to students'
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This unit provided the layout of how to create a lesson plan and an outline to fill out when constructing ones own lesson plans. By separating each point and writing out a flexible outline it gives ne
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In this unit I learned what it means to be a good teacher and about the various roles that a good teacher needs to take on to lead an effective, student-centered ESL classroom. As a manager or control
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This Unit focused on defining receptive skills and teaching to them. This unit did a great job of breaking down the necessary, actual skills of using a language and making me conscious on tackling al
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I have been asked to create a set of video tutorials for work. However, it has been difficult since I keep having to start over and re-record things whenever I make a mistake. In my search to improve
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When considering choosing course materials for one's class, it is important to consider a number of factors, such as supplemental books, auditory files, workbooks, etc. While it is easier for an inexp
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This unit gives you an introduction on how to build a lesson plan for a day or for a series of lessons. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of having and not having a solid plan for carrying
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The unit was about teaching receptive skills. The two receptive skills are reading and listening. Explanation was given about the reasons and motives for reading and listening, that is, for purpose an
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As teachers get to know a new group of students or introduce new materials and teaching formats, they may face challenges with keeping students interested and managing differential ability levels in t
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This unit covers the final English tense -- future tense, which is again very difficult for students to comprehend. I concur on the examples given as potential mistakes that can be made and to look ou
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Horton Bay
In this lesson I learned that the future tense system is one of the most complicated areas of english grammar but there are seven most commonly used forms, which are; future simple, future continuous,
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