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Copper City
This unit is about classroom management and the best ways to establish it. I believe that classroom management is a vital part of the classroom; without it, student learning does not take place. For m
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Copper Harbor
Unit 6 explains the past tense in English, the first tense is the past simple, depending of the verb, the form is different, if it's a regular verb then the verb usually takes either an ed or t at the
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A brief overview of the content of Unit 1 can be divided into 7 sections which are shown below: 1) Important attributes of being a good teacher are,he or she should obtain good personality whe
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In this unit the content explores teaching theory of reading and listening skills in great detail. It explores the importance of these the skills and the various techniques as activities associated wi
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In this unit I learned a lot regarding how the human body produces language and what parts of the body it comes from.Through extensive studying from this unit,I have realised the importance of phonolo
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This unit looked at the evolution of education in the field of language and how all aspects of education falls somewhere in the spectrum of Behaviourism, that is, nature versus nurture. All methodolog
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Following Unit 2 where so much of the basics of our language was introduced and broken down for the purpose of teaching it, this unit put in perspective how to teach the language in enjoyable, diverse
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This unit is very important because as a teacher, it is very important to have a good lesson plan and what should be included in it to give satisfactory results. I am also now aware of the mistakes th
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In studying this unit, it explains the importance of conditionals and reported speech. Looking at conditionals, it is very important that the students understand that this is something that is said t
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Reading a and listening skills are obviously equally important for students, not only when using for a purpose but also for entertainment and enjoyment. It was interesting to learn the different techn
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This unit is about phrasal very, modals and passive voice. Grammar is a complicated thing in English with its thousands of rules over rules and exemptions. As for me, modals are easy to understand sin
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What I learned about evaluation and testing 1. Students’ language levels may be assessed by means of tutorials, evaluation by the students (through questionnaires and/or discussions), and tests. 2.
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Unit 16: Conditionals and Reported Speech covers the conditional sentence forms and the techniques for teaching reported speech. Conditionals, sentences which refer to past, present or future possibil
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There are seven common tenses used to express actions in the future: the future simple; future continuous; future perfect; future perfect continuous; be going + infinitive; present simple; and present
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Teaching ideas for modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice Modals verbs 1. Role-plays are a great way to teach modal verbs. Students can work in pairs where Student A pretends that he/she is a school
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Crystal Falls
This unit is devoted to the evaluation and testing. Firstly, it covers the ways to assess a student’s language level within the group or the class. Progress tests and practice tests let the teacher
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Crystal Lake
I agree that lesson planning is a must do thing for every teacher. It helps your teaching flows smoothly, and gives you a clear guide to what you are going to do to meet your achievement. In my opinio
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Useful lesson! 12 tenses of verbs is so much but i'm glad we're breaking it down four by four. This lesson I learned present tense, perfect present, present continuous/progressive, and present perfect
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In this unit 2 videos were shown to observe the teachers attitude, manner and teaching style, structure and content. The 2 videos showed completely different teaching techniques. Video one showed how
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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences that are dependent on an if/when statement. They join a if/when clause with an independent clause. There are five differen
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The extensive list of activities given in the middle section of this chapter is very useful. Since I will be working with elementary students, I want to refer back to it often in order to have new gam
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This lesson I watched 2 videos of "what to do" and "what not to do" when teaching an effective lesson. The lesson in the first video was an obvious example of what not to do but still is helpful to me
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In this unit I have learnt about past tense. Past tense is related to past time not present. In this unit I learnt about past simple, past countinous and past perfect. In past simple sentence we use '
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The content of this unit focused on the different types of teaching aids and equipment available to teachers as well as the advantages and disadvantages of their usages. There was also a list of resou
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This unit includes a specific lesson plan sample that I can use it for my future lesson plan. The topics given in this lesson are very similar to what we teach other subjects in the classroom. For exa
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Class discipline is a unique challenge in TEFL classrooms because the subject matter involves lots of conversation, interaction, and noise. It seems important to establish classroom norms early on tha
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This unit talks about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. It also talks about grammar in terms of modal auxiliary verbs basic rules. It again talks about basic rules of auxiliary verbs and the u
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What I learned from this course, is all of the different jobs a teacher has in the classroom. I never realized how important participating and being a motivator to the students would be. I also was su
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This Unit was about Video Lessons. There were two lessons. Both video lessons dealt with topics covered in prior units. The first lesson demonstrated instances where some fundamental mistakes were mad
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This unit shows the difference and importance of productive skills, speaking and writing. For speaking accuracy and fluency activities are mentioned as one of the most important things for teaching. A
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Unit 5 covered effective classroom management. I found it helpful for learning to be able to assess the management needs for the class at any given moment for the sake of maximizing effective learning
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De Tour
The future tense is of a wider scope than the present and past tense. Some clauses in the present tense can be understood as "Happening in the future" Normally, the future tense is taught as: The futu
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From this unit I have learned first how important the teacher's role is in regard to teaching English in a classroom setting, teaching many students at once and how important it is to teach and listen
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Dearborn Heights
Here in this Unit I learnt different theories, methods and tecniques. How and when teacher need to use them. The teacher should know them if he or she wants to handle the lesson effective and arise in
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This lesson proved to be the biggest learning curve for me thus far given the broad amount of information regarding methods and techniques for EFL teachers. Though I found it slightly overwhelming, I
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Very very useful unit))) Thank you so much for the links and the names of games. I will search and analyze them. As a productive skill, writing is very difficult to teach I think. Because some student
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The future tense can clearly be a very confusing topic for students studying English. The differences between the seven common types of future tense were very clear. The teaching ideas will come in ve
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Deep River
Working on this unit I had a chance to review the system and the structure of the Past tenses.I paid a special attention to the usage of the verbs.I have learnt some tips how to help students to ident
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In teaching pronunciation, one must have an understanding of Phonetics or Phonology to be able to explain how words would sound. It can also help in teaching how to produce those sounds. One aspect i
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This unit lists out the 10 most common methods and techniques to produce best result in teaching and learning English. I personally want to divide these 10 methods into 2 groups as followings: 1. O
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I have learned the different roles that a teacher will switch between within a classroom as well as how those could apply to teaching different age groups and language levels of students. By understan
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In this unit we can see how impotant parts of a speech are,how to use the right word at the right place.How to construct a sentence,how to differentiate between propernouns and nouns.Adjectives and co
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Engage Show some pictures of famous people out of a magazine and then match the English names to the clothes people are wearing in the pictures or ask the students to pair up and declare what their pa
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The unit was very instructive because I learned what it takes to be a good teacher both from the teacher perspective and the learner perspective. It is a good introduction because you can assess wheth
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This unit was about the future tenses. I learned a lot in this unit about all the future tenses, how they are used, and how they are formed structurally. The rules for each tense feels very clear in m
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There are different characteristics that make up both a good teacher and a good learner. It can be said that a good teacher will have good learners. Some of the characteristics that make a good teache
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It’s important that established and internationally recognised examination boards are used to test the students so their results can be quantified and a suitable grade be issued to each student. Thi
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This brief lesson was very insightful and easy to digest given that it only consisted of three main sections (authentic materials, created materials, and course books). It was nice to see some example
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This unit tackled the evaluation and testing. It is helpful for the teacher to know the language level of the student he/she are dealing with. There are number of ways to assess the student's langua
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Detroit Beach
This unit out of all is the most informative because it helps me as a teacher to know what type of different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on
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