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Teaching ideas for modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice Modals verbs 1. Role-plays are a great way to teach modal verbs. Students can work in pairs where Student A pretends that he/she is a school counselor and Student B is a student with a problem. Student A gives advice to Student B using modals verbs (e.g. “You should study hard.” 2.Rules – Students are given an activity where they have to establish rules and regulations (for a park or camping site) using modals verbs (e.g. “You must pick up the trash”). 3. Signs – The teacher can show the students pictures of signs commonly seen in public (e.g. traffic signs). Students have to then write down or guess the meaning of the signs using modal verbs (e.g. “You mustn’t enter”). Active and passive voice 4. Match the sentences – The teacher can give the students an activity with sentences in the active and passive voice where students have to match the sentences. 5. General knowledge quiz – Students write questions for a quiz using the passive voice (e.g. “Who was the Mona Lisa painted by?”) Relative clauses and phrasal verbs 6. Worksheets – Worksheet activities are a great way for students to practice grammar and language skills.